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Personal Quit Smoking Stories

We all benefit from learning how others felt about their addiction, as well as how they've quit smoking. What is your story? If you'd like your personal account added here, follow the link below to submit your story.

How I Quit Smoking
Ex-smokers share their quit smoking stories and you can describe how you quit smoking here too.

Terry's Story ~AB_QUITSMKNG~
Your Guide to About.com Smoking Cessation, Terry Martin shares her story and thoughts on quitting and the benefits it brings. "Change is ALWAYS possible, even when we think there is no hope."

Angel Quit Smoking
Angel is a 65 year old fisherman from Chile who learned english and quit smoking with the help of About.com.

Carrie's Quit Smoking Story
"When I look back on my habits, I can't believe how smoking took over my life."

Cheryl's Story of Courage and Caring
Cheryl has small cell lung cancer. It's incurable and inoperable. She has graciously agreed to share her story in the hopes that even just one person will learn from her experience and quit smoking for good.

Christine's Quit Smoking Story
"Things might be very different today, had I not begun smoking as a teen. I feel that I became a nearly hopeless nicotine addict in a very short time."

Cyndie Quit Smoking Cigarettes
Cyndie shares her story: "I started smoking when I was 11, almost 18 years later I can barely remember why. I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day from the age of 15 on. I was a heavy smoker from the get go."

Dale's Quit Story
"I was slowly becoming a non-smoker. It has now become a quest. I can beat this thing."

Dar's Miracle Quit Story
It is not uncommon for long-term smokers to think that too much damage has been done for smoking cessation to be beneficial. That couldn't be further from the truth, however, as Dar's quit smoking story shows us.

Dan Britt Quit Smoking
Dan Britt quit smoking and took up running. From Dan: "I never thought I'd see the day I'd start running again, but I began; I took my next step. And, thousands of steps later, 25 pounds lighter and 5 inches thinner in the waist..."

Dawg Quit Smoking Cigarettes
"I hated cigarettes growing up. They kept my dad from playing football, or basketball, or tennis, or any of the things I like to do."

How I Quit Smoking Without a Struggle
Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking helped this person quit smoking without a struggle.

Donna's Quit Smoking Story
From Donna: "Finding freedom from my addiction is the best gift I've ever given myself! I love being in control of my life, instead of an addiction controlling me every 20 to 30 minutes."

Gaylene's (DADMONT) Quit Smoking Story
"My story starts 36 years ago. Still to this day I have trouble believing I became a smoker. Both of my parents smoked. I hated that, and was continually waving away the smoke, hiding their cigarettes, and complaining."

Irene's Quit Story
"I began smoking at age 12 trying to fit in. By the time I was 21, I was ordered to quit because I had a severe case of bronchitis, but I found I was too addicted to give up my addiction."

Jacki's Quit Story - A Study in Courage
Compiled and narrated by About.com Smoking Cessation forum member, Catherine (forum ID: Catherine2007), this quit story serves as a tribute to the very special woman this account is about -- Jacki (forum ID: PrettyMomma5).

Jan's Quit Smoking Story
"I was a smoker for 33 years, and for the first time in my life, I feel freedom is mine and I cherish it with each passing moment. I wish this for any smoker who is out there. Please give up this addiction."

Jerry Quit Smoking
"I was your typical midwestern kid in the seventies. They were showing all of us pictures of diseased lung tissue and telling us about the hazards of smoking. I remember vividly sitting in one of the health classes and saying that I would never smoke a cigarette."

Karen's Quit Story
"Today I celebrate the miracle of being a healthy non-smoker. I have accomplished no other deed that compares to this. No other achievement in my life touches the hem of gaining and retaining my life back from the world of the 'Smoking Section'."

Kerri's(Speedydiva) Quit Smoking Story
"When it comes down to it, yeah, I quit for my kids, but mainly, I quit for me. My kids would live on. They'd miss me, but they'd live on. I quit so I can see them live!"

Kery's Quit Story
From Kery: "On Wednesday morning, I got a call from the doctor's office. The nice nurse told me that the results were back. The pneumonia was gone, but I had some early evidence of emphysema. I almost fell over. I am only 31 years old."

Kristy's Quit
"It's impossible for me to let go of cigarettes without remembering my best friend: my Grandmother. She died from (lung) cancer ten years ago."

LadyZolt's Story: Smoking Choice - Fact or Fiction?
LadyZolt started smoking when she was 15 years old. She tells us: "What I told myself was a "choice" to be a smoker was in actuality a denial that I was addicted to nicotine."

Lane Baldwin - Why I Quit Smoking
"Why did I finally quit smoking? After years of trying? After years of promising myself I would? After thousands of packs of cigarettes and many more thousands of dollars? Do you really want to know?"

Larry's Quit Smoking Story
Forum member, Larry(LBONN) details his journey through the first year of smoking cessation. "Initially, the urges were frequent and severe. However, I knew that the urge for a cigarette would be gone in a few minutes, whether I smoked a cigarette or not."

Larry's (ElDubyaKay) Quit Story
"Here it is Christmas Eve day 2006, and tomorrow morning around 9 am PST it will be 4 months since I put out that ONE cigarette I had been in search of for the better part of 50 years (the last ONE). How in the world could ONE stinking cigarette be so elusive, so hard to find?"

Lesly's(Leslyr) Quit Smoking Story
"At 11 months quit, I can't believe I waited all those years! It was not easy, but certainly not the impossibility I had imagined it to be. Anyone reading this who is thinking of quitting, I exhort you - do it NOW!"

LindaBF's Quit Smoking Story
"I had some pretty bad times with withdrawals, but three things kept me from failing: determination, commitment, and willpower. They are my 3 best friends in the world, and they have kept me from slipping."

