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Updated December 10, 2012

The Benefits at Two Years Smoke-Free

The improvements to our health and quality of life during the first two years of smoking cessation far surpass what most of us expect when we begin the journey to quit smoking.

According to a 2002 study conducted by researchers at Boston University, smoking relapse rates drop off sharply after two years of smoking cessation, with nearly 80 percent of ex-smokers going on to make their quits permanent.

Two Years Smoke-Free!

Smoking cessation is a precious gift for yourself and those who love you. Protect and nurture your smoke-freedom, and it will continue to reward you with benefits beyond your expectations.

To request a personalized two year smoke-free milestone certificate, email me with the following information:

  • certificate number
  • name as you'd like it to appear on the certificate
  • your quit date
You'll receive a customized certificate in a .jpg file to print out and display.

Click on thumbnails below to view certificates.

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Quit Smoking Certificate B1Quit Smoking Certificate B2Quit Smoking Certificate B3Quit Smoking Certificate B4
Quit Smoking Certificate B5Quit Smoking Certificate B6Quit Smoking Certificate B7Quit Smoking Certificate B8
Quit Smoking Certificate B9Quit Smoking Certificate B10Quit Smoking Certificate B11Quit Smoking Certificate B12
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