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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking - A Book by Allen Carr

Book Review by Lesly R.


Updated March 23, 2006

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking - A Book by Allen Carr

Lesly R.

After numerous attempts to quit his 100 cigarette a day habit, Allen Carr came up with a plan to quit smoking that finally worked for him. He wrote this book based on his plan. The book became a best seller and has sold millions world-wide.

I did not use his plan to quit smoking. I purchased this book out of curiosity five months after I smoked my last cigarette. I found the book to be very reinforcing to my resolve not to smoke. Carr discusses everything about the nicotine addiction - triggers, social pressure, smoking and boredom, etc. He gives practical solutions to overcoming these situations along with great analogies about the misconceptions of nicotine addiction.

One analogy I particularly liked was that of wearing shoes that are too tight all evening. By the end of the night, your feet are killing you. You are so relieved to take off those shoes and your feet feel so good. However, if you had not put those shoes on in the first place, you would not have sore feet. In the same manner, smoking does not relax or calm you down – smoking merely relieves the situation that smoking created in the first place – the need for nicotine.

I can’t tell you that Allen Carr has discovered an “easy” way to give up nicotine. I personally don’t think there is an easy way. I think there are lots of ways that will work, but they all take personal effort . I think what Allen Carr has done is write an extremely readable, well written book chock full of ideas to help you in your mental efforts to quit smoking. If you buy this book thinking he is going to give you an easy out from addiction, I think you will be disappointed. If you buy this book, however, to use as an additional tool in your efforts at smoke cessation, I think you find it to be valuable.

~Lesly R.~

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