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Two Months on the Road

By Marlady

Updated June 11, 2006

Two Months on the Road


It's been one heck of a journey,
really it is no joke;
traveling this road
two months without a smoke.

It's taken me to places
where I'd surely never been,
many of which I hope
to never see again.

I started on a slippery road
with fear and trembling in my sack,
but once around the corner
I knew there was no turning back.

I climbed the highest mountain
got almost to its peak,
then along came obstacles
that turned my outlook bleak.

I found myself in valleys
where I sank so very low,
but thankfully came the angels
who lifted me in tow.

When I started on my journey
I knew not what I'd find,
in my search for freedom
and a little peace of mind.

The way seems smoother now,
the bumps not as rough;
perhaps I've just learned
that I had to get tough.

So I'll just keep on going
as long as need be,
'til the journey's end
finds me comfortable and free.

Mary L. ~Marlady~ 7/23/05

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