Linda's(ForMyCody) Quit Story
"The reasons why I quit can be listed in the hundreds. The times I had said I would quit were in the thousands. I simply put off, or ignored, the signs that smoking was killing me."

Lorilu's Quit Smoking Story
"If I ever get cravings or even think for a minute about going back to smoking, I think about my mom. I think about how much I miss her. I think about the pain she had to endure before she died."

Mary's Quit Story
"I will resist the temptation to blame my upbringing. Yes, my parents raised me in a toxic cloud of cigarette smoke. They taught me by example. They knew when I started smoking but said nothing. But they were products of their times. Smoking didn't carry the stigma it does now."

Michelle's Quit Smoking Story
Michelle quit smoking cigarettes on January 13, 2002. "Quitting smoking isn't easy, but almost nothing in your life that's worthwhile is, and it is easier when you don't have to do it all alone."

Michelle G's Quit Story
"I always said, "I can stop smoking any time I want! I’m not that addicted!" I can’t count the number of times I tried to put cigarettes down and just walk away. The second day of a quit would always result in me sneaking off to have that one last smoke hidden in the vent or the cookie jar."

Myssi's Journey to a Smoke Free Life
On the road to a smoke free life, Myssi learned an important lesson - there is never a good reason to smoke. There are only excuses to smoke.

Nancy Quit Smoking Cigarettes
"I have tried to quit smoking a million times. I tried to quit when I would get my 2 to 3 sinus infections every year, when I got pregnant, when I brought my son home from the hospital. I would usually only make it a week or so. I have used the patch, been hypnotized (twice), tried the gum, the inhaler, pills & cold turkey."

Nenejune's Quit Story - Freedom After 40 Years
Nenejune's quit smoking story will be familiar to anyone who has been a closet smoker. Lonely and isolating, closet smokers often carry more guilt than most smokers.

Pamela's Quit Smoking Story
"On February 17, 2003, my life changed dramatically. My husband of 24 years, David, age 49, died of a blood clot to the heart. This clot, we found out later after an autopsy, was most likely caused by cigarette smoking..."

Paul's Quit Smoking Story
"The poisons in the cigs, together with a party lifestyle, alcohol and soft drug use like marijuana had put me at risk for having a stroke."

Paula's Quit Smoking Story
"I can't live my life in fear anymore - quitting smoking is a step in the right direction. I have a wonderful husband who has supported me through all of the tough times and 2 wonderful daughters. I want to watch my girls grow up, become young women, and I want to be there when they have their babies."

Paula H Quit Smoking Cigarettes
From Paula: "This has not been easy and there are still days that I taste the smoke like I just lit up. I never thought I could do this after so many years but I did and I beam from ear to ear. I feel wonderful."

Peter's Quit Story
"Life is never perfect; arguments will always develop, stress will always raise its ugly head, and life will throw some real curveballs. However, I've managed for three months now, and I am feeling so much healthier, especially in the mornings."

QueenGee's Quit Story
"When I smoked, I felt like an outcast, and was embarrassed by the way my house and car smelled, the way my breath and hair smelled. I was jealous of nonsmokers and the innocence they had that I didn't. They were free and I wasn't."

Robert Quit Smoking Cigarettes
Robert realized how much smoking was impairing his ability to enjoy his life: "Finally, I had enough. My motivations were many to quit."

Ronni's Quit Smoking Story
"My habit continued for 39 years through asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and to top it all off, I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for many, many years."

Rosa and Marcy's Quit Smoking Story
"Both of my parents were smokers and both of them eventually died from it, but, since my mother was, throughout my childhood until I was 16 years old, an old-fashioned 1950's style "stay at home" mom, my strongest memories, the ones forged in early childhood, are of her and her smoking more than of my father's."

Sandi's(WVSandi) Story of Quitting Cigarettes
"I am a 47 year-old woman who successfully quit smoking 2 years ago. The journey was a long one, but I did it, and cannot tell you the benefits that I am currently experiencing!"

SmokerDave's Journey to Stop Smoking
I'd like to introduce you to Dave, a man who found the will to stop smoking over 29 years ago. Today, at the age of 83, Dave still reaches out to help others in their quest to stop smoking

Starkik's Quit Smoking Story
"For most of my life, cigarettes have been my crutch. I've always been very shy. I used to be very emotional. You can hide these things behind a smoke screen, did you know?"

Susan's Story
Susan quit smoking and 8 months later shares her perspectives about the journey she's been on.

Tammy's Quit Smoking Story
"How many times have I thought about quitting? How many times have I tried to quit? The answer is…I don’t have a clue. I really really wanted to quit smoking and I really thought that I could whenever I felt like it. I thought that it would be easy if I really wanted it bad enough..."

Tana Quit Smoking Cigarettes
Tana shares her story: "Cigarettes, in my childhood, seemed comforting and familiar. I never remember hearing even one negative word being spoken about smoking. Cigarettes were accepted, if not encouraged."

Tweety's Quit Story
From Tweety: "My parents were both 2 pack a day smokers, so I was exposed to smoking early and often. It was back in the day when mom could still send us to the store to buy them for her, and to get them to quit smoking, we used to conveniently "forget" the smokes."

Walker Joe Quit Smoking Cigarettes
"Are you tired of your home, clothes, and car smelling like tobacco road? Are you tired of burning holes in the family room sofa, the car seats, your clothes and other things? Are you tired of burning up money that could be used more wisely?"

Removing the Shackles
At 50 years old, Diane decided she was done; she'd been a slave to smoking long enough.

I Just Don't Want to Smoke
At 10 Months smoke-free, Alicia shares an important message about finding the reason that will sustain your quit program.

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