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Readers Respond: The Blessings of Smoking Cessation - What We're Grateful For

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Updated November 07, 2010

Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons. ~Ruth Ann Schabacker~

Most of us take stock of the blessings in our lives every so often, and for those who quit smoking, that awareness is often profound. Breaking the cycle of addiction brings a heightened appreciation of all that we hold dear and adds depth and meaning to our lives.

What are you grateful for?

Use this form to share the blessings that smoking cessation has brought into your life.

What I'm Grateful For

Grateful for My Life

I'm grateful that I'm still alive, that I can add more years to my life, that I can smell the wonderful trees after it's just rained, that I can smell my perfume and most of all...I'm grateful to this site for the support!


That I am strong but not losing sight that there are still hard days ahead. I have gotten so much inspiration and encouragement from the testimonies on this site. Thank you all for sharing, we are indeed helping to make our quality of life better. I am so grateful to really know that now and to have gotten past the justification I used to continue that awful habit (lies!!)I believed for 37 years. I am so grateful to be able to say "I don't smoke anymore" and know that it is a thing of the past. I no longer have to hide from anyone, no longer waste my money on something that was killing me and can hopefully help someone else that may need to know that they can do it! Woo Hoo! Yes! Amen and anything else I can shout joyfully!

Peace of Mind

One month 3 days into my new life as a non-smoker. The gift of a deep breath without actually feeling like my lungs are ripping is just one of the things I am grateful for. I still crave them, but know that I don't EVER want to put my body through that again! This site is an amazing support system for me! Don't know what I would do without all of you! Good luck to us all on this journey! God bless!
—Guest Smoke free!

May Have Thanked the Universe Already...

...But can't feel grateful enough for the sense of peace and measured pace returned to my life; for my re-awakening before it was too late...

No Longer Ashamed

I'm so greatful that I can hug my daughter without her telling me how smelly I am! No more hiding from my family to have a quick smoke. I can taste better and smell better too. I feel healthier and stronger and am no longer ashamed. I was so paranoid, I would never smoke in a public place, or even when I went out with friends. I just felt so ashamed at my weakness, but thank God I have found the will power to defeat that old enemy of mine! I love being smoke free!

I Give Myself This Time

I give myself this time to breathe in the freshness of the air and smell the clean, coolness after the rain. WITHOUT SMOKING. I give myself this time to play with my kids and share the patio with them WITHOUT SMOKING. I give myself this time and appreciate the inspiration from other bloggers on this site.
—Guest ana

Self-Esteem, Health, Money, Family

I am grateful for everything above , I am grateful for breath , taste , health , no more acidity, no frequent illness , better immunity , saving money, better enviornment , no more in bad habit , grateful for this feeling.

Rapid Health Improvement

I am astonished, happy and grateful for the almost immediate effect stopping smoking is having on my health. I am 'tingle tips' from 'The Last Straw' page, and today I feel like my finger tips are literally thawing. I can't explain it, but to some of you, its probably happened too. I have stopped before over the years, but this is the first time I have experienced such fast feed back from my body. I don't expect its gonna be easy, but this reward helps SO much at this early stage, so yes, I am grateful. Also smells are insanely strong - some wonderful, some not so!!!

So Many Things to Be Grateful For

My motivation for not smoking is my family. I am so grateful to them for their support and encouragement. This is day 4 for me and I am using the patch. It's hour by hour right now and I think of having a smoke quite a bit during the day, but that urge does goes away. For the first time in my life I AM PROUD OF ME!! Not one puff ever again is how I am going to stay a non smoker. Thank you to everyone for their wisdom and helpful hints! I'm done spending $7.50 every two days for 1 pack of cigarettes that do nothing but ruin my health. I am going to be in control for the first time in 37 years! I'm taking my health, money and life back. My husband is quit with me, thankfully. Good luck to all of you, we CAN all do this!

This Forum

I am so glad that I found this forum. I now understand things a lot more than last time I tried to quit. Thanks to all, I am now on my 20th day. Good luck to all.
—Guest diane jeavons

Money, Dogs, Scent

I am grateful for all the money I have saved. I am grateful that my little dog who was always sneezing and wheezing and no longer does so. I am grateful for all the beautiful (sometimes not so beautiful) scents in the air, especially after it rains.
—Guest squeela112

I Am Grateful For So Many Things...

I am so grateful for my family. I am glad that smoking no longer controls my life. I am grateful for all the time I have gained by choosing not to smoke. I am grateful for giving my 2 boys a healthier environment to grow up in. I am so glad everyone here at this forum is so nice and helpful. I could not have done it without all of you! I will be grateful, for the rest of my life, that I was able to beat the addiction.

Support From This Site

Reading this site has kept me focused. I go back and read what others have gone through and I feel so blessed to have been able to quit the most controlling vise in my life. Your words from all who have written has made a real difference to me. I thought I was the only one going through the mental anguish of quitting. I could not quit thinking of smoking . Not one minute of a day could I get relief from it. Then my doctor put me on anti-depressants and I didn't understand that either. Now I know that all that is normal when you quit for some people. Now 4 months later, I go all day without thinking of cigarettes. Some days I cry for joy because I have quit and can't believe it. I am encouraged by this site and look forward to posting at my 1 yr. quit date. Please keep trying . You won't feel this way forever. It will pass, I promise.

Grateful for New Healthy Choices

Today is my last day as a smoker. I am thankful for the courage to say once and for all that I will now on be a healthier, happier, and stronger human being. I am thankful to have found this forum and to have friends and family that support this endeavor. I am thankful for the confidence within me that says this time is the last time. This time is for the rest of my life. I have always been envious of nonsmokers. There is no doubt that the journey of becoming one will bring an abundance of enduring gratitude.
—Guest Jamie Risbourg


I'm greatful for the strength I have found in myself to go smoke free. I'm greatful for my children and the pride I see in their faces when I don't light up. Being able to hang with them and not ruin their health by smoking around them. I'm greatful for being a better me!

What I'm Grateful For

The Blessings of Smoking Cessation - What We're Grateful For

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