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Terry Martin

    Prepare to Quit Smoking

    Nicotine addiction is a tough habit to break. Most smokers spend years wishing they could quit before they're able to find a way to do it.

    This free email newsletter course is designed to give you a head start by teaching you how to prepare for a successful quit program. You'll receive a newsletter daily in your mailbox for 6 days, covering topics such as how to develop the will to quit smoking, reviewing your reasons to quit, and looking at the benefits you can expect after you kick the habit.

    You'll get information about the wide variety of quit aids available on the market today, as well as how to find good support for your quit program. You'll receive recommendations for some supplies to gather ahead of time that can help you manage physical withdrawal from nicotine more easily. We'll also cover some of the statistics about how smoking affects our health.

    Education is key to a successful quit program. Sign up for this free email course and get started! Make this the quit that lasts you a lifetime!

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