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Readers Respond: What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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Updated December 24, 2013

Most of us think about the positive health effects we'll benefit from when we quit smoking. Better breathing; less risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer; improved circulation.

While the list of physical benefits is long, there is an equally important list of psychological gains we'll enjoy once we quit smoking as well...things like improved self-esteem and less tension in our lives.

Simply put, smoking cessation, when truly embraced, cannot help but change us for the better. It touches every facet of our lives in positive ways.

What do you like best about not smoking? Add your list of benefits here.

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17 Days Smoke Free

I totally agree that this addiction is a mind game. I've quit many times, but the junkie mind games did me in. Thank God for this forum and stories that are shared. I am much better prepared to be a non smoker the rest of my life. Thank You....
—Guest Dave


It is my 14th day not smoking and I am so so happy, I never thought I would be able to do this. I smoked for 11 years from the age of 13 and I am asthmatic. Stupid I know, but I thought it was cool, then I was hooked. There is nothing cool about the sheer ignorance of slowly killing yourself. I am looking forward to feeling the greater benefits, because at the moment its - I do not smell, I can smell and taste things better and I have a huge sense of achievement - no more being ashamed or controlled. I say feel the greater benefits because I have experienced some big negatives that you have to work through (aside from the usual irritability and everything that goes along with nicotine withdrawal) I've had headaches, shortness of breath, pain in my lungs, lack of sleep etc. However one concept really helped me focus on why quitting has to be forever this time. I paralysed my nerves, and only now am I feeling the true affects the abuse was having on my body. You can do this! Well done!!
—Guest Guest 8

More Energy and Better Health

I have quit smoking for the last three years after having smoked for more than three and a half decades. I feel much more energetic and healthy. My taste buds have returned to form and I can taste every morsel of food that I eat and enjoy truly well. On the flipside I have gained some weight around my waist, but I have energy to walk and run to soon burn it off. Thank God, I am not making my poor pair of lungs close-ended chimneys. Chimneys are blacked by smoke in spite of having an opening, just imagine how full of sooth a smoker's lungs will look! You owe it for your lungs.
—Guest Anand Isaac

Feeling happy for my baby

14 days smober! I feel better in lots of ways. I can taste my food! I can breathe right in without gasping or wheezing! I smell nicer for longer no nasty yellow fingers! My skin has taken on a lovely pink tinge and looks plumper. People are proud of me my partner my 15 yr old son my midwive. Most of all Im happiest for the lil baby Im carrying he/she is getting all the nutrients oxygen and life he/she can and that makes me feel great about the future! To all fellow quitters it gets easier as time goes by the withdrawal is difficult! But the benefits are there very quickly too. I want a cigarette but I just don't want to smoke anymore. Its a lifetime all or nothing type of deal like all nasty addictions....it is worth taking the time for yourself and quitting. Im just going to try and try to quit and stay quit. I remember having to TRY to like them in the first place so here I go! x

Return on your investment

I'm 26 and have smoked since I was 16. I would smoke a pack a day of Parliament Lights/Marlboro Lights/Camel Lights. I remember when I started, I took one big puff of a black and mild and my friend said why not cigarettes more come in a pack. LOL . Then smoked for more breaks at my fast food. Then the crowd @ my office job. Then I started studying finance. Crunched the numbers. I spent 180+ a month! 2200+ a year. What was the return on my 22,000 I have spent in ten years? being stinky, lost two girlfriends, yellow teeth, winded, longer colds and flus, stinky car, could not hide that smell from dates. sports were a chore and used to love sports, laziness all the time. A constant state of inconvienence. Awe man, I forgot my cigarettes! buy another. worst investment ever
—Guest EXSMOKER8705

Knowing my sister would be proud

Well I watched my sister go from a fun loving happy person to a scared shadow of herself in the matter of 1 year. And sat with her as she died at the young age of 53. I'm 49 and have smoked since I was 16 - that's 33 yrs of stinking and waiting to stop on vacations for a smoke... It's only been 4 days but this is big, I know my sister would say good job. I know I can do it this time. Feeling great breathing easier and smell so much better....God bless u and you can do it. I have watched my sister DIE at 53 from smoking, how stupid can I be.
—Guest Ray

I was a closet smoker and so ashamed

I have smoked off and on for about 10 years now. I was up to smoking approximately 10 cigarettes per day. I am 52. I also exercised and ate right so I thought that it was ok. The things that made me quit was that I realized that smoking was controlling me and I would not got to parties where people didn't smoke. I became more or less housebound. I also noticed that my tongue was turning brown and I was developing some wrinkles around my mouth and eyes. That was it. I went to the Dr. and got Chantix. I am 4 weeks smoke free and hopefully a lifetime. It makes me sick to think what I was putting into my body. When I get the urge to smoke, I put the image of me in my head smoking and I get sick to my stomach. People say that Chantix is bad for you, but cigarettes are way worse and if it helps me quit than I am ok with it.
—Guest Lisa

