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Reader Stories: Milestones on the Road to Recovery from Nicotine Addiction


Updated February 21, 2010

This page is devoted to the pearls of wisdom and insight we gain on the road to recovery from nicotine addiction. Grab some inspiration by reading the submissions offered here, and please share your own as well.

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11 Months Smoke-Free!

It will be one year on Thanksgiving Day since I quit smoking. I am using the nicotine replacement pills and they have really HELPED. My lungs feel so much better. I have more stamina, and I can breat…More

Eleven days as a Non-Smoker

I've been given support by family and friends. My faith has helped. And seeing my husband so sick has probably been the biggest inspiration in helping me make the decisions necessary to become a non-…More

Finding the New Smoke-Free Me

The hardest thing I have had to do is learn how to "cope" in situations that I otherwise would have had a "relaxing" smoke. I had to retrain myself and learn to identify my emotions, be in tune with …More

Keeping My Memory Green at 7 Months

It's been a struggle but educating myself about this addiction has helped me so much. Thanks again for this wonderful site. I did not gain too much weight at the beginning, but its just kind of crept…More

I'm Proud to be a Non-Smoker

On 31 January 2012 I wake up my decision was made. I quit smoking it not for a week or a month, it forever. I put my pack behind. The days pass I went for my x-ray. Two days after the clinic phone me…More

I am Stronger Than I Thought

The only way I've survived this far is by taking it day by day. Finding other things to take up the time I used to spend smoking. Figuring out other ways to handle my anger. Not having the ability to…More

One Week Smoke-Free!

I decided to quit a week ago when I got sick. I had a terrible cold and for three days I didn't even need a cigarette. I had been thinking about quitting for a while because I want to get pregnant so…More

Fight the Urge to Smoke. It Will Pass...

The "It will Pass..." article really helped me. The urge to smoke comes, however, it will pass and it has! I like being a non-smoker! I had received the newsletters for a few years before I even qui…More

I'm Ready

Reading all the motivational stories I could. I've wanted to respond to some of these, as they literally made me cry my eyes out, but I'm still getting used to the site. It's seeing my mother with en…More

Don't "Try" to Quit -- Just Quit

Made a plan. Scheduled a quit date. Put on the patch. Used plenty of substitutes. Stayed away from alcohol. Took up new hobbies and crafts. Made a list of reasons to quit with over 100 entries. Kept…More

5 Months Quit!

Faith in myself. When I was younger I thought I could do anything I put my mind to. But somewhere along the way I lost that faith in me. I told myself I couldn't quit. It's too hard. I even talked ab…More

5 Years Smoke-Free and You Can Do it Too

I decided that as I got older and wiser, maybe I should quit. I always had this thought in my mind that if I quit and something bad happened and I wouldn't be able to deal with it, but oh how wrong I…More

One Year Smoke-Free and So Happy

After many attempts at not smoking I just decided to quit. I believe that all of my other "attempts" were half-hearted. I didn't really want to quit -- it just sounded good. I would make it for a lit…More

Stubbed Out That Last Cigarette

I quit because I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I decided that it was time that I should quit.Although in the start it was tough, I managed to pass my day without smoke. Now I feel smoking u…More

Three Years Free - Stuart's Story

Understand that cessation is a process and go one day at a time. The day will come when you JUST stop obsessing about it. Also get the e-book, Breaking the Chains - it is free. Once you get some time…More

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