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Kristy's List of Reasons to Quit Smoking

"Just a List..."


Updated June 26, 2004

Because today has been stressful, and because I feel like crap, I figured it would be a good time to sit down and list my reasons for not smoking today. It has been 12 days now, far longer than I would have ever imagined I'd make it. During this time I've discovered more and more reasons I want to stay quit. I had a few in mind before I quit, but every day there seems to be another reason not to smoke that day. It's tough sometimes, especially when I feel bad or get scared. But I notice many days now where I only crave once or twice in the day, which is a real improvement/blessing from just last week. Things are improving quickly. Anyway, I have lots of reasons for not wanting to smoke right now.

Why I like being a Non-smoker right now:

    1. I can taste things again.

    2. I smell great.

    3. My chest doesn't hurt.

    4. My family is proud of me and respects me for this.

    5. My little brother Kevin is rooting for me. On day seven, I almost broke down and actually sort of cried and said "I do not think I will make it, Kev.", but he was so encouraging and helpful. He told me, "We can go to Yahoo and play games all evening, I be that will help." And that's exactly what we did. We played games all evening and I did not smoke. He wants me to do this and by God, I'm doing it. Also, little sis (Kassidy) tried smoking, and I think it's because she thought it was okay cause of me. I'm NOT showing her that it's okay anymore. I want her to know what it did to me and how it has hurt me so much. I don't want her to go through what I've gone through here.

    6. There are other wonderful things to do right now other than kill myself with smoke in my lungs, for example, write all evening long about things that are more important to me, listen to music, or maybe pet my cats or read a good book)(or any book).

    7. I can go anywhere I want without having to wonder if my stupid cigarettes are with me, and if they aren't OMG I LOST MY CIGARETTES I'LL DIE OH NO OH NO. No more of that stupid crap now, I'm free again.

    8. Despite having smoked a good length of time (10 years), I am still more qualified to be a non-smoker. I have a solid 18 years of experience at being a non-smoker and while I haven't held the occupation in awhile, I'm beginning to remember how nice this job was in comparison to the 10 year hellish nightmare of smoking. Plus, I actually feel younger now. This might be weird, but hey, it's a luxury to go back in time if you're going back to something great, and being a non-smoker WAS.

    9. I feel like I'm truly accomplishing something here. It's a terrific lesson in self-control and self-love. I'm having fun learning it despite the temporary suffering.

    10. I made it through hell week and I've almost made it through heck week. I am not going through THAT ever ever again, so I have one choice: Have fun today instead of smoke :) I think I will.

    Kristy's Quit Story

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