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Updated February 18, 2014

Withdrawal from smoking can and does include just about every physical and psychological discomfort that you can think of. Follow the links below to educate yourself on what to expect when you quit smoking:For those of you who have quit smoking, please share with fellow readers the tricks and tips that helped you manage the discomforts of this short-lived, but intense phase of smoking cessation.

What Helped You Most?

3 days smoke free

Today is day 3 for me going cold turkey. I drink lots of water and Sugarless bubble gum has become my best friend. On my time off from work is when I find it the hardest so I call a friend that does not smoke and we go to the movies or walk. This helps me a lot.
—Guest Cindy


I have stopped for varying lengths of time on a few occasions and gone back but this time I must quit and stay quit because I know that getting through quitting will be easier that getting through cancer or using oxygen everyday and that's the way I'm heading if I continue to smoke as I now use the strongest steroid inhalers my doctor can give me and I am always coughing. I stopped 2 days ago and have been chewing the nico gum, yesterday I felt very tired but my breathing was much easier so I will continue telling myself I am not a smoker. In the past I have always fallen down when drinking wine among my smoking friends so I may have to forgo drinking wine too when visiting them.

Its a Challenge

I am 41, a soldier in the British Army and have smoked since 16. I have never tried to quit until 2 days ago and am going cold turkey. I find the cravings borderline amusing, Its like the end of the world if you don't smoke. I am pretty strong minded though and my glass is always half full so lets call time on this deadly costly and smelly habit! Keep at it and never give up.
—Guest Glenn


I completely agree with Jules. My first go at quitting failed because I was trying not to cave in. Currently I have not smoked for 14 months (I had to count, because I do not keep track at all), without any problems, because I changed the way I thought about it. Instead of having to stay strong I told myself that I am now a non-smoker and that non-smokers just do not smoke, simple. It seems like such a silly method, but it was all that was necessary. All my co-workers smoke, my husband smokes (I even buy my husband cigarettes daily) and not once did I crave their cigarettes. I also don't feel the need to tell smokers off for smoking. It is just a non-issue to me.
—Guest Layla

Cessation update

So it's now almost 8wks since I quit and I must say I'm so pleased I did it, most of the side effects have now gone and sleep patterns are near normal, no more sore mouth or throat either. I'm taking walks daily to shake off the lethargic feeling I had and to try to shift a few extra pounds. It's great to read other ppls posts and see them feeling so positive too, it really is mind over matter to overcome most of the withdrawal symptoms. Just remember that and don't be caught in the trap again, you ARE strong enough to do it. Just a few weeks after you will wake each day and not even think of smoking, stick with it people you owe it to yourselves!
—Guest Bill

quitting from nicotine and alcoholism.

Hey readers m sakar from india...and am successfully quit from tobacco nd alcohol..addiction..1 thing i wanna share with you dears is that you must have 1 personal reason associated with your quitting...then it works, otherwise no chance coz no will power work coz your will power comes from your mind and your mind already craving for nicotine so it will never gonna help you..actually you will fight with your brain..during withdrawal period..and it quite intresting is you against with your own brain...and this time your personal reason will work for your great success...this reason always bound you fromt his motivation....and you will never going for another puff..your personal reason may be health prob, relationship prob, success, etc etc. These factor 100% work pls you try and i am sure.....you will be success..so dont wait...dont take another puff..nd never take another and 1 more puff just quit.
—Guest sakar mishra

100 hours smoke-free

I can notice the coughing is subsiding and I can breath better! Had a "panic" moment and got both e-cigs and a pack. Took 2 puffs and almost threw up. How nasty! Had to brush my teeth 3 times! Can't believe I thought it was so good before. Still sticking with the patch though. I know from past experience if you choke down 1 the game is on. I will just keep thinking how nasty those 2 puffs were. Don't want my dogs inhaling secondhand smoke anymore either and tired of everything yellow, teeth included. I joined quitnet.com and those guys are helpful too. People that don't smoke don't understand. They say "just quit" but it is not that easy. Now I will "have time" to do other things that I would say "when I finish this cigarette" and then end up lighting another one. Once it warms up (hope it's soon) I can really do some much needed spring cleaning in my house! Take my 2 new rescue dogs to obedience classes, go to a restaurant, etc. We can all do this together! BEAT the cancerettes!
—Guest Deb

