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Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms - Nicotine Addiction Recovery

This section will help you learn what to expect and how to manage symptoms of nicotine withdrawal when you quit smoking. Nicotine withdrawal is a short-lived event, but can be unpleasant and intense while it lasts. Educate yourself about what to expect as you recover from nicotine addiction, and use the tools here to help you cope with nicotine withdrawal successfully.
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Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms
Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal vary widely. Take a look at what you can expect as you move through this phase of smoking cessation.

101 Things to Do Instead of Smoking
Getting through nicotine withdrawal is easier when you distract yourself. This list of things to do instead of smoking will help you do that.

8 Common Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal
Some of the most common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and what you can do to manage them.

Four Steps to Defeat the Urge to Smoke
Education and preparation will help you beat the urge to smoke. Use these tips to decipher urges to smoke as they come up.

The Truth About Smoking Pleasure
Most smokers think they like smoking, but the truth of smoking pleasure has little to do with enjoyment.

5 Minutes to Curb the Urge to Smoke
When you quit smoking, it can feel as though your day is one long, continual urge for a cigarette. Learn how to quickly curb cravings to smoke with these tips.

Why Do I feel Dizzy When I Quit Smoking?
A reader asks about whether the dizziness she feels is related to smoking cessation.

Why am I constipated since quitting smoking?
Intestinal discomforts including stomach problems, gas and constipation are common side effects of smoking cessation.

Why Am I Coughing After Quitting Smoking?
Although it isn't common, some people do develop a short-term cough following smoking cessation.

Will Nicotine Withdrawal Ever End?
Though not true nicotine withdrawal, feelings that mimic nicotine withdrawal can crop up months into smoking cessation.

All About Nicotine Withdrawal
This article links you to everything you need to know about how to get through this early phase of smoking cessation.

Overcoming Common Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal
Use the suggestions provided to help you overcome these common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

7 Coping Skills for Nicotine Withdrawal
Nicotine withdrawal can be hard to manage when we quit smoking. Learn about 7 coping skills that will help you manage triggers to smoke that are bound to come along as you recover from nicotine addiction.

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