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Tobacco Related Cancers

Tobacco use contributes to more than 440,000 deaths in the United States annually, many of which are from cancer. From lung cancer to cancer of the mouth, larynx, esophagus, and pancreas, tobacco can play a part in all of them. Cigarette smoking is responsible for 87 percent of all lung cancer cases annually in the United States.
  1. Lung Cancer (40)
  2. Oral Cancer (7)

Cigarette Smoking and Cancer: Questions and Answers
Tobacco use, particularly cigarette smoking is the single most preventable cause of death in the United States. Cigarette smoking causes 87 percent of lung cancer deaths and is responsible for most cancers of the larynx, mouth, esophagus, and bladder.

Smoking Related Cancer Statistics
When people think of cancers caused by tobacco use, the first one that comes to mind is always lung cancer. There are however, many other cancers that are attributable to smoking. From head to toe, smoking is poisonous and destructive.

Secondhand Smoking and the Risk of Breast Cancer
Premenopausal women who are exposed to second hand smoke on a regular basis have an increased risk of breast cancer, similar to that of women who actively smoke.

Smoking and Ovarian Cancer
It appears that the risk of ovarian cancer may well be greater for women who smoke or have smoked in the past than for those who have never smoked, according to a study that followed 100,000 Scandanavian women over the course of a decade.

Smoking and Hodgkin's Lymphoma
From About.com Guide to Lymphoma, Indranil Mallick, M.D.: "In a study carried out among Hodgkin Lymphoma sufferers and healthy individuals, the incidence of smoking and alcohol intake were measured. The results turned out to be quite interesting."

NRT's and Chemotherapy Effectiveness
From About.com Guide to Cancer, Lisa Fayed: "A study done by researchers at the University of South Florida determined that nicotine protects cancer cells against chemotherapy drugs. In simple terms, nicotine protects cancer cells from dying. It blocks the chemotherapy from working."

Telling Friends and Family that You have Cancer
From About.com Guide to Cancer, Lisa Fayed: "Telling friends and family that you have been diagnosed with cancer is not an easy task. Not only do you have to deal with the emotions you are feeling, but you also have to cope with the reaction of the person you are telling."

Giving Support When a Loved One has Cancer
When a loved one has cancer, it can be very difficult to know how to support them in ways that truly help. This sensitive article comes to us from About.com Guide to Cancer, Lisa Fayed.

Book Review - The Journey Through Cancer
About.com Guide to Colon Cancer, Donna Myers reviews this book by Dr. Jeremy Geffen.

Gay Smoking and Cancer
From About.com Guide to Gay Life, Ramon Johnson: "Smoke-filled bars and clubs are common hang outs for some gay men. For this reason, according to the American Cancer Society, gay men are more likely to smoke or be exposed to smoke."

About.com Cancer
Lisa Fayed, Guide to the Cancer site here at About.com provides practical help and information on a variety of issues related to cancer.

Cervical Cancer
From A.D.A.M.: 'Several studies have associated smoking with a higher risk for precancerous changes (dysplasia) in the cervix and for progression to invasive cervical cancer.'

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