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Updated February 18, 2014

No Looking Back!

Today is day 92 for me and I'm loving every minute! I took Chantix to get me started on my quit, ate a lot of licorice and walked a lot. Since then I've stopped taking the Chantix, have slowed down on the licorice and am now running on my morning walks. Never thought I'd say that. I'm actually running. I smoked for 25 years. I still have hard moments. That junkie thinking pops up more than I would like it too. I won't listen to it though. I don't want to look back any longer with regret. I want to live, that is my main motivation. Good luck everyone! You can do it!

Thanks Terry

What you have built here, all of these, the knowledge vault, the spirit-generated, it is like an oasis for the traveler in the desert or the lone tavern on the dark misty trails. Thank you for supplanting hope where I nearly ended up disbelieving in- (July failed quitter, it's still a neutral struggle, but I'm inspired to become clean as you and the rest of you great guys have). I thank you and yearn to be in your ranks, NOPErs (not one puff ever)!
—Guest LongWalkHome

Letting Go

All my emotions needed to come out...I cried most days, but became stronger day-by-day. Now I'm 8 months nicotine-free. Not there yet, but feel so positive and happy today.

"Clean" Up Your Whole Life!

I'm able to be a successful ex-smoker because not only did I stop smoking "cold turkey", I gave up booze and lost 124 lbs. with a healthy "clean" food plan. I found that exercising every day for at least 30 minutes has taken away all of my nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Day 3 Without a Cigarette

I am on day 3 without a cigarette and I feel great. The reason is quite obvious as I was positive in TB skin test that made me stop. I've always wanted to stop and after 16 yrs of smoking 1 pack a day, I've finally done it. First day my whole body was invaded with anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. At first I didn't know these are nicotine withdrawal symptoms, I was under immense pressure of positive TB skin test, so my mind is occupied with thoughts of 6 long month of medication if it was diagnosed with active TB. Anyway, I feel great and reading all the posts in the forum seems future will be so much better without nicotine. My advice is you can stop by decreasing the amount you smoke, you just have to stop one fine day and rule your willpower over your cravings. And like many posts, I am drinking a lot of water. It helps with the craving. My attention span is very short and I feel nervous all the time. Constant coughing and sore throat. But hey, its OK because you know these are withdrawal symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and will pass in time.
—Guest Serif

Thank You

I am on day number 2 of quitting after 30 plus years of smoking. It's hard but necessary. I am inspired by all of you and thank you for the messages of hope.
—Guest David

You're Not Alone

Knowing that I am not alone and thousands of other people have the same problem helps me to quit smoking. Also, I think that we can live free of the desire for cigarettes. It is a state of mind that can be changed. It is not irreversible!
—Guest francesco

Water Way

The constant coughing especially at night made me decide to stop smoking again. I had done so before. This time for good. It is extremely difficult but as soon as I have a craving I take a sip of water. Exercize a lot and keep your hands busy with a bean counter. Reduce alcohol intake.
—Guest Raimund

Roaring Because I Smoke No More

It started out as a bit of a joke but it really seems to work. When I get a particularly bad craving, I roar, which makes me laugh and feel better (it also makes my kids laugh). In the first couple of days when it really was bad I kept telling myself that I did not want to do something (smoke) that made me feel this bad. This was just a reminder for me that I was quitting for a reason -- again, it seemed to work really well.

It Goes with the Wind

I picked up my smoking habit from my college days,some 42 years ago. I lived it up without much will to quit smoking, but one day I started looking for "quit smoking" sites and finally decided to quit. It's 3 weeks now and I am determined every moment not to smoke again and I will NOT. What I have gained in these weeks is just wonderful. I myself, my car and my home...nothing stinks. I smell perfumed all the time. My little grandchildren have stopped passive smoking and their health has clearly started improving. My smells to food have improved and I have started eating more. My blood pressure is getting to normal without medicine and I have more appeal to sex life. It's nothing but all psychological and much easier to quit once we make up our mind to do it. Honestly speaking, I have not suffered much from nicotine withdrawal symptoms except hard cravings at times which I tackle by keeping myself busy and using gum or some eatables. I bet that everyone can quit with a little "will power" to lead a better life style.
—Guest Khalid Bakhtyar


I feel Chantix helped me. I did a lot myself by wanting to quit too. Just think of the poison you put in your bodies with cigarettes. Look up what's in a cigarette ... and all the poisons in them.
—Guest debbie

Do Something Else!

I'm one of the lucky ones. Even though I had smoked for over 37 yrs., quitting smoking almost 6 months ago was very easy for me. I just stopped. No pills, shots or patches. The best advice I could give is for folks who want to quit is, "be prepared" to quit. Print out all the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and realize that you will have some, or all of them. If you know what you're up against, you can handle things as they come. I fill in the "habit" with daily workouts, eating "clean" and no alcohol. I have also lost 122 lbs. before I quit smoking. I have gained NO weight back because I had been exercising all along and eating right. ALL bad habits have to "die" together for them to stay away for good.

Bananas and Silence

I heard about bananas helping with cravings -- also that eating red meat can result in less cravings too. Another thing I`m NOT doing is not telling people about my decision to stop smoking. Therefore less pressure.. Only a select few who need to know why I may be a tad testy! eek Best to all ~!

Verbalizing and Moving

I'm learning it's important to verbalize what I'm feeling. Another helpful tip is to move around when the craving hits.. helps it to pass... which it has SO far. Have never honestly attempted to put cigs down before until last week. Just seemed to be next on my life list. Have gone from 1 1/2 pks a day to 4 cigs per day. One day at a time. `They` say we will feel happier...this has proven true - how odd! But lovin it!


Well its been one day without a smoke and I think I figured out what helped me through the first day. I grabbed a notebook and decided that every time I start craving for a cigarette I was going to write down my emotions. I find that I for the past day so many thoughts have gone through my head and that its driving me crazy. Its a simple task and its a way for me to express exactly what I am feeling and see how I can tackle those thoughts. Best of Luck
—Guest Summer

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Smoking Withdrawal Tips - Readers Respond

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