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It's Never Too Late To Quit Smoking

Share Your Story: Lessons Learned on the Road to Freedom

By pcazi

Updated November 03, 2010

It's Never Too Late To Quit Smoking

A Little About My Quit

When the doctor told me to quit smoking in 1970's because I had the signs of emphysema, I thought to myself, I don't think that could be happening at this time. So I didn't quit smoking until 2000. By this time I was up to 3 packs a day and coughed all the time, and was often sick with bronchitis and/or pneumonia. The place where I worked had a bad blower system; which blew on me all the time summer or winter but it was always cold air.

I decided to really quit this time. I did quit, but I did this with a smoking cessation class.

What Cessation Has Taught Me

First off, I was one of only a few who quit smoking successfully in this class. I am still proud that I finally finished this struggle for good.

If I hadn't quit smoking I could have been dead! I had a stroke one year to the day that I quit. But most importantly, I had an operation for blocked arteries two years later. They said that it was very possible I would have died if I had not quit smoking.

Lastly, I stopped smoking with my husband still smoking around me. So it can be done. I come from a family of heavy smokers, and it is hard to visit them.

Oh I will be 65 in January and am still alive!


Take your classes seriously. Use the resources and quit aids that are available for help. I took Welbutrin for two weeks before having to throw away the cigarettes. I also used the nicotine patch to make sure I could do this.

  • Best wishes, you can do this.

  • Terry Martin, About.com Smoking Cessation, says:

    While smoking cessation takes work early on, the discomforts are temporary and the benefits long-lasting. Congratulations on your strong resolve and success with quitting - your story is inspirational!

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