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Readers Respond: What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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Updated December 24, 2013

Can Anyone Say Miracle?

I have been quit 285 days and all I can say is: "It is a MIRACLE!" The main thing that I love about quitting is not having it rule my life! My husband still smokes and I cannot believe I was like that, his whole life (and mine WAS) is just centered around cigarettes! I do not even think about smoking at all any more, it is amazing, I NEVER thought I could do this. So... if I can, then you can too!
—Guest Eileen

Living Again

Its day 4 of my quit and I feel wonderful. The cravings tend to come and go towards evening, BUT they don't last long. Its good that I don't have to "worry" about smoking anymore or have to constantly cover up the smell. I savor and enjoy my meals as I'm not rushing for a smoke.
—Guest Tas

No More Coughing!

Before my quit I would spend an hour in the morning coughing. I would hide in the bathroom so my family could not hear me. Sporadically throughout the day I would be unable to speak until I cleared my throat. After 39 days of no smoking, the cough is gone. No more hiding to cough! I feel like I have my life back and a second chance.


Today marks 522 days of no smokes. After 37 yrs I finally threw them away. Getting bronchitis during the winters of '07 & '08. the second time I could not shake it and nearly ended up in the hospital. I got sick because of smoking. The addiction convinces you that getting sick from smoking happens to everyone else, but don't be fooled. If you continue to smoke it will affect your health. Just hope it's something that can be cured. The best thing about not smoking is the freedom of not having to plan and execute your next fix. You have to learn how to outsmart the demon and I did.......
—Guest TRICK


I smoked for 20 yrs. My mother died from lung cancer and I still could not quit! I had a mild stroke last year and could not quit! I have attempted to quit several times and never made it past day 2. In June I said that Sept. first I was going to quit...my friends and family said "if you really wanted to quit you would just do it now"....well I have heard that setting a date is a good idea and so I quietly stuck with my plan only to bring it up again on Aug. 31rst letting everyone know that it was my last day of smoking. I DID IT!!!!! It has not been easy but I truely feel free! If I can do it....anyone can!

Hugging my Daughters

When I was smoking, I had to hesitate before I hugged my daughters because I didn't want them to smell the smoke. Now, however, on day 16, I can hug them as often as I want, whenever I want. You don't realize how much smoking drives your life until you quit.

Fanatical About My Fitness

I am on day 7 of not smoking any cigarettes. It hasn't been easy, but it has not been the epic battle I expected it would be. Nobody can make you, or really even help you quit, you need to decide that on your own. A good solid reason has been helpful for me. My reason has been to really enjoy the benefits of fitness and physical ability. Although I have not yet begun to feel all that, I am looking forward to it. I have the occasional craving, but all is getting better. Reading the above testimonials, I believe my day in the sunshine is just a matter of time and detox. Come on good feelings! Bye bye old bad habit
—Guest JL

Show Me the Money

I love the benefit of having more money to spend on myself and my son, like saving up for our first holiday together somewhere hot and tropical.
—Guest Amari

Tiffany, World Conqueror

So yea, I'm 21 days no more Mr. Smokey!! Its soooo great to be free! If I can quit , anyone can! I thought I was in slavery forever. Thanks to About.com, this is the most thorough, inspirational, sensitive, and educational quit smoking aid I've ever found. My life is so great WITHOUT lying Mr. Smokey around! Already some days go by I don't think about him for 6 hours or longer. Its so much easier to stay quit and free than to struggle in daily and eternal slavery. I love it!
—Guest Daydreamer

Regained Control

I like having control over something that affected each and every part of my life. I like being a role model for those folks who think they cannot quit or live without cigarettes. My response is that you can't live with them.
—Guest Amos Wilson

Feel and Look Younger

I look and feel much younger than my 49 years! I don't want to ever smoke again.
—Guest Lisa

More Energy and a Healthier Body

This is my 5 day without a cigarette and I feel amazing! The first thing I noticed is a change in my thinking and how much I wanted to be smoke free and live a healthier, cleaner life. Secondly, I have so much more energy I can't believe it - I haven't needed as much sleep either this week, I've noticed. I'm also taking the time to care for myself in other ways, yoga classes, more exercise, more pampering of myself at home. There's also been a tremendous cleansing happening within my body which I am enjoying - I feel my body is ridding itself of all the toxins that have built up over the 24 year period I spent smoking!!
—Guest Mary M

Not Coughing!

I love it that people aren't looking at me and saying "Are you okay?" while I come up with any excuse other than it's because I smoke that I'm coughing...

Day Three

Wow! Didn't think I could do this; it has only been three days, but am very pleased. Like others who wrote about the "special" relationship they had with cigarettes, I, too, deluded myself into thinking it was something special, necessary, comforting etc. The apparent benefits of not smoking are so goooood! I watched someone smoking today and could not help but think what an unattractive habit it really is. Good luck and hard work to all of us.

Thanks, People

On day two... Reading these comments what feels like every 5 minutes. Thank you everyone for the inspiration.
—Guest Dave

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