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The People in CancerTreatment

"Healing Comes in Many Forms."


Updated April 16, 2007

The People in CancerTreatment
In the room, I look around and I am happy to see friendly faces and warm smiles. We exchange our special looks and we are glad to be where we are "understood" and "accepted, as-is". Sometimes, when it's tough and painful, we pray for the pain to go away together. Sometimes we feel the need to touch hands and pray silently.

Sometimes I make a special point of sitting by a lady who has no children, husband or family. She has a very beautiful, peaceful face and a demure manner. She has the prettiest teeth I have ever seen. "I will be fine", she says to me. "I have My Lord and my friends." She has had two mastectomies and now the cancer is in her lungs and lymph nodes. I believe she is the bravest woman I have ever met. I asked for her phone number. When I called, it was busy. That made me feel good. That means that someone else had called her. She has someone who cares. Wonderful!

There's the older guy who sat and listened to my endless chatter with a patient smile for an hour one morning. He had the bravest smile and attitude about his diagnosis of any I have seen, even though he was in the final stages of throat cancer. Then his wife came in and told me he could not speak, nor did he hear well. He grinned at me even bigger when he heard what his wife was saying. Hmmmm...maybe he hears better than she knows? *smile* I felt like he and I had a really good chat anyway. Words or no words. He always has a special smile for me when we meet. We had a good laugh over it. I hope I never quit seeing him.

Laughter is golden in these rooms. Tears are Diamonds.

Sometimes the earth person (the one without cancer) does the talking for us. There isn't always enough energy left when we need to talk after our treatments. There are some patients who just need to have their own space. They deserve respect and understanding for their choices. Sometimes someone has heard of something new in cancer cures. We all want to hear about it and discuss its merits. We get excited. Sometimes we talk of new treatments in hushed reverence. Anyone can have the floor, and we will all stop and listen. This place is a true democracy. Personal courtesy, politeness, and respect for each other is an unspoken law in this world. Whatever the race, politics, income, or education, we are all equal now. Cancer has no color.

One day I realized I wasn't in my usual tense, hurry up and get back home mode. It was on that day I finally understood the words "control" and "choices".
    It takes a certain amount of time to complete these cancer treatments. No more, no less. It takes a certain amount of time for every individual life to be completed. No more, no less.
I have learned to "Fear Not" in these treatment rooms. I am now trying to learn how to "Live" with "Dignity" in these rooms. I know and understand that when I have learned what I am supposed to learn, it will be my time to teach another new world member. Then I will be able to bring another frightened cancer patient through the cloudy mist and confusion that they feel bogged down in. Later on, I'll lead her to the preparing and healing side, just as was done for me. I will be sorry and sad to see her come here, but I will help her, with all that I am able, to win this very important war.

Healing comes in many forms.


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