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Readers Respond: Our Reasons to Quit Smoking

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Updated April 02, 2009

From the article: I Quit Smoking Because...
Making the decision to finally put down our cigarettes and call a halt to smoking is, for most people, the result of something dramatic - either an event or emotional angst. It's the final straw that makes us say "No More."

For me, it was an increasing inability to breathe properly. I was experiencing early symptoms of COPD, and 45 years old, that scared me badly. I knew the condition would only worsen unless I found a way to quit smoking.

2nd serious surgery from smoking.

On dec 1st I will have two discs in my neck removed and two cadaver discs put in their place. Then I will have a plate screwed into place to hold while the bones fuse. Fusion is IMPOSSIBLE while smoking. It just cannot happen. I also, this year had bladder cancer sugery. Caused by smoking, no doubt. Nicotene ends up in the bladder because it cant be filtered well. It was the most painful of things. Burning, then chemo filling my bladder. I was lucky to still have a bladder! Quit date, 11/5/14. I will then begin to stop killing myself and putting a hardship on family and friends.

The worst night so far.

As of 11am it has been 24 hours since my last cig. Last night was the worst night I think I have ever had, the withdrawal was terrible. Shaking and cold sweats rolling and tossing. Even though I am on the patch and lozenges it helps and I am praying it gets better with time. Reading all the story's from all of you online I am sure it will get better but it will be the hardest thing I have ever done.
—Guest T.E.

Terror in my heart

All I could think of was how I was wheezing and rattling and coughing, and I was terrified that I was going to die from a smoking related illness. As I write this I am at the end of Day 2, hardly into this quit yet resolved that this is the one that will stick. I don't want to get cancer or heart disease. I don't want to tell my kids that I have cancer and that I might die soon. I don't want to have to wheel around an oxygen tank. Please, please Higher Power, let this one stick. Blessings. Namaste. Willow


I have been a smoker for the last 10 years and I am one of those people that has never tried to quit this terrible habit. I am asthmatic and I have Bronchitis. I am on medication everyday because of this habit that I can't quite get out of the way. I am constantly in and out of the hospital, not for anything major but I can't go 2 straight months without being unwell. My family and friends keep asking me to quit and they always find it weird that after every smoke, I use my inhaler. Some of them even laugh at me. Somehow I always manage to convince myself that I'm ok and it isn't all that bad. At the beginning of this year, I promised myself that I would stop smoking by my 30th birthday in Oct this year. The day is quickly approaching and I haven't got a clue on where to start. I have promised myself and everyone in my life that I will stop. I intend to keep this promise. I want to stop. I have to stop

My poor partner

For years I have "wanted" to quit, but the absolute last straw for me was hearing my partner coughing due to what I think was passive smoking, caused by me. I felt so ashamed of myself that I decided... this cannot go on!
—Guest Jet

A New Life

I am on my second day of quitting smoking. I am 27 and have been smoking since I was 13. For me, it became an issue of health, quality of life and my family. Everytime I smoked I found myself hating and disgusted with myself, as I felt my heart race and lungs clog up. Immediate tiredness that takes over, for a few minutes, after smoking. I am interested in pursuing physical activities and smoking hampers this. I also dislike the idea of being ruled by what my mind only imagines makes me feel good or handle situations better. I quit for a month when I was 15 and I wish I stayed quit. This time around I will.
—Guest Renewal

Finally time

I've hit 4 months. Finally. Im not even sure how many times ive quit. This time was chantix. But after 2 weeks a friend tossed me a smoke and I figured just one wouldn't hurt. But it did. It was a Thursday. But Friday I bought a pack. Sunday morning I was outside smoking when my fiancé came around the corner. All he said was "really? " And I sat there and looked at my half pack and thought to myself "if I finish this pack my brain will take over, itll continue to say 'just one more pack won't hurt'" but I knew it would, and with that I put out the cigerette I was smoking and threw away the rest of the pack. That was 4 months ago. And yes when I'm stressed all that comes to mind is smoking. But I get past it pretty quick. And then im reminded I don't stink and I can breathe now. Im only 25 and have been smoking half my life. But remember to quit for yourself or it won't stick.
—Guest cowbooger88

Never "really" tried before...

