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We all benefit from hearing how other people have done it - how they have quit smoking.

Here at About.com Smoking Cessation, we have an entire section of the site devoted to the stories of quit smoking success from people just like you and I; regular folks who spent years of their lives chained to a habit they hated. People who found a way out and came back to share how they did it and what life is like now - free of nicotine addiction.

Put your chores aside for half an hour, fix a cup of tea and settle in with some reading. You'll come away inspired in your own ability to boot this killer of an addiction out of your life....for good!

New additions include:

One Year Smoke Free
"If a forty-five year hard core smoker can quit, anybody can."

Two Smoke Free Years
"Freedom. Itís simply a matter of mind over mind."
January 10, 2011 at 9:32 pm
(1) Donna says:

To all who have “fallen off the wagon” and gotten back on again, congratulations. I fell off a little over a year ago after a successful five-year quit. I told myself it was just the stress of college, but in hindsight I know that the nicodemon won and I can never consider myself free of his grip.
I am planning another quit date soon and know that I can do it because I’ve done it before, and it’s hard. But reading your posts gives me the encouragement that I need to get back on the wagon again! I hope that you all stay smoke free. Wish me luck.

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