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32 Benefits of Quitting

From improved health and vitality to increased self-esteem and the confidence to meet challenges head-on, the improvements we can expect to see when we quit smoking are unlimited.

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Smoking Cessation Spotlight10

Why Should I Quit Smoking?

Creating a detailed list of reasons why you want to quit smoking will help you solidify your resolve and begin to build the foundation for success.

18 Benefits After 6 Months of Smoking Cessation

What improvements can you expect when you quit smoking? Look at this list of 18 benefits of quitting tobacco from an ex-smoker at 6 months smoke-free.

Thank God I'm Free

When Diana decided to quit smoking, she sought out all of the help she could get, including Chantix and the About.com Smoking Cessation support forum.

5 Tips That Promote Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States today. Learn what you can do to promote heart health for yourself and those you love.

Stress and Smoking Cessation

Dealing with stress when quitting smoking is a challenge for almost every ex-smoker. These tips will help you manage more easily.

The Psychology of a Smoking Relapse

Understanding the psychology that leads to a smoking relapse is the best way to avoid having one.

Does Quitting Smoking Cause Constipation?

Intestinal discomforts including stomach problems, gas and constipation are common side effects of smoking cessation.

How Quitting Smoking Has Changed My Life

As smokers, we think life will be dismal without our cigarettes. These ex-smokers tell you why that's not true.

The Five D's - Tips That Will Help You Stay Quit

These 5 tips will help you quickly decipher and respond in a healthy way to smoking urges as they come up during nicotine withdrawal.

Superman Doesn't Smoke

Talking directly to your kids about smoking while they are young is the best way to help them avoid tobacco use later on.

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