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Readers Respond: What Do You Like Best About Not Smoking?

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Updated December 24, 2013

3 Days to My Anniversary

3 days from now will be one full year without smoking - at all. No cheats, no slips...I am a non-smoker after 28 years. I've quit about 100 times before this, and always talked myself back into smoking - this time I talked myself out of it. I try not to say that it was easy, although I didn't have the challenges I've had in the past - I think that when you're TRULY ready, you will stop. Whatever your motivation is, quitting must be done for you. The little milestones along the way will be what keep you going...just wait til the first time you eat a delicious meal and can actually taste it! You'll never want to ruin that flavour by sticking a smoke in your mouth. I smile more now, knowing my teeth are whiter. It really is a great feeling being smoke free. Good luck to all of you!
—Guest Shannon

30 Days Today

For me it was the new commercials -- you know the ones where the people have a stoma in their throat. After 20 years of smoking, I'm 30 days smoke free. My smoking friends are mad and not supportive but I'm on cloud nine. Yah me!
—Guest laura

4 Days In

I used to feel guilty everytime I had a ciggie, I used to think this is killing you why are you doing it! It's only been 4 days but I feel like a weight has been lifted! Hard boiled sweets have helped so much too!! :]
—Guest Sophia

Sleep!! Oh Yes!

I always thought of my insomnia as just something I had to live with. I can sleep eight hours now, and sleep on my back! Yes, it was the cigarettes that caused my insomnia for thirty-eight years. Go for it! Isn't this benefit alone worth it?!
—Guest carol

Looking Forward to Better Fitness

It seems to me like a lot of these comments are from people on day 2. It's been just over 48 hours for me for the first attempt since a couple of years ago - after a long shift in the busy bar finishing at 3am there used to be nothing else that would occupy my mind until I'd had a fag or two. I had to work hard tonight but I bought chewing gum at the garage instead - maybe I should get patches for the night-shifts? I'm proud I kept going when it would've been so easy to buy a pack on the way home, and am looking forward to keeping it up to return to my old fitness level and physique.
—Guest Jamie

No Airplane Anxiety

I am now 36 days smoke free after 40 years and 3 packs a day. Three things stand out. 1. If I have to fly now I don't have to worry about suffering in a plane (and in the terminal) because I crave a smoke and can't. That is why I used to hate to fly. Remember going back outside to have a smoke, then to have to come back in and go thru Security (post 911)? Forgetaboutit. 2. When I now talk to someone that smokes, now I can smell the smoke on them, not realizing before that people smelled it on me. So great to be free. 3. Workouts at the gym. Not huffing and puffing after a few weight sets. Lungs getting clearer every day! Everyone, stay strong and smoke free. It will be worth it!!


I'm 50, but,my girl-friend calls me a 19 year old. Since I quit butts I've really enjoyed sex a lot more. I am confident and my stamina has greatly improved. When I worried about occasional impotence I was miserable. Now I'm on top of the world!.
—Guest Herb

Feeling Great!

35 days of no smoking, feeling great, breathing better, no morning cough and phlegm. Thank God and Chantix!
—Guest Denise

I am Free....

In so many different ways, I have confidence like never before. I can breathe through my nose, sleep better at night, and my allergies have improved. My overall quality of life has improved.
—Guest Karine

Time and Patience

More quality time and patience with my kids, not wondering how long until I can have the next smoke.
—Guest abbyandme77

Google it

The best thing I did to help me get through cravings was to Google the effects of smoking. Search by images. If that's not motivation to quit I don't know what is.
—Guest Jamie

Your Posts Help Me Stay on Track

It's been around 70 days for me now without smoking, I quit cold turkey and now that i feel a bit healthy i keep having those junkie thoughts wondering why i thought about quitting in the first place and thinking that bad moods, arguments or even a stressful moment are just a result of me not smoking- of course it's the complete opposite- but sometimes you cannot control your brain. It's just those posts that keep me going, and it's not at all pathetic. thanks for sharing and God bless you too :)
—Guest Ramzi

Positives to not smoking.....

Now into my 4th week smoke-free and stopped Champix as insomnia was too hard to handle. Still not smoking and don't plan to either. Amazed at my strength this time around and no doubts at all. I adore smelling nice and not having to worry about my breath anymore. I do not have the urge to get up at the crack of dawn just to relieve the craving. For the first time ever I enjoy a healthy breakfast instead of several cigarettes and espresso breaks 'til lunch. Best of all is finally getting rid of the fear of running out, the insecure feeling when I cannot smoke, enjoying the moment without constantly thinking when my next fix will be and the feeling of being in control for the first time is the best feeling ever.
—Guest Nicole

I Knew it Was Time

I'm only 5 days in and I know this time I'm really doing it, no sneaky cigs cos this time I'm doing it because I want to. I used to be so active and outgoing, then I started smoking to lose weight, which I did, and I couldn't quit for fear of weight gain. I became so lazy, not wanting to do anything or go anywhere, I dreaded weddings and birthdays, cos I'd have to run around and do things, when I'd rather sit at home. Then I realised I was becoming my mother, who smokes 60 a day. I watch her cough like an old drunk, and I thought, no way, I can't do that to myself. I knew I needed to change, I needed my health back, and my life. I wanted my good skin back, and my energy. But the truth is, you can only quit when you really want to, not when someone else wants you. It's taking a long hard look at yourself and admitting to yourself how bad the affects of smoking are on your body, mind and health. This is it for me.
—Guest Stacy


I like the most that I finally have done what I said I should do for years. I feel like I have some self-respect now!

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