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Readers Respond: Smoking Withdrawal Tips - Readers Respond

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Updated February 18, 2014

Day 42

Was craving a lot this morning and so decided to come here. It done me the power of good - it is day 42 after 45 years of 30 cigarettes a day.
—Guest Brendan

Cold Turkey for 17 Days

I quit smoking and have used nicotine lozenges for 17 days now. As if I needed an excuse, I quit because of gastritis and ulcers(smoking is a leading cause). I was a BASKET CASE for the first 2.5 weeks....but see a HUGE improvement over the last few days. Good luck and best wishes to all of you! YOU CAN DO IT!
—Guest Terry H

Quit After 16 Years

Hi guys, This is my 26th day, going strong and feeling much better.
—Guest Sherif

Laser Therapy

Laser seemed to help with the physical cravings in the early days but the junkie thinking required lots and lots of help from the Forum and mindfulness meditation. And to really really understand N.O.P.E. (not one puff ever)

In the Midst

Nearly two packs a day for three or four years - I'm only nineteen. Quitting was a random decision. It was midnight last night. I simply thought, "I can't afford this." Went to the store, bought some gum, and came home. I spent three hours that night doing nothing but drinking water, chewing gum, and staring at the night sky. After a few hours, I was confused by the sudden memory of swimming as a kid. I then realised I could *smell the chlorine in my water*. It's been 17 and 2/3 hours. Apart from some physical effects (stomach aches, sore mouth, the occasional feeling like I'm going to die, etc.) I'm doing pretty good. Psychologically, I just tell myself it's a placebo effect, because I expect to go crazy. I then give myself permission to enjoy my insanity (if I'm alone, then with a good soundtrack). It's also fun to give my boyfriend manic looks with an exclamation of how many hours it's been. Way too fun, really.
—Guest Seiji

One Day At A Time

What is helping me the most, is reading all about smoking and what it takes to quit. I drink lots of water, exercise, take vitamins, and I make sure I am eating right. In 1 hour it is going to be 12 days and take it one day at a time and to say NOPE.
—Guest Maria

Trying to Keep Busy...

Today is the end of day 2! I've been smoking for 11 years and for the last year have kept thinking tomorrow I'll quit... Finally, 2 days ago I did it. I couldn't sleep and smoked the last cigarette of my last pack and decided enough is enough, it would be the last one. I don't remember having spent more than a couple of hours without smoking ( except for flying... ) in the past eleven years and I am just 27... I am taking some magnesium which helps me to calm my nerves and as I am working from home and It's been really hard for me to deal with the cravings. I try to keep busy by doing anything to avoid thinking about smoking. I hope so much to discover what a non-smoker life is like. It makes me feel good to see that I am not the only going through this and that I won't be craving cigarettes for the rest of my life.
—Guest darwin

21 and Already Having Heart Palpitations

I started smoking at 18 and not once did I even think about what smoking can do to me. Feeling the effects of smoking does not take long. I used to think that but now whenever I smoke before bed I experience heart palpitations, getting up in the morning is even harder, and in the end I would not want to die from having a stroke all due to my smoking habits. Today is my first day and I've said this countless times already, but this time is a rude awakening that pushes me to keep myself from killing myself. Love to all for your stories and what is important in your lives. My life, my family, and my friends are important and I would not want to give up on any.
—Guest ray

No Looking Back!

Today is day 92 for me and I'm loving every minute! I took Chantix to get me started on my quit, ate a lot of licorice and walked a lot. Since then I've stopped taking the Chantix, have slowed down on the licorice and am now running on my morning walks. Never thought I'd say that. I'm actually running. I smoked for 25 years. I still have hard moments. That junkie thinking pops up more than I would like it too. I won't listen to it though. I don't want to look back any longer with regret. I want to live, that is my main motivation. Good luck everyone! You can do it!

Thanks Terry

What you have built here, all of these, the knowledge vault, the spirit-generated, it is like an oasis for the traveler in the desert or the lone tavern on the dark misty trails. Thank you for supplanting hope where I nearly ended up disbelieving in- (July failed quitter, it's still a neutral struggle, but I'm inspired to become clean as you and the rest of you great guys have). I thank you and yearn to be in your ranks, NOPErs (not one puff ever)!
—Guest LongWalkHome

Letting Go

All my emotions needed to come out...I cried most days, but became stronger day-by-day. Now I'm 8 months nicotine-free. Not there yet, but feel so positive and happy today.

"Clean" Up Your Whole Life!

I'm able to be a successful ex-smoker because not only did I stop smoking "cold turkey", I gave up booze and lost 124 lbs. with a healthy "clean" food plan. I found that exercising every day for at least 30 minutes has taken away all of my nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Day 3 Without a Cigarette

I am on day 3 without a cigarette and I feel great. The reason is quite obvious as I was positive in TB skin test that made me stop. I've always wanted to stop and after 16 yrs of smoking 1 pack a day, I've finally done it. First day my whole body was invaded with anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. At first I didn't know these are nicotine withdrawal symptoms, I was under immense pressure of positive TB skin test, so my mind is occupied with thoughts of 6 long month of medication if it was diagnosed with active TB. Anyway, I feel great and reading all the posts in the forum seems future will be so much better without nicotine. My advice is you can stop by decreasing the amount you smoke, you just have to stop one fine day and rule your willpower over your cravings. And like many posts, I am drinking a lot of water. It helps with the craving. My attention span is very short and I feel nervous all the time. Constant coughing and sore throat. But hey, its OK because you know these are withdrawal symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and will pass in time.
—Guest Serif

Thank You

I am on day number 2 of quitting after 30 plus years of smoking. It's hard but necessary. I am inspired by all of you and thank you for the messages of hope.
—Guest David

You're Not Alone

Knowing that I am not alone and thousands of other people have the same problem helps me to quit smoking. Also, I think that we can live free of the desire for cigarettes. It is a state of mind that can be changed. It is not irreversible!
—Guest francesco

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Smoking Withdrawal Tips - Readers Respond

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