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Tobacco Victims

Tobacco claims a victim every 8 seconds somewhere in the world, which amounts to nearly five millions lives annually. Most of us have lost someone we love to tobacco. While some of the accounts in this section are disturbing, they are powerful illustrations of the harsh reality behind tobacco use.
  1. Celebrity Tobacco Victims (34)

The Death Certificate
A smoker for 56 years, Susan's husband suffered numerous health problems associated with smoking, including aneurysms and congestive heart failure.

Those We've Loved and Lost to Tobacco
Personal stories from the families who have lost a loved one to tobacco use.

Lost Loved Ones - Share Your Story
Use the submission form here to share the story of those you've lost to tobacco.See submissions

I Lost My Parents to Tobacco
This personal story of the horror smoking-related disease inflicts on families is a stark reminder of just how indiscriminate a killer tobacco really is.

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