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Readers Respond: What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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Updated December 24, 2013

Most of us think about the positive health effects we'll benefit from when we quit smoking. Better breathing; less risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer; improved circulation.

While the list of physical benefits is long, there is an equally important list of psychological gains we'll enjoy once we quit smoking as well...things like improved self-esteem and less tension in our lives.

Simply put, smoking cessation, when truly embraced, cannot help but change us for the better. It touches every facet of our lives in positive ways.

What do you like best about not smoking? Add your list of benefits here.

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Feeling Safe & Accomplished

It is my 18th day without smoking. The feeling is great as I never planned to quit.I truly believe it is mostly because I have made up in my mind that i can live life without a cigarette. No more excuses to my wife :)
—Guest Sunny - Hyderabad

I need to make it last

I am 36, and 24 years of smoking (heavy smoker). I quit once for 2 years, when I was pregnant and had a baby.. and tried to quit few more times for a week, few months. My partner smokes, so I am always back to smoking... but this time it has to be the last time ... lately I had trouble with breathing, and so on, so I said “enough is enough”- it has been only few days without a cigarettes. But in few days I spent more time with my son, I think I had more energy, and if quitting smoking can increase my chance to be longer around for my son- I take this chance. Smoking is like crossing a highway at rush hour. - You never know what is going to hit you.. I know, quitting smoking is hard, but it is really worth it...even if you have 1% of extending your life so you can see your family grow, or places that you always dream about, or go out with your friends, or just do something nice for others and yourself- you have to use this chance.. I do not need smoking - I need myself.
—Guest Guest

10 weeks smoke free!

loving myself! it took one hypnosis session.....of course you need to be 110% on board and wanting to quit! i had cervical cancer scare, and after twenty years of smoking that was the day i decided to quit. one hypnosis session! i never craved another cigarette again! i can taste food again. my sense of smell is back. i can run again. my heart rate used to be 100 and over. an hour after i had my last cig it went to 80. no more coughs! no more nasty breath and me smelling like an ashtray. im not self conscious anymore. breathing in is exciting- i feel like i just woke up after being dead for twenty years!
—Guest poppyDC

learning to be an ex smoker

I decided to quit by the time I turned 50 a few months back. So far so good it's been 2 month and 4 days so far.
—Guest Debby

8 months

I have been tobacco free for 8 months It is the best decision I have ever made. I used ecig and lozenges for the first two weeks and cold turkey after that I am no longer lethargic and feel crappy Food tastes different As a matter of fact foods I thought were tasty are now crappy I am so happy I am done
—Guest Cplayer

Already Feel Better

Only on 3rd day, but by god do i feel so much better. I found my appetite for food is coming back and today i could actually smell the freshness of the air. Wow, it is almost alien to me after 15-year habit i'd forgotten what life was like before i started smoking and even my sleep pattern feels improved....
—Guest Ray

Being Smoke-Free for my Kids

I am so glad I found this site. I am a mother of 3 small children. Life is hard and stressful. I have been smoking for 19 years except when I was pregnant. My biggest motivation is my kids. I learned watching my father smoke. I don't want them to smoke ever! Its hard, 5 days in. But my inner strength and love for them will prevail. Thank you to everyone ho has posted! I read them ALL>>>
—Guest mommaquit!

I Can Smell Again

Going on my third day. For the first time in 20 years, I got in the shower and wet my hair to shampoo and didn't smell like a wet ashtray.
—Guest stormy

6 Months!

I put down my last cigarette 6 months ago. I recently discovered that the smell of somone smoking is now disgusting to me. YAY!!!

The Best Thing About Not Smoking...

(Aside from fewer health worries), is not planning my day around whether or not I have an ample ration of butts to smoke! Do I smoke this last one at 1 a.m. on the way to buy more? Or wait until daylight to come up with an excuse to go to town (to buy more)? I like thumbing my nose at the smoke shops in passing! I was spending as much on cig butts, as I spend on groceries! I can think of MUCH better uses for that kind of dough!
—Guest Tree


The almost $1700 in pocket since I quit. But also the ability to walk, a good deep sleep, clean, sweet smelling skin again, soft, shiny hair and blotchy skin gone. Will never go back to any of it.

Proud of Myself

I am on day 5 of quitting smoking. I am proud that I am following through with what I said I was going to do. I still don't feel quite normal yet- but it does seem to be getting easier. I am excited about kissing my boyfriend when he get back into town with smoke- free breath!!!
—Guest Jenni

3 Days to My Anniversary

3 days from now will be one full year without smoking - at all. No cheats, no slips...I am a non-smoker after 28 years. I've quit about 100 times before this, and always talked myself back into smoking - this time I talked myself out of it. I try not to say that it was easy, although I didn't have the challenges I've had in the past - I think that when you're TRULY ready, you will stop. Whatever your motivation is, quitting must be done for you. The little milestones along the way will be what keep you going...just wait til the first time you eat a delicious meal and can actually taste it! You'll never want to ruin that flavour by sticking a smoke in your mouth. I smile more now, knowing my teeth are whiter. It really is a great feeling being smoke free. Good luck to all of you!
—Guest Shannon

30 Days Today

For me it was the new commercials -- you know the ones where the people have a stoma in their throat. After 20 years of smoking, I'm 30 days smoke free. My smoking friends are mad and not supportive but I'm on cloud nine. Yah me!
—Guest laura

4 Days In

I used to feel guilty everytime I had a ciggie, I used to think this is killing you why are you doing it! It's only been 4 days but I feel like a weight has been lifted! Hard boiled sweets have helped so much too!! :]
—Guest Sophia

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What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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