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Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Hypnosis can be used to help a person stop smoking. By putting the mind into an altered state, one becomes more susceptible to suggestion, and for ex-smokers, this can help with stress and fostering a positive mindset for smoking cessation. Learn how hypnosis can help you stop smoking.

Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight
Author Paul McKenna is a hypnotist and self-improvement guru who has written a host of books aimed at helping people overcome problems with issues like weight control, finances, self-esteem and smoking.

The Non-Smokers Edge - CD Hypnosis Program to Help You Quit Smoking
The Non-Smoker's Edge is a 7-cd program designed to help you quit smoking permanently.

What is Hypnosis?
About.com Guide to Psychology, Kendra Cherry explains the inner workings of hypnosis for readers.

Find a National Board Certified Hypnotherapist
Find a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist(NBCCH) in your area.

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