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I Quit Smoking and Never Thought I Could

Share Your Story: Why I Quit Smoking

By Paula

Updated March 09, 2011

I Quit Smoking and Never Thought I Could

I quit smoking and I never thought I could!

My life as a smoker

I am a 42 year old mother of two boys, 10 and 12. Smoked for many many years.

I quit smoking 43 days ago. Today is 860 cigarettes NOT SMOKED. Too much of anything is bad for you ... but really who takes that much of anything, but cigarettes? And, they ARE bad for you!

Simple little facts like that keep me going. Also, I try to figure out the ingredients in cigarettes and what government agency oversees it? Not a lot of info, just scary stuff like arsenic, rocket fuel, nail polish remover... really, why?

My husband is supportive - every 20 days he hands me $200 in $10 bills because he wants me to see what we are saving

Why and how I quit smoking

Not smoking for 43 days has saved me $430! Based on over $8/pack and gum for my breath.

I hang the money on a fan on my wall so I can see why I continue to go on each day. It's so I don't support the companies who killed my mother and wanted to kill me too.

I quit smoking because I lost my voice for over a month. I went to the counter to get a pack of butts and they couldn't understand me, or what type of cigarettes I wanted. Raspy, yucky voice... then next to the butts behind the counter were the NicoDerm CQ patches. I said to the girl, "I should be getting those instead"... SHE SAID THEY ARE ON SALE - got them and brought them to me...that was 43 days ago. I have voice again!

Ultimately, I quit because I was afraid that I had some type of throat cancer. My mom had it (esophageal to the lungs I believe). She died when I was only 15 -- she was ONLY 46. Her brother has tongue cancer and continues to have pieces of his tongue removed. My grandfather died of a similar type cancer when my mom was a little girl of 13.

My cousin quit too, she is 5 days behind me. I am happy for her too. Her mother smoked and died of cancer too.

We smell good now, our houses smell better our kids are happier and we don't think that we are dying every day, anymore!

My sister still smokes, she needs to quit next. I think I can help her.


Any advice I can give to anyone considering quitting, is to be prepared for a life-changing experience. Your best friend who was with you all the time has left and you are now alone to deal with all the things that you were escaping with every puff of that butt.

I smoked 197,000 cigarettes over the years. That's too much!

Put down the butts and take control of your life, emotions, situations, ... things have gotten somewhat neglected while you were out smoking.

Based on 3.5 min per butt, I have saved 73.20 hrs of my "ONLY LIFE".So JUST DO IT - ITS REALLY HARD - BUT YOU ARE STRONG TOO.

Terry Martin, About.com Smoking Cessation, says:

Thanks for sharing your story Paula, and congratulations on quitting. Keep up the good work and know that the discomforts that come with recovery from nicotine addiction are signs of healing. They are temporary and will pass...as long as you don't smoke.

Be patient with yourself and let time help you put smoking in your past permanently.

Better days are coming - and they are well worth the work it takes to get there. You're doing great!

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