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Readers Respond: Our Reasons to Quit Smoking

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Updated April 02, 2009

From the article: I Quit Smoking Because...
Making the decision to finally put down our cigarettes and call a halt to smoking is, for most people, the result of something dramatic - either an event or emotional angst. It's the final straw that makes us say "No More."

For me, it was an increasing inability to breathe properly. I was experiencing early symptoms of COPD, and 45 years old, that scared me badly. I knew the condition would only worsen unless I found a way to quit smoking.

What Was Your Last Straw?

Husbands heart attack

My husbands 3rd heart attack put my family through another stressful time. I could see the anger and disappointment on my children's faces. My husband could have prevented all these heart attacks. That was it for me - I said to myself I will not do this to my children if I can help it. I have lived through all his heart attacks thinking will I be next will I get cancer. I lived stressful every day with smoking. I found the forum and read a story of a dying lung cancer mom. She said her biggest regret was not trying really hard to quit. She had to live her last dying days watching what she put her family through because she had not really tried. This story stuck with me! I am i week smoke free and I have never felt better.


Ive been smoking for 29 years..it is a part of everything i do and dont do. I joined a gym at 43 and actually LOVE IT....today i realized i smoked 4 cigarrettes before 6 am on my way to the gym - INSANE! im doing great things for my body but yet im smoking???? SO DUMB!!! not to mention so expensive - I cant afford it. threw my last one out the window at 7:30 this AM. Going to make it stick this time.
—Guest BC

last straw

My last straw was my husband taking my hand looking me in the eye saying "grow old with me"
—Guest mary

worrying about diseases

i am regular smoker since last three months.i know its harmful side effects.but due to my roommate i also started it but i always have feared when ever i smoke..i promise to myself that today i would quit but i can't.....but tady i read about.com articles and seriously today i am going to break my cigrettes and i promise to my self by heart that i will not smoke taday ,my friend right now find its cigrettes and i am going to break it

Why I Quit

Meeting the man of my dreams and feelin ashamed every time I lit up in front of him.
—Guest Maria

I could not function.

I could not function while I was smoking. What I mean is, as soon as I got out of bed, I had to have a cigarette. Cup of coffee, another cigarette. The phone rings, grab for a cigarette, in the car, light up a cigarette before I even turned the car on. I could not function without a cigarette lit. It has been one week free of smoking after 48 years. Forty eight years, wow. Now I can get up with energy and make a great breakfast. I can do anything through out the day without beIng out of breath. I can lie down at night without coughing up phlem. I feel like the chains have been broken and now I am a free person, so excuse me as I take a big clean breath (without coughing) and just breathe.
—Guest Linda

Now or Never

I have quit 8 times in the last 3 years. I am now on day 4 using Champix. I have to do this if I want to be around to see my children marry and have kids. My father is in last stages of COPD and it is a terrible thing to see a loved one go through. I do not wish that on my Children. My dad has this look of fear in his eyes and there is nothing we can do to help - just be there and tell him we love him.

Join this group to quit

I want to quit because is bad for my health . Everytime i smoke i get a very sharp pain in my heart so i dont know what that means but i know that its very bad plz help me guys.
—Guest Shaniqua

So many last straws!

Worrying that this cough / chest infection / lump in my mouth is it, this is cancer. Embarrassed by sneaking out the back of my house to smoke so my kids don't see me. Embarrassed by the stink of smoke off me all the time. Trying to avoid standing too near school yard moms in the morning 'cos I don't want them to smell the smoke off me. Telling my kids how bad smoking is for health, how disgusting it is, and then sneaking out the back to have a cigarette. Knowing the guilt and shame I would have if I developed a smoking-related illness. Being scared of dying a premature long painful death. Or developing some chronic disease from smoking. Letting our health insurance lapse because it's so expensive, yet spending more than the cost of it on cigarettes each year. Go figure that logic. I read Allen Carr and have been free of cigarettes for 2.5 weeks. It has been easier than I imagined but I just need to keep my thoughts in check. One day at a time. Go for it everyone, escape the weed.
—Guest Freedom

Closet Smoker

I was tired of the smell when i go out and other people would know. I thought smoking only at home was no problem but in the end my clothes and purse smelled of smoke. so i decided that it was time to quit after 13 years on and off.
—Guest smity

Want to Keep my Teeth

Smoked for 24 years, and just got the news from my dentist that, if I continue to smoke, I will probably lose my teeth due to periodontitis. But, if I do stop, treatment can be successful. I stopped for 6 days now, and I have to tell that it's not even that hard!


I am 29 and started smoking at 17. I lost my grandmother to lung cancer. She suffered and was in so much pain at the end of her life. My motivation is to end the cycle. My grandparents smoked, my parents smoke, most of my family smokes. I will not pay to kill myself. I want to have a long happy healthy life. My parents have become prisoners to the addiction often forgoing activities because they are not "smoker friendly" I never want to stop living due to addiction. I will not be enslaved. I am 3 days smoke free and feel amazing. I will not give up and take it a day at a time. Remember one cigarette will not satisfy your need, in 20 min you will want another. Doing this for you nana!
—Guest Tracie

It's time & I'm doing it on my own time.

I am 44 hours into my last cigarette. I miss my cigarette but I want to be able to breathe, walk, laugh, talk all without coughing. I am very organized and meticulous about how I live & what the inside of my car looks like, but yet I smell like a chimney & people don't want to be around that. That's another thing that gets me, after a smoke, people would act like I have snakes around my neck & give me these completely disgusted looks as if that is all its going to take to convince me to stop smoking. Don't family and friends realize that it is soley up to the smoker when they quit & how they quit? Nobody & I mean nobody can do it except for the smoker themselves...it has to be their choice. Its mine, I'm ready, I'm ready to take on the challenge.

Don't want to die young

I am 37 and have been smoking since I was 13. I have two small boys and worry every day that I am going to die of cancer. I am sick of the worry and just want to stop. I want to be around for my boys always. I am tired of the guilt and shame and the smell. I know I can do this!


I had promised my girl friend few years back, and have been hiding it from her. i want to be out of this guilt feeling and worth my girl friend love and affection

What Was Your Last Straw?

Our Reasons to Quit Smoking

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