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The Things We Love About Not Smoking

Ahhhhh, to be Smoke Free...One Day at a Time!


Updated June 06, 2004

Quitting smoking has benefits that go far beyond better health and more money in your pocket. Smoking Cessation Forum members share what quitting tobacco means to them.

From Mamawoodchip:
    After I showered this morning, and was getting dressed, it occurred to me that I LOVE the way I smell when I don't smoke! Even my five year-old noticed that I smell "pretty"!
    I'm a big fan of perfume and body lotion, but when I smoke, those lovely fragrances get muffled and polluted by the stench of sickorettes. Everything from my fingers to my hair carries the remnants of tobacco smoke; who wants to cuddle or be close to THAT?????
    I also love being able to smell the events of the day on my hands...I smell the lotion that my daughter gave me for Mother's Day, which I slathered on my arms after my morning shower. I can smell the peanut butter I spread on umpteen sandwiches for my little one's lunch...I smell the baby shampoo I lathered my son's head with as he giggled in the bathtub...
    I love having a pink tongue.
    I love giving my hubby big, sloppy kisses, which isn't "allowed" when I smoke.
From born2poor:
    I luv the way my house smells. I went out and bought expensive candles...the smell is heavenly and lingers for days. Sure beats stale cig smoke..YUK!
    I love being in control of me.
    I love not hiding and counting down the minutes that I sneak away and hope to God I am somewhere where I can.
    I love smelling that someone is making popcorn 50 feet away and through 2 doors in the cafeteria.
    I love to exercise! What a RELEASE of tension. Better than smoking ever was.
    I love not missing the first few minutes of my TV shows because I'm off having a smoke between shows.
    I love that I guaranteed myself a longer and healthier life.
    I love that I can tell my kids to not smoke without sounding like a hypocrite.
    I love coming to the forum and playing with my friends and encouraging others to get through the pain to the pleasure beyond.
    I love how at the end of the week, my $20 allowance is still in my wallet and I get to spend it on whatever I want.
    I love to DEEP belly laugh without coughing up a lung. I love not coughing constantly all day. Ahem coughs. Single little ahem coughs...remember those? The "I'm a stupid smoker" coughs. UGH.
    THAT'S just a start. Most of all I love my freedom. There's nothing bad about not smoking. Not one darn thing.
From mkenney:
    I love to wake up every morning knowing that I'm a nonsmoker.
    I love being able to smell the honeysuckle bushes on my walks.
    I love that I've met all these terrific people on this forum.
    I love being an inspiration to others.(my sister is gonna quit)
    I love that my kids are proud of my accomplishment.
    I love being free from the ball and chain.
    I love eating a wonderful meal and actually tasting it.
    I love that I'm setting a good example for my children.
    I love that I'm exercising and leading a healthier lifestyle.
    I love that I don't constantly have to take a million smoke breaks.
    I love that I'm doing what I said I'd do.
    I love that my garage no longer smells like a stale ashtray.
    I love that I'm no longer supporting the tobacco industry.
    And most of all, I love the fact that by quitting smoking, I will have more time on this earth to enjoy all of the love, laughter and joy I'm supposed to with my family and friends.
    I love the freedom from fear. Freedom from addiction has made my life so much more peaceful. That constant, gnawing fear in the back of my mind about whether I'd quit in time is gone. I never realized how heavy the weight of that fear was to carry until I no longer had it in my backpack.
    I love the improvements to my self-esteem! Nicotine addiction made me feel so powerless, and over time, it ate a serious hole in my self-esteem. Quitting changed all that. We are all supermen and women, and the increased sense of self affects everything else in positive ways.
From victoria3799:
    I love going into a restaurant and insisting on the nonsmoking section. No way do I want to smell smoke when I am eating.
    I love that I can smell my soap when I am showering. I bought some really great soap at a resort I was at in December. I also love the fact that I smell like the soap - not stinky smoke.
    Love that I can laugh without having a coughing fit.
    Love that I don't get winded walking up 1 flight of stairs.
    Love that both b/f and I don't smoke.
    Love that I can actually think about taking a long car ride or plane flight without having to stress about where and when I would be able to smoke.
    Most of all, I love that I am taking better care of myself.

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