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Readers Respond: What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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Updated December 24, 2013

Forever Free

I can't believe what quitting did for me. Initially it caused me to have horrible anxiety attacks and I had to take medication for it. However, I am now 26 days without smoking and have never felt better. I am off the Ativan for anxiety too. I'm still learning to live life as a ex-smoker but I look forward to all my freedom......Good luck to anyone who is trying to quit.

Pride in Myself

This is only day two smoke-free for me, but I am already proud of myself for quitting. It has been years since I went a few hours without a smoke, let alone a whole day! I am not telling anyone I have quit until I have a week in. It isn't easy of course, but we all have our own reasons to quit. I am scared I will gain weight as I already have about 30 pounds to lose, but I think the benefits of quitting will outweigh (no pun intended) the danger of a few more pounds. I am trying to be careful with what I eat and am keeping busy.
—Guest laura

Taking Control

In 5 hours it will be 24 hours since I had my LAST cigarette. Im 37 with 2 small children and sooooo sick of cigarettes! Why I ever started back after having my kids is beyond me! But this will be the last time I put myself through this agony! My 4 year old asked me to quit a couple of weeks ago and my heart just sank. I was so ashamed! The condition of my skin has been plummeting right before my eyes and I have ALWAYS taken care of my skin. So my daughter and wrinkles are what ultimately are changing my life. As far as how I'm feeling thus far, not much different other than having a little anxiety. I expect this will change in the next couple days.
—Guest allwest


What I like the most about not smoking is that I don't smell like smoke anymore. My apartment is cleaner too, and smells a lot better. I don't have to feel like a fool spending money on something that can only hurt me in the end. I am in control of me and that is a wonderful feeling.
—Guest Felix

My Family Time

I am now 5 days into my quit and I am so proud of myself. I never thought I could or would do it. I was so tired of smelling like cigarettes and thinking washing my hands was going to hide it. I wouldn't go out to lunch with coworkers because I would rather go sit in my car and spend time with my cigs - unreal. The best benefit though is the extra 10 minutes here and there that I now spend with my kids. I used to run into my garage all the time to have a smoke while my family was watching TV or laughing about something in the house and really just being a family. I missed that for the cigarettes - but NO MORE. I AM BACK and I AM STAYING. I told my 10 year old son that I have quit smoking and he is proud of me too.
—Guest cbis99

Out With the Bad, In With the Good

I thought I was going to be smoking forever... it was causing so many problems in my life, from coughing fits in the middle of the night to lots of money being spent on cigarettes to my boyfriend and I having huge fights about it. I smelled like smoke all the time, had yellow teeth, yellow nails, cigarette burns in my car, and even burned pieces of my hair off. Even after all of that, I didn't think I could quit. I've been smoke free for 12 days now though and I feel great. I can actually walk up the two flights of stairs at my apartment without having to stop for a breather! I could go on and on and on... suffice it to say, quitting is the best decision I've ever made.
—Guest Mouse


After smoking for 30 years, I am now 24 days smober. I can't even believe I am writing this about myself! It's been an amazing journey. Gratefully I am enjoying all of the obvious benefits like not coughing, being able to sing again, smelling clean, increased energy, etc. I am in awe of my body's ability to heal even after my relentless assault with cigarettes. But I have to mention the one thing that I did not expect and that I am loving. I have such a calmness, such a feeling of peace. I am very relaxed, there is a peacefulness that I am so enjoying. I live every day very grateful for my quit and I would never go back. Amazing.
—Guest justjoan1

Can Anyone Say Miracle?

I have been quit 285 days and all I can say is: "It is a MIRACLE!" The main thing that I love about quitting is not having it rule my life! My husband still smokes and I cannot believe I was like that, his whole life (and mine WAS) is just centered around cigarettes! I do not even think about smoking at all any more, it is amazing, I NEVER thought I could do this. So... if I can, then you can too!
—Guest Eileen

Living Again

Its day 4 of my quit and I feel wonderful. The cravings tend to come and go towards evening, BUT they don't last long. Its good that I don't have to "worry" about smoking anymore or have to constantly cover up the smell. I savor and enjoy my meals as I'm not rushing for a smoke.
—Guest Tas

No More Coughing!

Before my quit I would spend an hour in the morning coughing. I would hide in the bathroom so my family could not hear me. Sporadically throughout the day I would be unable to speak until I cleared my throat. After 39 days of no smoking, the cough is gone. No more hiding to cough! I feel like I have my life back and a second chance.


Today marks 522 days of no smokes. After 37 yrs I finally threw them away. Getting bronchitis during the winters of '07 & '08. the second time I could not shake it and nearly ended up in the hospital. I got sick because of smoking. The addiction convinces you that getting sick from smoking happens to everyone else, but don't be fooled. If you continue to smoke it will affect your health. Just hope it's something that can be cured. The best thing about not smoking is the freedom of not having to plan and execute your next fix. You have to learn how to outsmart the demon and I did.......
—Guest TRICK


I smoked for 20 yrs. My mother died from lung cancer and I still could not quit! I had a mild stroke last year and could not quit! I have attempted to quit several times and never made it past day 2. In June I said that Sept. first I was going to quit...my friends and family said "if you really wanted to quit you would just do it now"....well I have heard that setting a date is a good idea and so I quietly stuck with my plan only to bring it up again on Aug. 31rst letting everyone know that it was my last day of smoking. I DID IT!!!!! It has not been easy but I truely feel free! If I can do it....anyone can!

Hugging my Daughters

When I was smoking, I had to hesitate before I hugged my daughters because I didn't want them to smell the smoke. Now, however, on day 16, I can hug them as often as I want, whenever I want. You don't realize how much smoking drives your life until you quit.

Fanatical About My Fitness

I am on day 7 of not smoking any cigarettes. It hasn't been easy, but it has not been the epic battle I expected it would be. Nobody can make you, or really even help you quit, you need to decide that on your own. A good solid reason has been helpful for me. My reason has been to really enjoy the benefits of fitness and physical ability. Although I have not yet begun to feel all that, I am looking forward to it. I have the occasional craving, but all is getting better. Reading the above testimonials, I believe my day in the sunshine is just a matter of time and detox. Come on good feelings! Bye bye old bad habit
—Guest JL

Show Me the Money

I love the benefit of having more money to spend on myself and my son, like saving up for our first holiday together somewhere hot and tropical.
—Guest Amari

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What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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