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The Complete Guide to Oral Cancer Pictures


Updated June 12, 2014

Find all types of oral cancer pictures here. Oral diseases come in many shapes and sizes, including oral cancer, gum disease, increased tooth decay and periodontal bone loss. This gallery provides a helpful photographic resource for identifying a wide variety of these diseases. Please be aware that many of the pictures in this section are graphic in nature. Not for the faint of heart!

1. Mouth Tumor Pictures

Mouth cancer cells, SEM
Steve Gschmissne/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

These pictures of mouth tumors are provided by Mediscan clipart Library in London, England.

2. Oral Cancer Pictures

It's not easy to distinguish between cancerous and noncancerous conditions of the mouth. These photos include the referring doctor's diagnosis and treatment of these patients.

3. Tongue Cancer Pictures

Tongue cancer can vary widely in appearance. These pictures of tongue cancer are from Otolaryngolgy Houston.

4. Epidermoid Carcinoma Pictures

Epidermoid carcinoma includes cancers of the lip, tongue and mouth. See photos of epidermoid cancer here.

5. Effects of Smokeless Tobacco Use

Smokeless tobacco can cause oral cancer, gum disease, increased tooth decay and periodontal bone loss. It may also lead to an increased risk of tumors of the upper digestive tract.

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