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Goodbye Letters to Cigarettes

"My Darling....How can I describe to you what you've meant to me these many years? The bond we've shared has been stronger than any other in my life." These compositions say goodbye to a habit which was enslaving and self-destructive.

Saying No to Smoking One Day at a Time
Stephanie's story shows the strong links that years of smoking fastens to our lives.

Cigarettes Were an Abusive Partner
Cigarettes are an abusive partner that ruins our quality of live before killing us.

Seeing Through the Smokescreen
Nicotine addiction teaches us to place value on tobacco keeps us addicted. Breaking through the smokescreen allows us to leave smoking behind for good.

A Farewell Letter to Smoking
Jeff says a poignant goodbye to an addiction that meant him nothing but harm.

The Seduction
"I have learned through the years that what I don't acknowledge mentally, manifests itself physically and emotionally, and I could really tell that our relationship was becoming unhealthy. But your lies were so effective, the illusions so blinding, my reliance so complete."

My Darling...
This goodbye letter to cigarettes was composed by Shawn1000. "I pray it's not too late to give my body a fresh start. I'm sure you know I'll miss you. But my future means more."

I will survive!
"I'm writing you a letter I may never send. You see, I can't have any contact with you right now. When I said goodbye, I meant it." eLiz wrote this inspiring note to the habit she was ready to kick out of her life, once and for all.

From Loss Comes Strength
Written in celebration of her 4th smoke free month, Gail says goodbye to nicotine addiction through her poetry.

Possum Says Goodbye to Smoking
Nicotine addiction is like a bad relationship. You know it's hurting you, but leaving it behind is tough. This goodbye letter was written by someone who found their way free of the destructive relationship they had with smoking.

Goodbye to Cigarettes from Kae
"It's been so long since we've touched and since I've held you. I can remember how you smell and taste, but it doesn't bring the memories I thought it would. I thought I was so in love with you...I thought I needed you so very badly, but now when I think about you, I only think about the deceit, the lies, the hate, the hurt, and the disease."

Good-bye and Good riddance, Nicotine
A Forum member wrote this goodbye letter to cigarettes when he quit smoking. Nicotine addiction is like a love relationship gone bad in more ways than one. All of the "good times" we perceived were in truth destructive. Don't let the smoke get in your eyes...smoking is deadly. There's not one good thing to recommend it.

Smoking, My Ex Lover
"They all thought you would hurt me. How could that be, when you made me feel so good? When I was around you, I was in control. Or so I thought. Little did I know you are a control freak - willing to take over my life and you did."

11 Months and Goodbye
From Tweetybard: "Over a year ago, we separated for the first time...we would be apart for a week, or 2, maybe 3, and you would waltz back into my life, begging me to pick up our relationship where we left off."

Dear Nicotine...
"Dear Nicotine...It's with great discomfort that I must write this letter to tell you I'm not coming back. The trial separation over the last 17 days has opened my eyes to just how one-sided our relationship has always been."

Katherine Says Goodbye to Cigarettes
"In the first week of my struggle to quit smoking, I wrote a goodbye letter to cigarettes. I'm a writer, so it was the only way I could express how I really felt. It helped me immensely to get the words on the page."

Goodbye, Goodbye to Your Stinking Lies
When Jamie wrote her goodbye letter to smoking, it sealed her commitment to quit smoking for good.

Goodbye to Shelley the Cigarette, ‘My Friend’
Claire says goodbye to smoking with this poignant goodbye letter.

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