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Quitting Tobacco - Surviving the First Week

The first week of quitting tobacco, fondly regarded to by most folks as Hell Week, can be difficult. If you know what to expect and how to manage the discomforts, you'll be able to weather it and stay smoke free.

A Day in the Life of an Ex-Smoker: Quit Day
This fictional account details how the first day of smoking cessation might go for the average person.

My First Smoke Free Day
"I decided that I would post a log of my first smoke free day to inspire myself and others who are probably going through the same thing. For me, making it a day without cigarettes feels like a huge accomplishment, and the fact that it is such a huge accomplishment speaks to how addicted I really am."

Best of the Forum: Tips for Quitting - Week One
What do you do when the cravings are so strong you want to run out and buy a pack? Getting through the first week smoke free takes a lot of effort. Make it easier on yourself by learning from those who have been through the process...and survived it.

You Can Quit Smoking: Tips for the First Week of Cessation
Prepare yourself for success by learning what to expect during the first week of smoking cessation.

One Full Week - A Personal Account
"I have made it one whole week without smoking and I am weak with disbelief. Although I feel a bit shaky at night lately, I've awoken with this new promise of a new day, and no cough! And sweeter breath!"

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