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Striking and Pretty from Badly Vile

A Poem by Gail C. Berreitter


Updated July 16, 2006

Striking and Pretty from Badly Vile

Gail C. Berreitter

Laying happily last night on my couch
A fire blazing inside of my house
With caroles playing and reading a book
In my PJ’s and settled in my nook.

Suddenly what does my mind start to think?
It certainly took me over the brink!
Into the WaWa and up to the clerk
I asked for the cigs and felt like a jerk.

Then back to my car and sitting inside,
took out my lighter and inhaled a sigh
It felt so good and I smiled with glee,
and then I remembered, this isn't me!!

Oh no, it isn't, I am no longer smoking,
With eyes opened wide I started choking
I came up off the couch faster than speed
And started to pound ole nic into seed.

With the rant complete I took out a pot
And placed the seeds deep inside with a plop
To the garden I ran away with tears
And I plant the seeds of all my past fears.

This junkie thinking now deep in the ground
These seeds become flowers of beauty I found
Striking and pretty from badly vile
Makes all this trouble seem so worthwhile.

© Gail C. Berreitter
December 11, 2004

Written for the quitting smoking forum and the kick ashers!

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