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Readers Respond: Smoking Withdrawal Tips - Readers Respond

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Updated February 18, 2014

Mints and Lollipops

I am struggling and argumentative. I am eating mints and lollipops and it helps. Many times I want to run to the shop, but I don't want to face the disappointment of a failed attempt, so I'm going to keep at it.
—Guest tez


I quit one week ago and climb walls at times, but it's getting easier. When a strong urge hits me, I find something to take my mind off it and it soon leaves, such as go do a task I've been putting off, start a conversation with someone, just anything to re-direct my thoughts another direction. So far it seems to help, and urges are getting farther apart.


As of 10am, tomorrow morning,I'll be 6 days free of smoking. I was a late victim of smoke,I didn't start until I was 27. Cloves never menthol. Nevertheless, what was I thinking? Now 11 years later with a 15 yr old son and a daughter that's nearing 3, THEY ARE my ultimate motivation. Anytime an urge comes on, I think how selfish I've been to take part in eliminating myself from their lives prematurely. As a single parent, I NEED to see my children through their life experiences, every step of the way. I found my favorite workout dvd online that I used to do before I had my son and saw GREAT results with and ordered it. That's my treat for this week. It came in the mail today and I'm so excited! To 20yr old Justin: Stop being so hard on yourself for being smart and saving your own life. YOU control you happiness,not cigarettes! Look@me, I'm a stay-at-home mom with too much time to think about smoking but I have better things to do like..LIVE! What doesn't kill you can only make you...

Butterscotch Candy, Water & Projects

August 18, 2009 was my last eve for a puff. Strangely, it seems like my withdrawal symptoms are hitting me like crazy over the last 3-4 days. Really didn't get much of a craving in the beginning. I also inhale deeply, Butterscotch candy, water & lots of projects. I had smoked for 38-40 yrs and quit numerous times..this is it though..NO MORE NICOTINE!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to say thanks for this website and all the people that share their stories which is a BLESSING!!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US..YEAH!

Think About How Smoking Hurts Our Bodies

I have not smoked in 5 days. I'm taking zyban. It works pretty good, but you still have to have willpower. My side affects are insomnia, upset stomach, coughing and constantly having to clear my throat. I'm hoping a decongestant will help. Also I have no appetite. I do chew a lot of gum though and drink a lot of water. Anytime I feel a little frustrated I just lay down and close my eyes and think about all the reasons I needed to quit. There is no easy fix for this addiction. You have to truly want to quit. Just saying it over and over is not enough. You have to tell yourself its now or never. Just think about all of the un-fixable damage smoking does to our bodies. That's a great reason to quit if you want to live long enough to see your kids grow up. Good luck to everyone out there. We can all do this together!
—Guest Jenny

"A Cigarette", Like Just One?

The one thing that has kept me from going for "a cigarette" is they are sold in a pack for a reason. ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH! I may think I want "a cigarette", as in just one for old times sake or because it would be taste good but...... I make myself face the fact that "one" won't ever be "GOOD ENOUGH". For two minutes I'll think I'm in heaven but within ten minutes I'll be trying to justify when, why and where I should have the next one. That becomes a frustratingly long, slow journey back to the beginning as you justify each and every "just one more" and find yourself once again "a smoker". So, bottom line for me is "one" just isn't ever going to be enough. Remembering that helps me to continue to chose none.
—Guest JP

Fruit and Nuts

As the time goes by, I'm trying walnuts as a distraction - for both smoking and not eating too much candy! Lots of fruit, too - that's still working.
—Guest CWDC

One Day at a Time

I quit for 8 years, second time around was harder because I knew how hard it was to quit. Honestly, I am member of AA and it sounds funny, but truly One Day At A Time is working. I can do anything for one day. No promises for tomorrow, but today I am not smoking. I am also using Chantix and have an awesome support group. I know cravings will go away, it's still hard, but exercise and water help immensely. I have 4 days under my belt, but that is awesome for me. I am an aerobics instructor who is REALLY looking forward to teaching a class without getting so out of breath!

Allow Anything But Smoking

Candy, potato chips, fast food, tomatoes with salt, fritos and bean dip, Sweet Tarts, licorice...I've allowed myself absolutely anything and everything I want whenever I want it in order to beat this. My best friend's response to my method was, "don't blow up," meaning don't get fat. my response was, "fat I can fix. lung cancer I cannot." She said she'd make me a t-shirt with that quote on Day 30. it may have to be an xxxl shirt, but then I'll beat that, too.
—Guest Susan

One Month Later...

I'd say this is getting easier but, as I've seen in other responses, the mental part is the hardest. Boy, that's for sure! I distract myself with the no smoking forums, writing emails, doing things at home. I haven't smoked for just about one month and am hoping upon hope I'll get over the mental part sooner rather than later!
—Guest Stopped


I am well into my third week of not smoking. I'm using the patch to calm my irritability. I find it makes me feel better to tell myself "I am now a nonsmoker" rather than I quit smoking.. nobody likes a quitter! Associating quitting with your favorite pastime doesn't sit well. My 2 cents.
—Guest Chris

Lots of fruit.

I'm at 24 days without smoking. When I get home from work (prime time smoking time for me) I wash fruit, put it in a colander in the kitchen sink and snack on that half the night. That's what's helping me right now. I also use peppermints during the day. This is hard, hard, hard. The withdrawal wasn't great but the brain keeps wanting a smoke. That's the hardest part for me! But, I'm getting through it by keeping busy, partially through forums like this!

Nicotine Gum and Food

I know Allen Carr disagrees but I don't believe I could have done it without the gum. And I quit before for 3 years using the same method, and I started again. Maybe he's right that people do start again but I would rather smoke 3 months out of the year than 12 so if that's the way it has to be then that's the way it has to be. Although I did stop chewing prematurely and I experienced a full month of withdrawal, more than the last time I quit smoking. It was tough and I recall two instances where I actually made the decision to cheat, but luckily the cravings passed and I stayed on the wagon and didn't follow through on the decision. I also ate more, and I certainly did not hold back. I paid for it in weight gain but to me it's easier to lose weight than to quit smoking so I am currently working on that and I feel amazing. I still have cravings but they're nowhere nearly as powerful as they were once I stopped the gum. I DEFINITELY DO NOT MISS IT!

Smoking Cessation Support Forum

Whenever possible, during all trigger times, I would read the information and posts in the forum in About.com -Smoking Cessation and post and read and post and read. It has been over four years since I have smoked.

Role Model

I teach school,and am a grandmother of two great kids. I smoked for over 40 years and quit with Chantix this summer. It's been 72 days since I lit up and I feel cleaner,smell better,and want to keep it up. There are days I'm very tempted. But,I keep busy,read,go for a walk,or take deep breaths. I've put on 7 pounds though,and that is discouraging.I can't afford a whole new wardrobe! I'm hoping the weight will become more manageable once I'm very secure in my non-smoking world.

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Smoking Withdrawal Tips - Readers Respond

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