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Information about Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco, known as spit tobacco, snuff, chew or plug tobacco is dangerous and addictive for its user. Learn about smokeless tobacco products and the health problems they cause.
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Smokeless Tobacco
What is smokeless tobacco?

5 Important Smokeless Tobacco Facts
Smokeless tobacco includes snuff, dip and chewing tobacco. While smokeless tobacco is less harmful than smoking, it is still extremely hazardous to human health.

All About Smokeless Tobacco
Smokeless tobacco includes a variety of products that deliver nicotine to the consumer without inhalation.

What is Snuff?
Snuff is a finely ground tobacco product that is available in either wet or dry form.

Chewing Tobacco
Chewing tobacco is a form of smokeless tobacco that is typically sold in pouches of loose tobacco leaves fashioned into long strands or twists.

Smoking Alternatives
As the term suggests, a smoking alternative is a tobacco or non-tobacco substitute for the standard manufactured cigarette.

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