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Celebrate Your Freedom!


Updated December 10, 2012

One year ago... you had a different life. You were addicted to nicotine, and probably had a lot of fear about whether you'd be able to kick this habit once and for all.


Look at you now! You've completed an entire smoke free year and proven to yourself that you are stronger and happier without the ball and chain of nicotine addiction dragging along behind you, day after day.

You've opened the door to a whole new life...a whole new you. Here's to a second year filled with continued benefits and blessings. Cessation is the gift that keeps on giving. Be proud! You've given yourself and those who love you a gift beyond compare.

Click on thumbnails to view certificates. To request a personalized milestone certificate, email me with the following information: certificate number, name as you would like it to appear on the certificate and your quit date. I will send your certificate to you as a .jpg file that you can then print out.

Have a great, smoke free life!
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