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Terry Martin

Smoking Relapse: This is How it Happens

By March 14, 2014

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More often than not, smoking cessation takes a few tries to get right. Most successful ex-smokers will tell you that they had at least one smoking relapse on the road to freedom.

Nicotine addiction is a tough nut to crack, but with education, determination and support, it can be over be overcome. Believe in your ability to quit smoking successfully and be willing to go the distance. The resources below will help you do that.

Quit Smoking Resources:

Education: Your Quit Smoking Toolbox

Determination: Developing the Will to Quit

Support: Smoking Cessation Support Community

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August 3, 2011 at 9:09 pm
(1) Tony Rovere says:

It is sad the hold that cigarettes can have over people. And while I never smoked, I did see firsthand the struggles my parents went through when smoking.

The one bit of advice I give the C’s of the world is that when your ‘why’ is strong enough you can figure out the ‘how’.

My mother is a classic example. For almost 20 years my brother and I tried to get her to quit, without success.

Then, my brother had his first child. The new Grandma was so excited to see her grandson and have him visit.

When she asked my brother when she could have him over, his answer was, “Never. So long as you are smoking he will never come to your house. You can visit here whenever you like [she was banned from smoking there] but he will never visit you.”

She quit that day cold turkey and hasn’t taken a puff in over 15 years.

Find your reason to quit, and if it is strong enough you are halfway there.

September 19, 2013 at 3:16 am
(2) chris segawa says:

The addiction is bad..really bad..i had an uncle who passed away.He died of throat cancer and it was caused by his heavy smoking..

But the last months he lived with throat cancer were the worst imaginable thing.He could not eat since food could not go down his throat(it was covered in wounds) and he had to be fed by another mechanism.

I hate the hold smoking has on people and am doing everything in my power to help those with the problem..

google play store has an android app that i created(its called “Cold Turkey”).i did it with the hope that someone will see it and benefit from itt.

whoever is battling with this addiction, please try the app.i believe it will help

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