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Learning how to cope with stress without a cigarette in hand is difficult when we first quit smoking. But with a few tools and some practice, you'll find it's less challenging than you might have expected. 

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Smokeless Tobacco Overview - Facts and Information

What is smokeless tobacco and is it safer than smoking?

What are The Icky Threes?

The icky threes refer to particular phases of smoking cessation that can be bumpy and uncomfortable as we move through nicotine withdrawal and beyond.

How Can I Break the Association Between Smoking and Drinking?

Is smoking once in awhile when I'm out for drinks a risk, and how can I stop? It should be easy, but I'm having a hard time doing it.

Information About Hookah Smoking

Is hookah smoking safer than cigarette smoking? Learn the facts about hookah use.

How To Manage Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms More Easily

Nicotine withdrawal is a challenging phase of smoking cessation, but the symptoms are more easily managed when you know what to expect.

You Have to Stay Quit to Get There - Dana's Story

At 5 years smoke-free, Dana knows that the discomforts that come with smoking cessation are truly temporary.

Diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer

Cheryl was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, third stage B at the age of 56. This is her story in her own words.

What Chemicals are in Cigarettes and Cigarette Smoke?

To date, more than 7000 toxic chemicals have been identified in cigarettes and cigarette smoke. Many of them are poisonous and/or carcinogenic.

Are Roll Your Own Cigarettes A "Healthier" Smoking Choice?

People often think that smoking roll your own cigarettes is a "healthier" smoking choice, but are they? What health risks are associated with them?

101 Things to Do Instead of Smoking

Distraction is a valuable tool when you quit smoking and this list will give you plenty of ideas of things to do instead of lighting up.

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