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Reader Stories: Tobacco Victims: Gallery of Lost Loved Ones


Updated July 10, 2011

Upwards of five million people worldwide yearly become victims of tobacco -- losing their lives to a multitude of tobacco-related illnesses. If you've lost someone you love to tobacco, share their story here.

I Lost My Mother and Other Loved Ones

My mother died at the age of 68 years young after smoking for 53 years. She tried but just could not quit, ever. My older brother and I both had health issues at birth due to her smoking while pregna…More

Lung Cancer Stole My Beautiful Mother

My mam smoked most of her life. She tried to quit umpteen times without success. In 2007, when she was 52 yrs old, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Immediately she stopped smoking. She went for an…More

I Still Miss You, Dad

I'm not really sure when my dad started smoking. I remember him trying to quit a few times when we were growing up. He smoked between two and three packs of cigarettes a day. Approximately two months…More

I Lost My Dad to Years of Smoking and Drinking

I watched my father's health deteriorate for many years from his smoking and drinking. The smoking was causing him to be so short of breath and his mobility was suffering as well. I was a smoker the …More

My Kid's Dad Died of Lung Cancer

My ex-husband and father of my two children died on April 21, 2001. He died of lung cancer. His wife died about 7 months later - also of lung cancer. Ken started smoking before he was a teenager. At…More

Throat Cancer Stole My Brother-in-Law

Four summers ago my brother-in-law Michael died from throat cancer. He smoked all his life. He was only 55 and was a great guy. Just before he died he weighed about sixty pounds. His legs literally l…More

I Lost My Dad to Congestive Heart Failure

My dad, who was a heavy smoker at 2 plus packs of unfiltered Pall Mall cigarettes a day, said this about smoking:"I'm going to have to die eventually of something -- it might as well be smoking."For …More

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