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Readers Respond: What I Spent My Cigarette Money on After Quitting

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Updated November 14, 2010

With cigarettes costing anywhere between $5 and $15 a pack in the U.S. today, we receive immediate positive feedback in the form of more money in our pockets when we quit smoking.

Start a Savings Jar

By putting the amount we spent daily on cigarettes into a jar or piggy bank, the savings mount up quickly. This offers us not only a poignant look at how much we spent poisoning our bodies, but a meaningful way to reward ourselves for quitting.

How do you plan to (or how did you) use the money you've saved since you quit smoking?

How I Used Tobacco Money

New Car

I was spending $300/month now I can have a new car for $248. When ever I want a cigarette I just go for a ride in my smoke free car.

Adopted a Dog

My beloved dog, Sand Dune, died 6 years ago, just a year after my (then) fiancée's dog died. Although heartbroken, we weren't yet ready to get a new dog what with an upcoming marriage, grandchildren being born, the economy fluctuating and job shifts. When I quit smoking there was extra money & we were ready for another dog, one to reflect our new life together, so I saved for a few months while looking for the right dog to join our "pack". Lucky, a yellow Labrador retriever, is the newest member of our family and the other day our (almost 3 year old) grandson said "Mommy, Lucky is my friend." Priceless!

Time in the Sun

The money I'm saving and know I will save is roughly £60 a month (rolling tobacco, much cheaper than packs) at the moment the extra is going towards our holiday in June but then I'll be saving for Christmas and as the new year dawns.. Hopefully I'll be able to save for a few nice treats for myself. I'd love some real leather boots and a really nice handbag. I'll get there. I just know it!


I've been saving around £10.00 a day (previously having smoked about 25 cigarettes a day). I've been spending it on treats! New dresses and fancy French beauty products!
—Guest Claudia


By not smoking I was able to pay for 50 hot yoga classes. Yoga is something I just love to do and when I used to smoke I kept wondering where I would find the money to renew my registration to my yoga center. It wasn't a problem this time and plus it was so much fun paying cash!


I have not quit but I am spending every lunch hour reading posts that you all have so graciously shared and I will tell you this "how I used my tobacco Money" has really hit home. I just did the math for real on my habit and I am spending roughly 180.00 a month. I will say I think this has finally teatered me over into the "former smoker" category so I think my quit day will be this coming Monday. Thanks for the help!
—Guest Azmiranda

Invested in Our Health

I have turned the money saved into a health club membership for me and my family.
—Guest roadrunner5998


I saved enough to fly to Hawaii, and spent a wonderful 10 days there!
—Guest cindyrn

Paying Bills

I actually have extra money to pay my bills without sweating for the month now that I'm not smoking. I was working 2 jobs just to support my habit!!!

Tobacco Money To Go to Home Improvements

My husband and I both smoked 2 packs a day. Before we quit we decided what we would do with the money and we are saving it in the credit union for a fireplace and bookshelves in the living room, as well as a flat screen TV. We take $80 wkly out for this . Also, weekly I do something like buy a new lipstick, go to the beauty shop, get a pedicure, nail polish or take my sister out for lunch. I subscribed to a gardening magazine I had wanted. It's only been 4 months but we've saved $1280.00 and that is nothing to sneeze at.

Car Payment!

I have found that quitting my pack a day habit saves me $60 per week, which is enough for a monthly payment on a new car. Amazing.
—Guest Blake

Sports Goods

I quit smoking about 4 weeks ago. Saved $130 so far and I spent it on things that actually make me happy, such as gym equipment, skiing and I'm planning to buy a new good quality bike when spring hits. It's a big change going from a smoking couch potato to an amateur bodybuilder and athlete. I'm loving every second of it!

Saved Money to Complete My Studies

I quit March 2010. Someone suggested I start saving that money but I realised that I truly never had the money for cigs. Irrespective I started saving in July and now have R3500 and I will be using it to complete my LLB studies.

Saving Cash for a New Car

I quit smoking on 1-3-11. I plan on getting a new vehicle in about 2 years so $7 pack X 365 X 2=$5110 for one sweet down payment on a car. Wow! What kind of car would I be driving had I not smoked for the last 17 years? Don't even want to think about it. One tough lesson learned!

ipad for Cigarettes

Instead of spending money on my smoking habit, I dedicated it to a savings account for three months and bought an ipad with it.
—Guest stephen

How I Used Tobacco Money

What I Spent My Cigarette Money on After Quitting

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