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Reader Stories: My Relapse Story


Updated November 02, 2009

Most smokers have a smoking relapse or two before they're able to quit smoking permanently. Take advantage of the lessons others have learned from relapsing, and share your own relapse story here as well.

Alcohol Doesn't Mix with Smoking Cessation

Last night I was at a friends house and I totally fell off the wagon. I am trying to lose weight as well as quitting the fags but after only five pints of beer, I was an animal. I wanted a cigarette …More

Working Hard Not to Relapse

I haven't relapsed as of now, but I do see how it could happen to me. I also have an "emotional" eating issue. I have been a heavy drinker on top of all this. I keep NO junk foods or booze in the hou…More

One Day at a Time

After living in Australia for 7 yrs, we came back home to the UK. My friend came to visit 3 weeks ago (a non-smoker). I don't know what happened...I was excited and looking forward to her visit, and …More

Not One Puff Ever!

I didn't relapse, but I almost did. I really needed to see the Smoking Cessation newsletter that came in my email today. I had been thinking "I could smoke just one cigarette", but I know I can't. Th…More

One Cigarette is Never Enough

I thought I could smoke just one cigarette. I found out that is not the case. One tastes terrible, but I thought the next one might taste better. It did and I was hooked all over again. Quitting is t…More

I Thought I Was Stronger than Nicotine Addiction

My most successful quit, other than during my pregnancy, was in December, 2010. I quit for 4 1/2 months without a puff. What made me relapse? A hard days work, both rewarding and stressful, and a co-…More

NOPE! One Day at a Time

I relapsed because I wasn't ready to quit. I was surrounded by friends who smoke. I thought smoking one to three was all right. It wasn't until I got my mind ready to stop that I actually knew that t…More

It All Started with Just One...

I am really upset with myself. I had quit smoking on 1 November 2010 and had done 7 lovely weeks as a non-smoker. I knew Christmas time would be a bit of a trigger for me as I had a lot of visitors (…More

There is No Such Thing as Just One (Cigarette)

Since I was always worried because of smoking, I tried to quit at least 6 or 7 times. Quite frankly, I have lost track of all my quit attempts. I usually quit for a few months and then something woul…More

Relapse Lessons - How to Overcome Nicotine Addiction

I cannot put my finger on exactly what caused this relapse, but I did see it coming. I gave up on the fight and it seems the step-down transition from one dose of the nicotine patch to the next is th…More

Chronic Quitter - Tara's Story

I joke that I'm a "chronic quitter," and that's the truth. I've quit so many times, I can't begin to tell you how many relapses I've had. One thing I CAN say is that my attempts to quit have become m…More

My Smoking Relapse - Falling for Junkie Thinking

I have been trying to quit since Dec 2009. I went for 18 days and then the "junkie" thinking started. I missed my friends, and going out to my local bar. I could feel my resolve weakening. After 18 d…More

Learning to Cope Without a Cigarette

I got into a fight with my significant other, and didn't know how to deal with the emotion without cigarettes. Every time I was sad, bored, depressed, and especially angry, smoking was my outlet, my …More

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

I relapsed at age 37 because I was recently divorced and started dating a man who smoked. He was fun, exciting and eventually became my husband.We were out on a weekend adventure and I just decided t…More

My Relapse Came Out of Nowhere...

I think it was mainly due to a combination of boredom and stress...the same routine day in and day out made me crave a cigarette even more. On top of that, I had to have a pet euthanized which was a …More

I Hadn't Found My Peace with Smoking Cessation

I can't really put my finger on the why? I knew it was coming and did not know how to stop the train wreck. Seeking the familiar, maybe? Exhausted from fighting a never-seemingly-endless battle. I ha…More

Stressed, Angry and Overworked

I had a high stress job (property management) at the time and smoked a lot when I was stressed...which was most of the time. I got very little sleep, had a poor diet and ate too much too. I was worki…More

No Such Thing as Just One...

Weight gain during two quit attempts caused me to deliberately choose smoking over cessation. During this last and final quit, I relapsed on the eve of my first whole week free. My husband was sleepi…More

I Thought Smoking Would Soothe the Hurt I Felt

I had a confrontation with someone and thought that a cigarette would help me cope with all of the hurt I was feeling. I know now that was junkie thinking, because a cigarette can not solve conflict …More

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