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5 Steps That Lead to a Smoking Relapse


Updated April 07, 2008

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5 Steps That Lead to a Smoking Relapse
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"Joe gets to smoke and I can't!"

Hold on! Joe doesn't get to smoke; Joe needs to smoke because he's addicted to nicotine. If you could get inside Joe's head, you'd find out he spends a lot of time wishing he could quit smoking ... just like you did before you quit.

Statistics tell us that 70 percent of smokers want to quit, so don't feel sorry for yourself. Be proud that you're taking a proactive stance against nicotine addiction.

Yes, smoking cessation is difficult at first - very difficult at times. However, there is nothing more valuable and life-altering than freeing yourself from the bonds of addiction. Remember that, and remember that the discomfort you're feeling right now will pass. Nicotine withdrawal is a temporary condition, but freedom from it is not!


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