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Exercise Away Cravings

For those of us who are quitting tobacco, exercise has a number of beneficial perks:  it reduces cravings to smoke, works as an appetite suppressant, and releases endorphins, improving mood.

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Am I Too Old to Quit Smoking?

Older smokers often think it's too late to quit smoking. They worry that the damage from cigarette smoking has already been done to their health, and quitting tobacco won't do them any good.

Four Steps to Overcome the Urge to Smoke

Education and preparation will help you beat the urge to smoke. Use these tips to decipher and manage smoking urges, one-by-one.

20 Facts about Nicotine You Should Know

Nicotine is addictive, but it also carries other risks to your health that you're probably not aware of.

10 Tips to Help You Cope with Stress After You Stop Smoking

Stress is a powerful trigger for most smokers, and when we quit, we have to find new ways to cope without lighting up.

5 Key Reasons to Quit Smoking Now (Before It's Too Late)

If you're a smoker, this look at 5 diseases related to smoking and the real-life stories of those who went through them is sobering food for thought.

Nicotine Withdrawal and Junkie Thinking

Nicotine withdrawal puts unhealthy thoughts of smoking into our minds, but with knowledge of what to expect, you can beat junkie thinking down.

Smoking and Atherosclerosis

Fatty substances such as cholesterol, cellular waste and calcium deposited along the lining of arteries in a person's body contribute to atherosclerosis. Smoking is a risk factor for atherosclerosis.

How to Quit Smoking: An Educated Quit is a Successful Quit

With education about what to expect when you quit smoking and the support to make it happen, you can successfully leave nicotine addiction behind.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Manage Them

Nicotine withdrawal is a challenging phase of smoking cessation, but the symptoms are more easily managed when you know what to expect.

Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain FAQs

Weight gain is common when people quit smoking, but it is not inevitable. Learn how to keep your weight under control when you quit smoking.

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