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All About Nicotine Withdrawal


Updated June 19, 2014

Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can and do include just about every physical and psychological discomfort that you can think of. How successful you are in managing this intense, though thankfully short-lived phase of smoking cessation depends in great part on your level of preparation. Use the tips below to educate yourself on what to expect when you quit smoking, and how to cope with the irritations that nicotine withdrawal often brings.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

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From headaches to intestinal discomforts, symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can leave you feeling out-of-sorts. Thankfully, this phase of smoking cessation is relatively short-lived.

10 Tips for Coping with Nicotine Withdrawal

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Let's take a look at some of the most common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and ways that you can cope with them successfully.

Managing Stress Smoke-Free

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What triggers the urge to smoke the most for you? Anger? Boredom? Fatigue? Joy? Most of use experience all of these. Learning how to recognize the origin of the trigger will help you find healthier ways to cope than lighting up.

Insomnia When You Quit Smoking

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Insomnia is a common symptom of nicotine withdrawal. If you don't suffer from a pre-existing sleep condition, the tips shared here should help you get back on track with your normal sleep pattern.

Minimizing Quit-Related Weight Gain

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Most people who quit smoking worry about gaining weight, and some weight gain is common with smoking cessation. Learn what you can do to keep your quit stable along with your weight as you move through nicotine withdrawal and beyond to a smoke-free life.

5 Minute Craving Busters

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Most cravings to smoke come on strong and decrease in intensity within 3 to 5 minutes. Pay attention to the cycle and when it hits, change your activity to jolt your mind out of negative thought patterns that feed the urge to smoke.

Fostering the Mindset for Success

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You can abstain from smoking for years, but if you don't change the relationship you have with cigarettes, the chains of nicotine addiction will continue to hold you tight. Change the way you think and you can free yourself instantly.

Remember Your Reasons for Quitting

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We all have reasons why we hate smoking. Some are common to most of us, while others are as individual as we are as humans. Create your own list of reasons for quitting smoking and use it to fuel your resolve to quit and stay that way.
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