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How Smoking Affects Your Health

Smoking and Your Health. From lung cancer to COPD; heart disease to diabetes, tobacco is bad news for our bodies. Worldwide, a person dies every 8 seconds from tobacco related disease. Learn how smoking affects your health from head to toe.
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  5. Smoking and Vision (3)
  6. Smoking and Stroke (7)
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Smoking-Related Disease Personal Stories
Smoking-related disease is stealing our beloved family members and friends away from us at an alarming rate. According to the World Health Organization, smoking related-diseases kill one in 10 adults globally, causing four million deaths a year.

The Health Risks of Smoking
Let's take a look at how smoking affects your health, from head to toe.

Smoking and Vitamin Depletion
Smoking depletes our bodies of essential vitamins that help combat the damage caused by the toxins in cigarette smoke.

What is a Pulmonary Embolism?
A pulmonary embolism is defined as the sudden blockage of an artery in the lung. Most often, a pulmonary embolism occurs when a blood clot originating in the leg or pelvis breaks loose and travels through the bloodstream to the lung.

Smoking and Degenerative Disc Disease
From Michelle Boisvert: "I was diagnosed with severe DDD in 1998 when I was 33 years old and still a smoker. My orthopedic surgeon discovered the DDD while he was performing surgery after I ruptured a disc in my lower back."

The Health Consequences of Smoking
The 2004 Report from the Surgeon General: The Health Consequences of Smoking details the risks not only to smokers, but to nonsmokers, unborn children, adolescents, and seniors.

Smoking and Obesity
While it’s not surprising that obesity coupled with smoking is a recipe for trouble, it is important to highlight this growing problem in America today. Smoking and Obesity is a deadly combination of health problems.

Smoking and Migraine Headaches
From About.com Guide to Headaches, Teri Robert: "If we want to control our headaches and/or Migraines, the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is to control and rid ourselves of the habit of and addiction to smoking."

Smoking and Arthritis
From About.com Guides to Arthritis, Carol and Richard Eustice: "It's a well known fact that cigarette smoking increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease. More evidence now exists which adds rheumatoid arthritis to the list of diseases linked to smoking."

Smoking and Cholesterol
From A.D.A.M.: 'Cigarette smoking lowers HDL-cholesterol levels and is directly responsible for approximately 20% of all deaths from heart disease.'

Smoking and Your Digestive System
From About.com Guide to Heartburn, Sharon Gillson: "Smoking has been shown to have harmful effects on all parts of the digestive system, contributing to such common disorders as heartburn and peptic ulcers."

From A.D.A.M.:'People who smoke a pack a day have almost two and a half times the risk for stroke as nonsmokers. Smoking increases both hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke risk. The risk for stroke may remain elevated for as long as 14 years after quitting, so the earlier one quits the better.'

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