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Smoking Cessation Books

Smoking Cessation Books - Top Picks


Updated August 01, 2011

Books about smoking cessation help us round out our knowledge about what to expect when we quit smoking and get us pointed in the right direction.

Along with the smoking cessation book reviews below, we have a way for you to share reviews of the books you've read:

Put education about nicotine addiction to work for you. As members of the smoking cessation suppport forum here like to say: 

An educated quit is a successful quit.

They're right!

1. Life After Cigarettes

Cindy Pomerleau

In her book, Life After Cigarettes, Dr. Cynthia Pomerleau explores the unique issues that face women with smoking cessation. Written in an engaging style, she educates, entertains, and most importantly, empowers women to put smoking in their past, permanently.

2. Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight

Paul McKenna

In his book, Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight, self-improvement author and hypnotist, Paul McKenna  delivers exactly what we would expect to get from a self-help book: hope and inspiration.

3. Out of the Ashes


Pocket size and portable, Out of the Ashes is put together in an easy-to-read format that presents thoughts about the psychology of smoking as individual meditations under headings such as: Cravings, Commitment, Rationalization, Fear and Motivation.

4. A Talk With Your Kids About Not Smoking

Patrick Reynolds

In this compelling DVD, Patrick Reynolds, grandson of tobacco tycoon, R.J. Reynolds talks directly to teens and their parents about a number of issues and facts regarding smoking that will help our kids see and understand the bigger picture - one in which they are the target of a huge, money hungry giant - the tobacco industry.

5. Easyway to Stop Smoking


After numerous attempts to quit his 100 cigarette a day habit, Allen Carr came up with a plan to quit smoking that finally worked for him. He wrote this book based on his plan. The book became a best seller and has sold millions world-wide.

6. Smoke-Free in 30 Days

Touchstone-Fireside Books

In his book, Smoke-Free in 30 Days, Dr. Daniel Seidman shares valuable insight about how nicotine addiction changes the mind of a smoker, and gives us practical tips on how to break free from the slavery that smoking forces on us.

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