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Readers Respond: What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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Updated December 24, 2013

115 Hours and Counting

I have wanted to quit after returning from a world-wide trip where smoking was the norm and I was taking advantage of the cheap cigarettes smoking 1, sometimes 2 packets per day. A freezing Saturday afternoon in Liverpool I misplaced my cigarettes and decided that was the sign I needed. Coming up to 5 days now and the cravings are becoming less frequent and less intense. I had been smoking for 18 years and quit once before, until travelling through Egypt a couple of years ago I thought a couple of shisha pipes would be ok. This led me back down the path again. Three years later the time has come to quit for good. There will be many moments of temptation coming up, but with my new found willpower and support from my friends and all your amazing stories I can kick this habit for good!

How Stupid Me? Yes, Me

I knew smoking was bad for me but I still carried on smoking . I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had a operation to remove my thyroid. I still carried on smoking a week after the operation. Then I gave up for a month then started again. Now I know I will quit this time for sure. Today it has been 24 days since I last smoked. It's time to stop for sake of my two sons aged 4 and 3 years and for my lovely wife and for my health it's getting easier.
—Guest Akhtar

Getting Control of My Life Back

I started smoking when I got to Afghanistan during my first deployment overseas. It was something to take my mind off of the hostile environment, to calm my nerves. I never smoked until then, and I know I needed to stop. It is a secret that I didn't want to go home with and try and hide. After reading all the other posts and feeling shame about where I was at in my life, I said enough is enough. It was a crutch that controlled me. No longer will it control my life, God let me struggle and God became my crutch. Much healthier alternative I would say.
—Guest Peter

Feeling Strong

Hi everyone, I think the best method of quitting is cold turkey method I have tried many ways -- nicotine gum, patches, etc. Above all, you need will power and you've got to want to give up. This is my second attempt at quitting. Today is day number 17 since I last smoked. I feel great -- the only side effect that seems to affect me is constipation, but I will give up this time for sure, unlike last time I gave up for 30 days and started again. This time I know I will not slip up for sure. Will power is keeping me strong.
—Guest Akhtar

More Money, Better Health, No More Shame

I hated the smell, hated the embarrassment, hated the time, hated spending the money, hated going out in the cold. BUT- I did enjoy smoking. I have quit more times than I can count. Other than while I was pregnant, I have smoked for 27 years. I miss it. I'm amazed that people say they don't, and that it's easy. It's the hardest thing I've ever done (and I'm a cancer survivor). But each time I want to have one, I think of the money, and how it will make me feel like a failure if I smoke. I've worked too hard and suffered too much over the last 18 days I've been smoke-free.
—Guest Natjo

Feeling Better

Trying to quit again for the 100th time. Read Allen Carr's book several times. I think it finally sunk in. Fifteen days in and feeling great. Good luck everyone.
—Guest Chris

Free at Last!

I quit smoking in 1992 after smoking for over 20 years. I started smoking again in 2009. Why?? So, here it goes again. So far, so good. I still consider myself a non-smoker--even smoking a pack a day. Already feel better, cough almost gone!
—Guest shawn

I Love Saying I am a Non-Smoker

It's very odd to say I've been smoking since I was 13 years old and I am 54 now. I never wanted to quit, though I did once for 3 days years ago. This is my 5th day. It's hard for sure, but is so worth it.
—Guest nancy parry

Hour 35

Well, it is hour 35 of my last quit in as many years. In two hours, the years that I have smoked and the hours that I have quit will be equal. I have been reading the posts here and it’s good to know other people out there are fighting the good fight. I was actually just trying to figure out when I might be able to cheat a smoke; I’ll be seeing my brother in a few days, and he even smokes the same brand as I did. Crazy huh? What kind of wicked crap is nicotine that it can make someone even think of stuff like that? Dusted off the Dumbbells and started off with a 20 min workout last night, maybe just a walk tonight and weights again tomorrow night. Felt good anyway. Alan Carr’s book helped out a lot this time, and I know I’ve got this thing kicked. Good luck to all and hang in there.

My Whole Life Ahead of Me

I have been smoking since I was 16 years old; I am 21 now. Ten dollars a day I blow on smokes, I'm done with that. I have made an attempt at stopping 3 days ago, I had one yesterday because I felt I needed it. Fortunately it was only one. I thought that was the weakest thing I have ever done. Right now I am 28 hours smoke-free and I have one cigarette left which I will keep on me. I will not smoke it and as long as I don't smoke that one cigarette, I will never have to buy another pack again. That is my logic behind getting through this, I hope somebody else can use it for themselves. If it doesn't work for me, I hope it works for you. But I know it will work for me. I'm stronger than the nicotine and I have many years ahead of me.
—Guest Scott

Non-Smoker for Two Years

Over two years ago I was a two pack a day smoker and had smoked for over 38 yrs. I began having difficulty breathing and doctor put me on lots of medications. The next day I quit 11-9-09 and haven't smoked since. I love that my home, car, and self no longer stinks. I love not worrying about having enough cigarettes to get thru the day and having to take an out of state trip to save money on them. I have some problems with asthma, especially with cold weather. I can't stand the smell of tobacco smoke and am ashamed that I subjected family, friends, and strangers to the stink and health risks of secondhand smoke. I feel good most of the time and am blessed I haven't had cancer. Good luck to all who are struggling. It can be done even if you are a lifelong smoker.
—Guest Elaine

Feeling Good

I have quit a couple times, once for a year and I am not sure what had me start again, I think it was the "I can only have one" while having a drink. I hate the smell of cigarettes and now have not had one in a week. I feel good and I smell good too. Just keep it up and it only gets better.
—Guest Jenny

Away From Bad Breath and More Energy

Have quit for the last 3 days...... no more bad breath and feeling energetic...... gonna quit for good this time.
—Guest Red Fox

34 Year Smoker

My wife and I have only been quit for 18 hrs. We both know it's gonna be hard, but we have each other and that should help. Aside from the health aspects, we spend 20 bucks a day on smokes. easily spending 6 grand annually. That's ridiculous, and that alone should help a bunch. Wish us luck.

Hoping My Story Can Help You

I have been a non-smoker for 3 1/2 years now. I feel that I need to tell this story because there might be someone who reads this that is wanting to quit and also for the ones quitting to keep up the good work! I have 33% of my lungs left because of smoking , COPD because of smoking. So what little bit of my lungs left I had gotten lung cancer but, I am doing so much better. Maybe this story will help someone. Good luck everyone!
—Guest Tedi

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What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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