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Smoking Relapse - Prevention and How to Recover

It's been shown that most smokers quit a few times before they are able to make smoking cessation permanent. This section deals with issues regarding smoking relapse - how to prevent one, as well as how to recover once you've relapsed.
  1. Preventing Relapse (3)
  2. Recovering from a Relapse (5)

5 Steps That Lead to a Smoking Relapse
Understanding the psychology that leads to a smoking relapse is the best way to avoid having one. Self-pity is a mindset that often leads to a smoking relapse.

Rationalizations for Smoking
Look through this list of common rationalizations and see if you can identify with any of them. Prepare yourself for success by knowing what to expect and how to give those thoughts the big brush off!

Nicotine Withdrawal and Junkie Thinking
Nicotine withdrawal can put unhealthy thoughts of smoking into your head from time to time. Prepare yourself with knowledge of what to expect and how to beat junkie thinking down.

There is No Such Thing as "Just One" Cigarette
Thoughts of smoking just one cigarette come with the territory when smoking cessation begins. Learn how to manage and ultimately banish them.

Quit and Stay Quit Monday
The Quit and Stay Quit Monday program is a great way to reinforce your commitment to quit smoking and stay quit.

This is How it Happens
Unhealthy thoughts of smoking can lead to a smoking relapse, as this reader shares so poignantly.

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