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Teen Smoking - Information for Teens and Their Families

Information for kids and their families about teen smoking. From facts and figures on the dangers of smoking to how to influence young people not to start smoking cigarettes, this section is meant to help motivate kids to stay smoke free.
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World No Tobacco Day 2008 - Tobacco-Free Youth
World No Tobacco Day 2008 focuses on enacting global bans on tobacco advertising that Big Tobacco uses to encourage teen smoking.

Conquering Nicotine Addiction - A Teen Smoker's Story
"I started smoking as a very young teen. When I was 19 years old, I was smoking up to 30 cigarettes a day at University, and with a night out, it could easily reach 40 a day. I switched to a stronger brand, yet still smoked more and was in constant pain."

Are Clove Cigarettes a Safe Smoking Alternative?
Produced in Indonesia and distributed worldwide, kreteks, also known as clove cigarettes, are made of up of approximately 60 to 80 percent tobacco, 20 to 40 percent ground cloves, clove oil and other additives.

Smoking Facts For Parents and Teens
Nearly 3000 teens take up the habit of smoking cigarettes every day in the U.S. alone. Learn facts about teen smoking, secondhand smoke statistics and other smoking facts and figures. Educate your children about the dangers of smoking.

5 Truths about Teen Smoking
From About.com Guide to Parenting of Adolescents, Denise Witmer: "Parents often feel powerless against the tough issues teens face because they cannot control their teen's choices. While it is true that teens need to make their own choices, parents do have more influence than they think."

The Hazards of Hand-Rolled Cigarettes
Roll your own cigarettes are sometimes thought of as being a healthier smoking choice. Are they?

Are Bidi Cigarettes Safe?
Bidis (pronounced bee-dees) are small hand-rolled cigarettes manufactured in India and other southeast Asian countries.

Don't Start Smoking!
Ellen, a long-time smoker shares the speech she gives about nicotine addiction to high school kids.

A Perspective on Teen Smoking
"I was 16 when I first picked up smoking. Three years later it nearly cost me my first degree in university. The good part of my second year was spent up in smoke...the byproduct of substances to which some were legal and others not so."

The Scoop On Smoking from ACSH
From the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH): 'Warning labels that say “smoking may be hazardous to your health” are making one of the most profound understatements in human history. Now there’s a website geared to teens that details the scientifically documented health effects of smoking—instead of vague, sweeping warnings.'

The Anti-Smoke - Now is the Time to Quit Smoking
Meet Dan. Dan is a 16 year old from Long Island who wants to talk to us about the dangers of smoking. His article, while aimed at his peers, gives parents some very good insights into how to talk to their teenage kids about the hazards of tobacco.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is a non-governmental initiative aimed at protecting our youth from the dangers of smoking.

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