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Prepare for Success! Develop a Plan to Help You Quit Smoking

This section offers you quit smoking help to get you on your way with smoking cessation. Learn what to expect when you quit smoking, and what tools you should have on hand. The quit smoking help section will guide you through developing a plan to quit smoking for good. Use the Quit Smoking 101 free e-mail course to help you get started.
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Your Quit Smoking Toolbox
The quit smoking toolbox gives you links to information and the support necessary to build a solid quit smoking program. Educate yourself about what to expect when you quit smoking, and have some faith and trust in the process. If others can successfully beat the addiction to nicotine, you can too.

Why Am I So Afraid to Quit Smoking?
Why Am I So Afraid to Quit Smoking? I'm about to quit smoking. I have one cigarette left, and after I smoke it, that's it. Even though in a lot of ways I am looking forward to quitting, the most prevalent emotion I feel is fear.

Commit to Quit! Developing the Will to Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking is hard for most people. It takes patience, trust, and commitment. Get some help with developing your will to quit smoking.

Recovery from Nicotine Addiction: Myths vs. Facts
Let's look at some common misconceptions about the process of recovery from nicotine addiction that can hinder your chances for success.

Quit Smoking 101
If you're ready to quit smoking, use the education and support available here to get the head start that will bring you the quit smoking success you desire.

Prepare to Quit Smoking - A Free Newsletter Email Course
This in-depth 6-part free email course will help you prepare for a successful quit program. Topics covered include developing the will to quit smoking, reviewing reasons to quit, quit smoking benefits, quit smoking aids,and how to find support for your quit program. You'll get info on supplies to gather ahead of time to help manage physical withdrawal from nicotine.

Quit Time - A Free E-mail Course to Help You Quit Smoking
This free e-mail course will give you information about how to manage your first several weeks of smoking cessation. You'll receive a newsletter daily for 5 days in your mailbox, and the tips provided will help you stay smoke free for the first week and beyond. We'll cover nicotine withdrawal, managing the urge to smoke, minimizing weight gain, and more.

Smoking Cessation Books - Top Picks
Books on smoking cessation books help to educate and inspire us to make a success of our efforts to stop smoking.

Recommit to Quit Smoking
Many of us plan to quit smoking for New Years but within days lose the resolve. Learn what you can do to recommit to quit smoking, and breathe new life into your New Year's resolution to quit smoking.

Building a Solid Tobacco Cessation Program
An interview with tobacco cessation consultant, Carol Southard.

Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight by Paul McKenna - Quit Smoking Without...
Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight by Paul McKenna - Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight Book Review

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