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No Blood Flow to My Foot

Share Your Story: Why I Quit Smoking

By Gary Doll

Updated October 23, 2011

My life as a smoker

I am 56 years old and started smoking at about 25. I also had heavy meth and alcohol use. As of Dec. 9th, 2004 with the help of the 12 step program, I quit everything but cigarettes. At 5 years sober, they (ol timers) recommend to quit smoking .

Why and how I quit smoking

Why I quit.... my right foot fell asleep, so went to hospital to find out there was no blood flow to foot. They did a vein graft and a stent (1000 stitches). Blood flow returned to foot doctors said I MUST quit smoking or lose foot all my arteries are narrowed from 30 years of partying.

I was released from hospital after 15 days and remained smoke free for 8 months then felt better, all healed up, so started again.

I knew I was an idiot so I went back to see my team of surgeons. They turned me on to the county smoking cessation class which included nicotine patches, 21mg 14mg 7 mg I am on the 3rd day of the 21mg patch program and not one smoke since.


For starters, I am a different person since I started my new life Dec 9th 2004. Smoking is the last vice I had to lose. I have 5 friends from AA who are doing the patch at the same time as me. We attend meetings every night and will try to incorporate the 12 steps the patch and fellowship to help beat this thing.

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