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Readers Respond: What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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Updated December 24, 2013

Tiffany, World Conqueror

So yea, I'm 21 days no more Mr. Smokey!! Its soooo great to be free! If I can quit , anyone can! I thought I was in slavery forever. Thanks to About.com, this is the most thorough, inspirational, sensitive, and educational quit smoking aid I've ever found. My life is so great WITHOUT lying Mr. Smokey around! Already some days go by I don't think about him for 6 hours or longer. Its so much easier to stay quit and free than to struggle in daily and eternal slavery. I love it!
—Guest Daydreamer

Regained Control

I like having control over something that affected each and every part of my life. I like being a role model for those folks who think they cannot quit or live without cigarettes. My response is that you can't live with them.
—Guest Amos Wilson

Feel and Look Younger

I look and feel much younger than my 49 years! I don't want to ever smoke again.
—Guest Lisa

More Energy and a Healthier Body

This is my 5 day without a cigarette and I feel amazing! The first thing I noticed is a change in my thinking and how much I wanted to be smoke free and live a healthier, cleaner life. Secondly, I have so much more energy I can't believe it - I haven't needed as much sleep either this week, I've noticed. I'm also taking the time to care for myself in other ways, yoga classes, more exercise, more pampering of myself at home. There's also been a tremendous cleansing happening within my body which I am enjoying - I feel my body is ridding itself of all the toxins that have built up over the 24 year period I spent smoking!!
—Guest Mary M

Not Coughing!

I love it that people aren't looking at me and saying "Are you okay?" while I come up with any excuse other than it's because I smoke that I'm coughing...

Day Three

Wow! Didn't think I could do this; it has only been three days, but am very pleased. Like others who wrote about the "special" relationship they had with cigarettes, I, too, deluded myself into thinking it was something special, necessary, comforting etc. The apparent benefits of not smoking are so goooood! I watched someone smoking today and could not help but think what an unattractive habit it really is. Good luck and hard work to all of us.

Thanks, People

On day two... Reading these comments what feels like every 5 minutes. Thank you everyone for the inspiration.
—Guest Dave

Two and a Half Days

I can smell--new to me. I can taste--new to me. I am having my hard times throughout the day -- between 4-5 pm is hard for some reason, but I really want to quit more than I want to smoke. What made me quit after 35 years is seeing myself with an oxygen mask on me and carrying portable oxygen....not for me. Doing good and hanging in there. You can too!!!! Good Luck, all.


Quit smoking now. I am coughing up all the things that came from smoking. Glad I quit, now I can breathe.
—Guest T.J.

I Feel Healthy

I quit smoking because I had the choice to be a moderate smoker with generally unhealthy life choices and habits, or to quit and become more active. I've been trying for years to increase my cardio capacity; now I can run or use an elliptical machine without feeling like my chest is going to collapse. It took three weeks of not smoking to achieve something I have wanted for three years. Plus, I can smell!

No More Worries About Needing to Quit...

Quitting this nicotine addiction is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life including child birth. The best thing about not smoking is I will never have to quit smoking again. I will be free from this addiction.
—Guest Meehanj009

2 Months Quit Today -- Yeah!

This has been the hundredth time I have quit smoking, but I know this time is my last. It has been tough, but I continue to say I'm breathing better finally, not wheezing, and I don't have any horrible phlegm just coming up, gross I know. That is what made me STOP. After 40 yrs of smoking I have brutilized my body . Yesterday I was painting my bathroom all day and was aggravated to say the least. A powerful urge came over me that I wanted to smoke... BUT guess what, I DIDNT. :) I know I can beat this horrible addiction. Thanks for all your support.
—Guest deb

For Me and My Child

I had my last garbage stick 4 days back. I have to admit that the craving is strong sometimes, but when I look at my 4 year old daughter I think NO WAY...I don't want to smoke anymore. That feeling gets stronger when my husband goes out to the garden and comes back stinking of smoke. All I think is was my child smelling her parents as two ashtrays? Why do that to your child and why teach her to smoke? Children do as their parents do not as they are told to do.... STOP SMOKING
—Guest Dana

Two Weeks In...

I quit smoking two weeks ago and it was been very difficult for me. During the first week, I cried every day, had my first heated fight with my husband of 5 years, and felt depressed. Even though all this, I think I made the best decision of my life. I have asthma and in the past couple of days I have not been short of breath. I have more energy too and have been sleeping better.
—Guest Ana

Free of the Fear

It is a relief not thinking about getting cancer 24/7. Also, not smelling of the horrible smoke...just feeling good about myself being a non smoker. thank God.

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What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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