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Terry Martin

Why Am I Afraid to Quit Smoking?

By May 6, 2014

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Fear of Quitting

As smokers, we spend years dreaming of the day we're finally able to stub out that last cigarette and start living our lives free of the ball and chain that nicotine addiction is. At the same time, we are so afraid to quit...to actually take that step that means we're done with smoking. Life without our cigarettes is scary to contemplate.

Take action to avoid the paralysis that thoughts of quitting can bring on.

The more we understand about what to expect from nicotine withdrawal, the better we'll be prepared to manage it.

Connect with Support

Your chance for long-term success with smoking cessation will be increased many times over if you add some support to your quit program. From enlisting the help of family and friends to connecting with others online who are going through what you are, building a solid support network is key to helping you quit smoking permanently.

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November 8, 2010 at 11:08 pm
(1) Greg Chant says:

Thanks for the article, this would give smokers something to think about. I believe that just like people are afraid to achieve success, smokers are afraid to quit something that have kept them safe and comfortable. However, their long time companion is like a thief of a friend, taking minutes of their lives with every puff they draw. Not to mention the routine they have been able to built around smoking.

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