I always knew in the back of my mind i should quit smoking but then dreaded losing my "best friend" imagine, that's what I called them. After 50years of smoking one day my 3yr old grandson looked up at me and said "I love you so much Loulou". I finished my last 7 cigarettes in my pack and haven't smoked since and that was over 5 weeks ago. Sure every once in awhile i crave a cigarette but i think back to my grandson's words and realize i want to stick around and watch him grow up.

My Left Leg or another cigarette?

I love pedicures..so on the night of April 3, 2011 I gave myself one, had a cigarette before retiring and hit the sack. The next thing I remember is a ride in an ambulance at approx. 3:30 AM and hours of being unable to speak as I laid in my hospital bed. I had suffered a stroke brought on by heavy smoking and high blood pressure that I did not know I had. My left leg began to swell and my doctor informed me that I was no longer getting enough blood flow to that leg and amputation was a factor if I did not stop smoking! That is all I needed to quit, for good. Threw them away and never, never looked back. Twenty nine years of a pack a day was over and I thank God every day. And certainly each time I put on TWO shoes every morning.

240 hours and no smoke

I am smoking from the last 26 years , tried quitting many times and did not try properly . I can call myself a 100% addict always looking for places/excuses. I am smoke free from last 10 days and confident
—Guest Sreenivas Rao

All about me

I have tried to quit multiple times. I actually even quit for about 2 years. Now I am back at square one. I want to be here for my family and it is not fair to make them worry for my health. I am tired of the sneaking around and hiding it from those around me, and the guilt it brings. I don't want to sound corny but the first step is always the hardest. I know I am ready to do this and reading everyones' reasons gives me great confidence as I recognize my story over and over in others. It is time to take charge of my life and do it right now.
—Guest Sean

tired of being out of breath

After smoking for 40 years, I am now smoke free for one month and one day. Today I actually ran instead of doing a walk and didn't feel like I was going to have a heart attack. My skin is looking better, but the most important part is that I no longer have to berate myself for being an addict! I am smoke free and plan to stay that way!

I want my dad to be proud of me

I am only 18 years old and I have been smoking about a year. I used to think I was so rebellious and bad ass for hiding it from my parents who both smoked, my mom was the first to find out and didn't have much of a problem with it. I was more scared of my dad finding out, well I recently just moved in with him and he knows now. The look on his face when I ask him for smokes is so sad, I keep telling him I'll quit but then I ask for a cigarette again and again. Well today is the last day I want to ever have him disappointed in the both of us. He even said he'd quit with me, he may not but him saying that means the world to me. Reading all our posts is amazing, some of you guys are quitting after 40+ years. I'm so proud of all of you! I am quitting smoking for every person who wished they had quit after a year. I just had my last smoke. Wish me luck! I want all of us to be able to tell smokers we worked our asses off but quit. This ones for you Dad. GOOD LUCK ALL OF YOU. (:

My Grand Daughter

I have a grand daughter who is so inquisitive about her grand parents. What were we doing in the garage? After several discussions, it was time to try AGAIN! After making it for a week, HELL week, I kept telling myself do I ever want to repeat that week again. 119 days & I still ask my self that question. I still have cravings but I do not want to go back to that week nor do I want to be a slave to the cigarette!

Yes You Can Do It....

Actually, the Lord is good, I know it that if I empower myself I will quit smoking. Today is 15 days of being smoke free. It's the ability to establish your untapped ability to say NO to addictive things like smoking. Also it's nice not to inform anyone of quitting at the moment it's nice for them to notice you're no longer a smoker. My friends are happy with me and am comfortable talking to my girlfriend. Am alive again and have come to point where I just don't want to be a smoker for the rest of my life. Wish you all the best of making such a helpful decision in life.
—Guest Bah

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