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Healing the Mental Habits Related to Smoking

There are two important steps involved in recovery from nicotine addiction: physical and psychological, or body and mind. Physical recovery, while intense, is over within a relatively short period of time. Psychological recovery from nicotine addiction is achieved bit by bit as we learn new ways to cope than don't involve smoking. Understanding this distinction and gaining wisdom about the mind games the habit of smoking puts us through helps us win over nicotine addiction, once and for all.

The Smoker in Our Heads
Dealing with the smoker in our heads successfully during early cessation is a critical part of recovery from nicotine addiction.

Goodbye and Good Riddance!
About.com Smoking Cessation Forum members have contributed personal accounts of the psychological healing that smoking cessation brings in the form of goodbye letters.

Ending the Slavery to Nicotine Addiction
Measuring your progress while healing from nicotine addiction is easier if you understand what to expect from recovery.

My Goodbye to Smoking
Saying goodbye to smoking involves more than physical recovery from nicotine addiction. For most of us, letting go of the habits that surrounded tobacco use signals a powerful emotional release similar to being liberated from a destructive love relationship. In that spirit, readers are invited to write a goodbye letter to nicotine addiction.See submissions

Why am I Craving Cigarettes Three Months After I Quit Smoking?
A reader asks: "I know the nicotine is long gone from my body, but I swear I'm having cravings for a cigarette that feel just like nicotine withdrawal. Why is this happening to me, and will I always feel this way?

Mind Games Go Both Ways When You Quit Smoking
I'd like to introduce you to About.com Smoking Cessation forum member, Beth (Nyniane). In the article that follows, Beth helps us learn how to recognize thoughts that don't serve us as we move through recovery from nicotine addiction and reprogram our minds with thoughts that do.

Recovering from Nicotine Addiction - Nicotine Addiction Recovery and …
Nicotine addiction teaches us a lot of false beliefs, one of the worst being that no matter how long we quit smoking for, we'll always miss our cigarettes.

10 Things to Stop Doing When You Quit Smoking
Let's take a look at some of the common misconceptions smokers have about the nature of addiction and the process of quitting tobacco that set them up for failure. Build a strong quit smoking program by educating yourself about the process of recovery from nicotine addiction.

Fostering the "Right" Mindset to Quit Smoking Successfully
Every one talks about having the right mind set to quit smoking successfully. What is the right mind set? I have quit several times and had the right mind set when I start, but I can't seem to maintain it.

Will I Miss Smoking Forever?
"I quit smoking 7 months ago. I do feel better, and I dont struggle all of the time now, but I still have days where I find myself missing my cigarettes and wishing I could have just one now and then..."

4 Steps to Defeat the Urge to Smoke
Successful management of nicotine withdrawal involves learning how to decipher the meaning behind urges to smoke and responding with healthier choices.

Rationalizations for Smoking
Look through this list of common rationalizations and see if you can identify with any of them. Prepare yourself for success by knowing what to expect and how to give those thoughts the big brush off!

Nicotine Withdrawal and Junkie Thinking
Nicotine withdrawal puts unhealthy thoughts of smoking into our minds, but a little preparation will help you stay in control.

It's All About Attitude
"A positive attitude is necessary for a successful quit. Nicotine withdrawal is a reality, but looking at it as torture is counterproductive. This is a war between my will and the addiction. A negative attitude is defeatist and gives aid and comfort to the enemy."

Real Power
"If I can do the hardest thing there is to do (which I'd say quitting smoking qualifies as that) then I can do anything. And that idea right there is the most empowering idea of them all."

Critical Thinking
"In order to fight against something, you have to understand it. You just cannot help yourself overcome a thing like nicotine addiction without finding out all that you can. Without knowledge, your efforts can go astray, and attack symptoms and not the cause."

The Smokescreen
"I am quickly learning how psychological this addiction is. That is not at all to say that cravings to smoke aren't physical - they most certainly are, but they really seem to be based on an associative cognizance."

What Does the Future Hold?
I’ve noticed that a lot of people who quit smoking 6 months to a year ago still think about cigarettes. This worries me!

How to Quit Smoking - Lessons Learned
When we quit smoking, most of us do not realize that we're embarking on a journey that will teach us lessons far beyond the simple mechanics of smoking cessation. The personal stories I've highlighted here are all educational -- each one offers insight into the enlightenment we experience when recovering from the addiction to nicotine. As...

Lessons Learned on the Road to Freedom
The lessons we learn when we quit smoking go far beyond the mechanics of how to quit.See submissions

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