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Readers Respond: Smoking Withdrawal Tips - Readers Respond

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Updated February 18, 2014

Withdrawal from smoking can and does include just about every physical and psychological discomfort that you can think of. Follow the links below to educate yourself on what to expect when you quit smoking:For those of you who have quit smoking, please share with fellow readers the tricks and tips that helped you manage the discomforts of this short-lived, but intense phase of smoking cessation.

What Helped You Most?

13 days....and counting

I don't want to smoke. I have quit several times, but I have always cheated every couple of days, and eventually, I have caved completely. This time does feel completely different though. I don't know how to explain it. I haven't cheated one time. I want a cigarette sooooooo bad, and I am so cranky and depressed and restless, etc., but when I imagine smoking a cigarette, it doesn't SOUND good. Hopefully the withdrawal goes soon. Does anyone know how long it takes to start feeling good mentally again?
—Guest Amber

Day 22

Hard to believe that it's been 22 days since I quit smoking. Cravings are still there but the intensity is subsiding. I've found that how I think and talk to myself really makes a difference. Instead of looking at it as 'giving something up', I look at it as 'getting rid of' something that I don't want or need anymore. Some days are better than others, but I'm determined NOT to allow it back in my life. It doesn't belong there anymore. (I know, some people would say that it never did but this is MY quit, not theirs.)

I quit

After getting my heart rate down to 53bpm and still smoked all be it not a lot I thought I must be nuts to carry on smoking!So I went cold turkey and had no problems and I feel great!Everyone out there who has quit keep up the good work!
—Guest Guy


I didn't know where to put this, but after 12 weeks no smoking, I found that I can whistle so well!!!! Never had the breathe for it before! It's so much fun, even though my family thinks I'm kind of nutty...

1 month today

I have been doing great up until the past 2 days. I have been quit for 1 month now and honestly feeling free! SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! I just turned 42 and have smoked since I was. I have never tried quitting before. The past 2 days have been more difficult. Trying anything to keep my mind off of smoking, even posting on here! :) I WILL NOT let this beat me. I have come this far already, (which has not been easy either.) Only thing left to do is to keep moving forward... I am stronger than my addiction, just you watch and see. :)

Just quit

I decided to stop yesterday, I gave up for 5 months 18 months ago.The problem is my husband continues to smoke which is going to make it a lot harder....hence joining this forum for like minded people.Good luck!
—Guest tanya.argyle@hotmail.com

Keep the faith

26 days smoke free. Thank you for everyone's story which have helped immensely. This 3rd week has been most tempting, but for those who have the urge to go buy a pack just to have one, DO Not go buy one! It won't stop with one and you will have lost everyday of progress. I almost feel off the wagon today, but took pride in all I have accomplished so far, and knew the urge would pass if I focused on how much I want to succeed this time. What works for me is sites like this that give me encouragement and the resolve I can do this. Work through the moment, take a walk, focus on something else ,like what color would I repaint the bedroom. Track your success on apps such as quitter when you want to throw in the towel. I switch off between a nicotine gum, regular gum and a peppermint candy for cravings. Remember the key is not to ever take another puff, ever, and you and I will succeed.
—Guest Tracy

13 days

I have now been off cigs for 13 days cold turkey... Started smoking 8 years ago and I'm now 28. Initially I was smoking between 1 to 2 packs but in the last year because of my wife and only being able to smoke outside have cut it down to 5! I finally decided to quit because my wife asked me to promise! I have severe withdrawal symptoms the biggest one being severe constipation but other than that I'm just spending more time working and it helps keep my mind focused! Instead of 8 hours a day I've been working 12! I also do 1.5 hrs of HIIT cardio and weight lifting each and every day! First 10 days my strength had come down in terms of lifting by aproximately 20%, bu the last three days I've been drinking a very strong coffee which has a tea spoon of butter melted inside plus two tea spoons of honey, 15 min before workout and it's been doing wonders! I'm happy that I've finally quit! I can already see results in my breathing when sprinting! More importantly I can see how happy my wife is
—Guest S


Please read Allen Carr's book. This is the best cure for smoking addiction, without the need for any NRT. good luck
—Guest Riana

Avoid Triggers

62 years old, smoking since I was 16. Today is June 5th, 2012. I have not smoked a cigarette or introduced any nicotine into my body since Memorial Day ( 8 days ago ). I won't lie, it has been a living hell. I quit under pressure from my family to do so. My intense cravings are finally subsiding, but not completely gone yet. Although I continue to "want" a smoke, I refuse to give in and remain a slave and source of income for the tobacco industry. I know that giving in to just one cigarette will undo all that I have suffered through to quit. My advice to you would be to drink plenty of water, substitute orange juice for coffee in the morning, snack on raw baby carrots , celery sticks, etc. Do your best to avoid situations, foods and drinks that will "trigger" your desire to smoke. Alcohol and coffee are BIG triggers for me. I have resolved to be tenacious throughout my withdrawal. I know the day is coming soon...my desire to smoke will have vanished. If I can do it, YOU can do it!

Mint Gum

I stopped eight days ago. Chew mint gum -- it really helps.
—Guest donnie

Such Great Tips

Just quit a month ago after 40yrs....I was soo scared...but went for acupuncture. I'm on my way....but it's truly hard.....good luck to all love all the feedback.....it does help....tku.
—Guest Bonnie

Cold Turkey

Decided to go cold turkey 48 hours ago and instantly got a flu. 10 years of smoking, and I cannot believe what such a toxic can do to a human body. Reading about other people's experiences here does help me realize why I want to quit. I don't want to wait another 10 years and have a doctor tell me I should quit..
—Guest William

10 Long Days Now!!!

17 years of age and been addicted to nicotine. Thanks people, your comments have made it possible for me to quit at last. Thanks a ton tribe!!!
—Guest john dye

Kept This With Me at all Times

My plastic drinking straw cut to the length of a cigarette. Even puffed on it a time or two. But after progressing in my quit, it went by the wayside. It took the edge off, believe it or not.

What Helped You Most?

Smoking Withdrawal Tips - Readers Respond

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