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Nicotine Withdrawal and Beyond


Quitting tobacco takes strategy, effort and plenty of patience. While smoking cessation is not an easy task, at least initially, you can make the process less painful and set yourself up for long-term success through education and preparation. Remember: the discomforts you experience as you heal from nicotine addiction are all temporary, but the freedom you're working to achieve will last you a lifetime. Smoking cessation is worth every bit of work it takes. Your life is worth the work.
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  2. Nicotine Withdrawal Tips
  3. Weight Control
  4. Personal Quit Stories
  1. Healing the Mind
  2. Knowledge is Power
  3. Relapse Prevention and Recovery
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Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can and do include just about every physical discomfort you can think of, along with several you probably haven't considered.

Nicotine Withdrawal Tips

Some understanding about what to expect when you quit smoking along with tips for weathering the discomforts associated with nicotine withdrawal will help you cope with this short-lived phase of smoking cessation successfully.

Weight Control

While a small amount of weight gain when we quit smoking is normal, excessive gain is unhealthy and can undermine your quit program. Learn how to quit successfully and keep weight from ballooning out of control.

Personal Quit Stories

An important resource for the new quitter, the personal stories of those who have quit smoking are filled with practical advice and tips that will help you succeed too. Settle in and do some reading. You'll come away inspired and motivated to put smoking in your past, once and for all.

Healing the Mind

True freedom is a state of mind, and as we begin the journey to break the chains of nicotine addiction once and for all, we must do the work to heal both body and mind. Learn how to decipher smoking urges and reprogram them with new, healthier choices.

Knowledge is Power

We all know that smoking is harmful, but looking at the facts head-on is empowering. Use education as a powerful tool to help you change how you think about smoking.

Relapse Prevention and Recovery

Junkie thinking is the internal battle that goes on between our will to quit and the addiction we're tied to. It is a common facet of recovery that we must learn to negotiate smoke-free. Use the tools below to help you recognize and redirect faulty thought patterns so that you can move through this phase of smoking cessation successfully.

Our Voices - Reader Feedback

About.com Smoking Cessation has a number of ways that you can share your thoughts and experiences with quitting tobacco. Follow the links below to read what others have said and and add your comments as well. We'd love to hear from you.

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