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Tobacco Related Disease Pictures

Links provided here to pictures of what tobacco products do to the human body. Tobacco disease comes in many forms, from lung cancer and oral cancer to gangrene. Warning: these tobacco disease photo gallery pictures are very graphic in nature.
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The Complete Guide to Oral Cancer Pictures
This gallery provides a helpful photographic resource for identifying a number of cancers that affect the mouth, tongue and throat.

The Complete Gallery of Lung Cancer Pictures
Cigarette smoking is responsible for most cases of lung cancer. This gallery contains photographs and illustrations of tobacco-related lung cancers.

COPD Images

This group of COPD images and videos shows us not only what healthy lungs should look like, but how COPD hinders lung function.

Eye Diseases Photo Gallery
Smoking is a risk factor for both macular degeneration and cataracts. In this photo gallery from Troy Bedinghaus, O.D., Guide to Vision at About.com, we are shown what we would see if looking out of eyes affected with these diseases.

Colon Polyp Size Image Gallery
Smoking is a risk factor for colon cancer. In this image gallery, readers are shown how polyps look on the inside of the colon and how the size of the polyp relates to colon cancer risk.

Celebrities with Cancer
Not all of the celebrities in this gallery from About.com Guide to Cancer, Lisa Fayed had cancers related to tobacco use, but smoking is a major risk factor for many forms of cancer.

Celebrities with Thyroid Disease Images
Smoking is a risk factor for hyperthyroidism / Graves' disease. This photo gallery reviews celebrities who have various forms of thyroid disease.

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