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A New Nicotine Patch

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Updated June 10, 2014

When I quit smoking, the clear nicotine patch hadn’t yet been invented. The patches of my day were big, bulky bandages that stuck out like a sore thumb when you positioned them on a visible place on your body. Thankfully, those days are long gone...

A New Nicotine Patch

Nicoderm® CQ® has recently come out with a newly streamlined version of their nicotine patch called NicoDerm® CQ® ThinFlex®. This new design is a result of a survey they conducted using over 2500 American adults picked at random. Along with questions regarding why people smoke and the issues they face when trying to quit, the survey asked what physical qualities are deemed most important in a nicotine patch. Over half of the respondents felt that patch flexibility was the most important thing, followed closely by how the patch looks (size and thickness).

Nicoderm CQ ThinFlex is a full 25% more flexible than the original NicoDerm CQ patch, first marketed in 1992. It is the most flexible and thinnest clear patch available to consumers today.

When I opened the package to take a look at this new nicotine patch, I was impressed. The little clear square looked more like a small strip of tape than it did a nicotine patch. While I didn’t try it on, I could easily see how comfortable and light it would be to wear. The improvements are bound to make a more enjoyable user experience overall.

The Cost

A box of 7 patches costs $29.99, and a box of 14 patches costs $49.99. When you stop to consider how much you spent on cigarettes in the course of a week, the cost of the patch program is probably comparable. It’s also an expense that you’ll incur for a finite period of time, not indefinitely, like when you were smoking.

People at our smoking cessation support forum often comment about not wanting to pay for nicotine patches. It’s a common theme in fact, and understandable. When folks finally make the decision to quit smoking, many resent having to spend any more of their money on nicotine. They want to be done with this addiction, once and for all.

While I understand the sentiment, I always advise people to relax and use NRT's(nicotine replacement therapies) to their personal advantage. The cost of the nicotine patch program is a small price to pay if it helps a person quit smoking forever. The alternative to using a quit aid for some people could mean a return to full-time smoking, which would obviously cost a lot more in both cash and quality of life than the patch program by far. It’s money well spent as far as I’m concerned.

A Personalized Stop Smoking Plan

Nicoderm's nicotine patch program has one more very valuable feature to recommend it: a personalized stop smoking plan called Committed Quitters®. It is designed to help you understand nicotine addiction and give you the tools to deal with the triggers you struggle with most when quitting.

Using a code inside the box of patches, you access your personalized Committed Quitters information via the Internet. The first step is to fill out an in-depth questionnaire that helps to define your smoking habit. From there, you will receive help and advice tailored to your needs in your email box. Support is so vital in this journey to freedom.

About NRT's as Quit Smoking Aids

We are fortunate to live in a time when many options to help us quit smoking are available to us.

Some people prefer to quit smoking cold turkey, that is, without a NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). While this works well for some, not everyone is cut out for this abrupt method of smoking cessation.

NRT’s allow people to gradually wean off of nicotine in a controlled manner. This eases physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and allows the quitter to focus more fully on breaking down the psychological part of their smoking habit.


It's very important to remember that your resolve...the determination you have within yourself to quit smoking is the single most important ingredient in the recipe for permanent success against nicotine addiction. With that in place, any quit aid you choose to help you will work beautifully. Think of it this way: quit aids are just what their names imply…aids. They are helpers, not a miracle cure.

Resolve to put the work in to free yourself from this addiction, and be patient. Even after you’ve finished the patch program, you’ll have times, especially during your first smoke free year, when thoughts of smoking will surface. We spent years building associations between smoking and the activities in our lives. It takes time to create new connections that don’t include smoking. Patience!

In Summary

If the nicotine patch appeals to you, try Nicoderm’s new ThinFlex patch. The improvements to this patch puts it in a class of its own. Check in with your doctor before starting the nicotine patch program.

Remember, recovery from nicotine addiction is a process of gradual release over time. Be patient with yourself. You’ll never regret quitting, and the freedom you’ll gain once you've kicked the habit is nothing short of outstanding!
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