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It's often been said, quitting tobacco isn't the hard part, staying smoke free is the real challenge. Motivation is critical to continuing success. This section is full of quit stories from successful ex-smokers. You can read about how others felt after 6 months, a year, or even longer smoke-free.
  1. Personal Quit Stories (55)
  2. Quit Stories from the First Six Months (26)
  3. Quit Stories at One Year Smoke Free (75)
  4. Quit Stories Beyond One Year Smoke-Free (50)
  5. Goodbye Letters (17)
  6. Quit Journals (16)
  7. Motivational Quotes (6)
  8. Quit Meters (5)
  9. Poll Questions (1)
  10. Quit Smoking Certificates (3)
  11. Forum Photo Gallery (6)
  12. Forum Gems (20)

The First Six Smoke-Free Months
The first six smoke-free months are challenging for most people, as you'll see in this selection of quit stories.

10 Inspirational Quit Smoking Stories
There is no better teacher than the voice of experience, and when it comes quitting tobacco, members of the About.com Smoking Cessation forum have valuable insights to share.

Freedom from Nicotine Addiction - 10 Personal Accounts
The personal stories in this collection all share a common theme:  What it feels like to be free of nicotine addiction, something nearly every smoker dreams about.

Small Cell Lung Cancer - Cheryl's Story
When Cheryl was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, she decided to share her story so that others might quit and be spared what she went through.

The Healing World
 The Healing World is part two of Cheryl's small cell lung cancer story, and details life inside the cancer treatment center. "Laughter is Golden in these rooms. Tears are diamonds."

Mary Quit Smoking 5 Months Ago
In this account, Mary describes the improvements she's experienced since quitting tobacco 5 months ago.

Two Years Smoke Free - Lesly's Perspective
"In the beginning, it was very rough. I struggled, and I had constant visitors. Their names were anger, self doubt, anxiety and depression..."

A New Sense of Pride
"It is absolutely amazing how your whole outlook on life changes when you quit smoking. Your self-esteem gets so much better and you want to take those feelings and do other healthier things for yourself."

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