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Reader Stories: Milestones on the Road to Recovery from Nicotine Addiction


Updated February 21, 2010

This page is devoted to the pearls of wisdom and insight we gain on the road to recovery from nicotine addiction. Grab some inspiration by reading the submissions offered here, and please share your own as well.

5 Years Smoke-Free and You Can Do it Too

I decided that as I got older and wiser, maybe I should quit. I always had this thought in my mind that if I quit and something bad happened and I wouldn't be able to deal with it, but oh how wrong I…More

One Year Smoke-Free and So Happy

After many attempts at not smoking I just decided to quit. I believe that all of my other "attempts" were half-hearted. I didn't really want to quit -- it just sounded good. I would make it for a lit…More

Stubbed Out That Last Cigarette

I quit because I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I decided that it was time that I should quit.Although in the start it was tough, I managed to pass my day without smoke. Now I feel smoking u…More

Three Years Free - Stuart's Story

Understand that cessation is a process and go one day at a time. The day will come when you JUST stop obsessing about it. Also get the e-book, Breaking the Chains - it is free. Once you get some time…More

Smoking Cessation is a Battle of the Mind

I have taken each day and many days one hour at a time. Quitting smoking has been the hardest challenge I have ever had. I don't ever want to go through the first month again. That memory helps to ke…More

Ahhh, Free at Last

Around the age of 22-23, I was getting tired of the stinky, rotten, nicotine discoloration of my mouth and teeth, not to mention the black tar build up in between my teeth. So, I practiced quitting. …More

Two Years Free - Coudn't Be Happier

The first year I was all about taking back control. In comparison, the second year was relatively uneventful; peaceful, calm, serene. I guess you could call this the "maintenance" phase of my quit. S…More

Three Months Smoke-Free

I am very proud I have made it this far. This website has really encouraged me and kept me motivated. I still think about smoking a lot, I have to admit that. I choose not to smoke every day. I hope …More

11 Months Without a Cigarette

I had tried patches, Chantix (champix), the nicotine inhaler and nicotine gum. All of these things work. But for me, the problem came when I had to undergo the second "giving up" of these therapies. …More

Practice Makes Perfect

I practiced quitting till I learned how to make it stick. Real simple, just don't smoke. That is a hard lesson to learn. Don't smoke...not even that one puff. It will cause you to have to start over.…More

One Year - Four Steps

I find myself, after 55 years of smoking cigarettes, suddenly needing to write a one year post, acknowledging that I have been totally free of nicotine, in any form whatsoever, for a full year! This …More

Three Days Smoke-Free

I decided to be an observer of my withdrawal. I tried to make note of my symptoms without responding to them. It was a little weird, but it got me through. My symptoms of withdrawal have almost quit …More

My Road to Smoke-Freedom

I called my dad and told him what happened between me and my husband, and that I wanted to quit smoking. My dad came up to pick me up. I made sure the two cartons of cigarettes were gone within a wee…More

Freedom Rocks

I attended Nicotine Anonymous meetings and I did use quit aids. I prayed and started an exercise program. I keep thinking of how I am free and love my freedom. I keep up with exercise that I love. If…More

Two Years and Counting - Don't Believe the Hype!

When I decided to stop smoking two years ago, I simply refused to believe it was going to be hard. I told everyone I was taking this approach and asked people in my circle not to talk doom and gloom…More

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