Taking Back Control

21 days smoke free and counting...like many others I have tried to stop smoking numerous times over the years but this time I feel that I am ready to take back control of my life. Even after three weeks I feel so much more free. I am not ready to call myself an ex-smoker yet but I am on my way. Good luck to everyone on the same journey!
—Guest MisterB

Happy happy man

Hi guys,after 25 years of smoking and many failed attempts I feel I have finally cracked that dreaded weed.only 10 days but never felt so good hitting gym but mainly feeling very happy in myself,it is a dirty smelly habit and I wish I didn't ever start,I am 47 and was getting aches,pains,panics and anxiety thinking I had every disease known to man!! I am not a hypocrite and understand how addictive smoking is I just hope you all try as I am told by a good friend who is a doctor that smokers die a slow and painful death,so bin them now no excuses like stress etc, Good luck and much love to you all

Tabacco Free 17 Months!

Well after more attempts than I can fathom, I've done without the longest ever. I don't even want a menthol laced cancer stick. I started at the tender age of 11 or was it 12? Doesn't matter because I am now just north of 50 years old. Finally accomplished the one goal I've never been to be able to achieve in the past. What do my lungs look like now? I wonder out loud to no-one in particular. My sense of smell seems the same, and my sense of taste as well. I don't work out still. Never had a chronic cough, but.. Still there are many significant outcomes. My home, car and clothes etc. don't smell like a dive bar or any bar for that matter in the 70's. That is enough for me. I am content. Oh by the way I didn't gain weight. And I save over $200.00 a month. Yes that is a lot of money. I smoke 2 packs a day. The last 2 years I did smoke. So stop making promises to yourself that you'll quit tomorrow or next week etc.
—Guest Smoknomore

60 year old

quit for 6 weeks now. you have to want it. those who say they can't are fooling themselves. you do what you MUST do and that's the end of it. if you can't walk away from a habit, you have no control over your own life. i waited too long probably and will pay for it in some fashion, but for the remainder of my days, i'll be smoke free and happy that i finally decided it was the right thing to do and wanted to truly do so. be proud people. you've done something very important for yourselves and your loved ones. kudos.
—Guest James


Quit cold turkey after being a dedicated smoker of some 40 plus years. It feels wonderful. I had no idea I was so fed up being chained to a packet of fags!!! It's easy - just stub out that ciggie before you get to the end and remove all smoking paraphenalia immediately! Then get up and get on with the rest of your sweet smelling life. Good Luck, this is one decision you'll NEVER regret!
—Guest EalingOne

Thank God!

Granted, it has only been 51 days since I quit, but I feel like a champ. I shouldn't keep patting myself on the back though as it was truly Jesus who ripped the addiction from me & I owe Him all the accolades. After being a smoker for 24 of my 38 yrs, & attempting to quit numerous times prior, this time was different. God gave me a zeal to get it done this time with minimal cravings. -It was truly a blessing from Him as if He had not intervened & helped (and continuously helps) to keep the cravings at bay, by introducing numerous other positive, transference outlets for me to engage in other than smoking, I would have caved in that first weekend. God is good! -John 15:15; Mark 16:16
—Guest Straub22


I have been a smoker for eleven years of my life. I havent really thought about quitting until now when my chest started aching and my breathing felt like it was getting more shallow by the day. Its been a week and i can feel the benefits already. I can breathe better and i can lie on my back at night without feeling like my lungs were heavy. My house smells fresher and my clothes and hair smells good. Im proud of.myself and everyone ob thia site should be proud of themselves as well i want to live a long and healthy life and see my two year old son graduate college. Im excited about this journey. And i havent had any cravings since i quit because i have been telling myself smoking is for losers. And now that i can smell what other people smelled on me i never wanr to go back to being the stinky girl.
—Guest Shelly

Feeling Great

This is such an inspiring site! I'm on Day 5 of being smoke free after over 15 years of smoking! I feel AMAZING. I've tried quitting before, but always was drawn back in by some silly problem, fleeting stress or social situation. But the failed attempts are part of the process, so don't give up if you've tried and failed before. I've been in some stressful "trigger" situations over the past few days, but I tell myself that having a smoke won't help the situation. I'm on Zyban and am using an e-cigarette--both have been super helpful. Already I feel more energetic, have better breathing and just feel so much better in general. I do have cravings and when they hit, I empower myself with sites like this. I actually find it a lot easier than I'd thought! Certainly easier than going to the store in a blizzard to buy smokes, feeling that surge of panic when finding I'd forgotten my smokes, or knowing that I'd have to be in an airplane for many hours with no silly smoke. Life has changed :)
—Guest groovisthecat

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What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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