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Readers Respond: What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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Updated December 24, 2013

Healing After Years of Smoking

Has it been that long since I started smoking? I am 58 and must have started when I was in my teens. I have probably ruined most of my insides from the nasty nicotine and all its chemical friends, but by God, I'm gonna do my best to remove them forever and hope my body will heal. I quit cold turkey at 7 p.m. as I left bingo Tuesday 2/28. That was 63 1/2 hours ago. So far, so good. I even feel some energy coming back into this nicotine drenched body. I can't wait to get through the first weekend and remain smoke-free. I have lots of smoker friends but I'm gonna try to use all of my strength to defeat that nicotine demon.
—Guest Candy

Lost Voice

I am 32 days in and feel wonderful. I knew it was time for me to stop this nonsense with these cigs when I lost my voice out of nowhere, and still went to the store and bought a pack of cigs, as the clerk could barely understand what I was asking for. I went home and took a good hard look at myself in the mirror literally; skin dull and old looking, veins in my legs swollen, etc. I will not look back.
—Guest Vivian

Quitting Is A Much Better High!

The last entry by Guest Lauren says it perfectly for me too...Whenever I have quit, it is as if I have awakened. I become alive. I am walking around in real world in real sense. My strides are firmer, my smiles, my handshakes, my interaction with people get this crystal quality of truth and genuine fun and awe. I love it. It empowers me thru and thru. Quitting cigarettes (or any addiction for that matter) is the quickest doorway to knowing who u r and what ur potential is. That, I believe, is the upside of any addiction...you get a short cut (really really tough BUT SHORT) to fuller life. If you are thinking about quiting, God bless u all...take those feared, future, incredible, unbeatable URGES as UR shortest possible cuts/tools/friends to fix yourTRUEself and take u to an incredible, awesome HIGH. Much much better high :-)...much much better.
—Guest Jamal

No Longer Bound

It's day seven for me and I feel great! I'm going to quit for good this time! I have degenerative disc disease in my back...had two surgeries for a ruptured disc last year and I don't want to do that again! My doc says that smoking makes my disease worse. Here's to healthy living!
—Guest Allison

Proud of Myself

For even getting this far after several failed attempts I just feel proud of myself. My husband told me that my skin has a healthy glow again already. The only thing holding me back was fear of weight gain. And I get the urge for that nicotine rush but I know if I waste six bucks just for that one rush I'd regret it. I hate the insomnia but I love being able to exercise and my skin looks great. My husband kisses me much more now. He's a non-smoker and I've been a smoker for almost 7 years.
—Guest Daisy

Hoping for the Best

I've been fighting this addiction to nicotine, I'm hoping I can get through this withdrawal stage... Huh! I'm 34,and feel I must quit smoking...coz I feel that if I would not stop smoking, smoking will kill me in the future.
—Guest pinoy_fighter


When I decided to quit smoking, I was determined I wanted to be in control of my finance and just to smell fresh, its exactly 5 days now. I put myself in situations where I'm around smokers and try to fight off that urge, it was hard for the 1st 3 days as most of my friends are smokers but I know with my inner strength I can still do and by reading everyone's inspirational stories its helping me head on!!!
—Guest Hileni Amwaalwa

It Was Never About Enjoyment

It's great to read so many of you have seen through the nicotine lies, these lies are what we told our subconscious for years and years, the lie that we enjoy smoking is the biggest lie of all, it was never about enjoyment if it was we would only need to smoke one cigarette, rather we were brainshwashed by this terrible addiction, the only enjoyment is relieving the withdrawal pangs the previous ciggy created. The irony is smoking takes all the credit for making you feel relaxed and confident (all illusions) but it takes no criticism for creating the anxiety and fear in the first place. Nicotine takes away everything and gives nothing back. Twelve years on and I have not had the slightest desire to smoke. P.S the withdrawal process is barely noticeable, in fact I would argue that it is the easiest aspect to deal with, it is the mental addiction that people seem to struggle with, i.e. brainwashing which must be removed.
—Guest Nick

New Non-Smoker

Well , Iam at 1 month and it's the best thing ever! I feel like a teenager again! I am much happier, have tons more energy, and even my brain feels quicker!
—Guest newnonsmoker

Clear Lungs

I am now six days without a cigarette. Not long, but long for me! I never thought I would be able to quit. I breathe so much easier now..no coughing in the morning...it feels great!
—Guest patty


For 2 years I have quit on and off for periods of 3 days to 3 weeks. Now I have 10 days thanks to the patch. I had to change everything -- no alcohol, drugs, marijuana. I'm now eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. I feel so much better already, so to all keep trying and never give up. Smoking is a choice, quitting is too.
—Guest Paul

Survived the Super Bowl

I survived the Super Bowl. Last year, I caved in Super bowl weekend after 25 days of not smoking. I am now 35 days smoke free and I survived Super Bowl weekend with my Giants winning the title. Living and learning...drinking alcohol was my downfall last year so I decided to not drink until I feel more comfortable not smoking. I am getting there slowly but surely. this forum has been a big help. Good luck to all.

It's Never Too Late!!

Hello Everyone, I started smoking at the age of 16 on a dare. I continued to smoke for 34 yrs and had begun to really dislike smoking as of late. I hated the smell, cost, weakness of the addiction, and the embarrassment I felt for myself when I was sitting at a stoplight smoking a cigarette and would catch a glance of disbelief from the person in the car sitting next to me. That look told me something I had known for years. The fact that smoking kills and I chose to ignore it and continued to smoke. I had quit 4 times prior. Twice during pregnancy and two other failed attempts for stress-related reasons. My last cigarette was 3/30/2011. I am almost a year free of smoking. I can honestly say I will NEVER smoke again! I smoked 1 1/2 packs a day and don't miss it one bit! There are still occasional fleeting thoughts of "I could go for a cig" but then I say to myself ''nice try, addiction" and the thoughts are gone as fast as they came in. Do it for yourself, I promise you won't regret it!
—Guest Carol

Love How I Feel

Two and a half months smoke free....after 38 years of smoking :) I love that I am not being controlled by those things anymore! I also love that I feel better, more energy. I also can't stand for a smoker to walk past me, the smell makes me sick~~thank goodness i don't smell like that anymore!
—Guest Becky

I Love My Skin!

Two months down. I was a person who could jog 3 miles and let my reward be a cig. Crazy. I know. I can see exactly how much oxygen i was robbing from my body. My skin looks and feels 5 yrs younger. Can't wait to see after a year. 16 hrs in was the worst for me. I cried and slept a lot. 22 yrs smoking and now I'm proud to say I'm a non-smoker. I'm now training to run a marathon. Method: cold turkey, 2nd attempt. 1 st attempt: gum. Prolonging the withdrawal just wasn't working for me. Thanks for reading.
—Guest Stacey

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What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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