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Terry Martin

Today is The Great American Smokeout

By November 15, 2012

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Today is the day that thousands of Americans across the United States have chosen to begin their journey to freedom from nicotine addiction.

If you're here looking for help to make November 15, 2012 the day you quit smoking once and for all, you've come to the right place. The resources and community support available here at About.com Smoking Cessation are second to none.

  • Your Quit Smoking Toolbox
    The quit smoking toolbox gives you links to information and the support you need to build a solid quit smoking program for yourself. Learn what to expect when you stop smoking, and have some faith and trust in the process. Remember: Countless others have successfully beat the addiction to nicotine, and you can too.
  • After the Last Cigarette - The Benefits Begin
    Within 20 minutes of the last cigarette smoked, physical improvements start and continue in the following weeks, months and years.

Support for Your Quit Program

Statistics tell us that approximately 7 percent of those who quit smoking without support of some kind are still smoke free a year later. Pretty grim odds...however, the key word here is support. With it, the success rate is much higher, as can be seen in our support forum here at About.com Smoking Cessation.

Don't waste another minute of your precious life smoking. Throw those cigarettes away and don't look back!

Current Forum Discussions:

  • Welcome November Quitters
    Chances are you don't feel 'ready' to quit and you're experiencing a mixture of sadness, loss, anger and fear, wondering how on earth you're going to make it through the next few hours, let alone the next few days, smoke-free. Relax - you have found the best quit aid on the planet - this forum community.
  • Knowledge is Power
    Education about what to expect as we move through recovery from nicotine addiction is the first step in developing a plan to manage smoking cessation successfully. This forum thread is an incredible resource for the new quitter.
  • Why Did You Quit Smoking?
    Our reasons for quitting are as varied as we are as human beings. Read through the hundreds of responses this question has received from forum members who have stubbed out that last cigarette.

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