9 days smoke free

I was a pack a day smoker since I was 19, I am now 41, I have quit a few times , once with the patches(I like the patches) but the next time I tried to use the patches I became allergic to them very painfully, I quit once cold turkey for 6 months then had 2 family emergencies & picked up the smokes again, this time I was going to try the gum & the first day I used 6 pieces of the gum, EVERYTIME I would use the gum exactly as directed I would get a weird lump feeling in my chest like something was stuck, once I was done with the piece the feeling would be gone! Next piece came the lump again so I decided I could in no way use that gum for any length of time it was not right feeling so instead of smoking I just went without any replacement, 9 days later my cravings are pretty strong still & my mind keeps telling me to smoke while my heart reminds me how much I hated it when I did! I am just going to keep plugging along & not smoke "today" forever :-) good luck to everybody!!!!
—Guest Tonya

Every Day Gets Better

The gum is helping me a lot. Its been three weeks and I'm feeling alot better every day. I can't believe how much cigs had controlled my life.
—Guest cathy

Water with Lemon

I'm only a few hours into it. Im hanging in there. Tomorrow will be my 24 hrs. Drinking water with a squeeze of lemon is helping me.
—Guest kim

never thought i could do it

After smoking for 28 years, a few failed attempts, ive finally opened my eyes to the dangers of smoking after years of telling myself 'il be ok' , who was i kidding? Anyway on the 9th jan 14 i gave up using nrt spray for the first time i totally felt i couldnt quit cold turkey i def werent brave enough! But after 6 weeks on nrt i started reading NTAP, an absolute must!! He explains why cold turkey is the best and as i sit here in pain, depressed and miserable going through cold turkey i know its the best way! Never again will i touch a fag, cold turkey is prob nothing compared to going through cancer. Keep up the good work ppl reading these comments def helps, best of luck to all :) x
—Guest sarah

Dont let them win!

Im into day 3 now and this was a snap decision after a few years of thinking but not acting on it. The other day I decided this was it. Im going cold turkey and I find that if I hang around people with a smoke that it doesnt bother me as I like the smell of smoke but I will never have another puff myself. I think our brains tend to resist what we cant control which allows us more stress in the recovery process. Its not withdrawal (that happened each time we needed a smoke) its recovery.. Your getting your body back. This and chewing gum, continuously replace negative thought with positive and DELAY as long as u can to get through the other side of the Pang... Oh and i find DETACHING yourself emotionally and physically and just allowing yourself to experience the cravin for what it is without resisting it your already half way there.... persistance and determination, willpower and self worth is A MUST!
—Guest Crystal Clear

27 hours

I'm using the patch. This site really helps! I work from home, which makes it even more difficult. I quit for 14 years and started back 20+ years ago when the cigs were at the end of the grocery aisle and just picked up a pack. Had a new job and going thru a nasty separation/divorce. Since then I have tried Wellbutrin, Zyban (both made me not even like myself) and Chantix. I quit with that but then started "sneaking" them and fell back into the trap. We painted our house and I vowed to quit then. NOT! My significant other of 20 years is planning to retire. The idea of spending over $160.00/month on cigarettes inspired me to really put my heart into it this time! His job is so bad and I want him away from there so he can be happy. He is giving me support. Tired of yellow everything too! I have had 2 friends with lung cancer from smoking. One recently that I have been taking to the doctor (80 yrs) and he quit with just peppermint after almost 70 yrs of smoking. We can ALL win this fight!!
—Guest Deb

Stick With It

I have been smoking for 14 yrs and wanted so badly to quit for fear it was really starting to affect my health. A horrible bout of bronchitis lasting 3 weeks was what did it for me. Not being able to breathe scared me senseless. Now I am 18 days cold turkey and am too terrified to start again for fear of being short of breath again. My kids are happy and so am I....I want to be around for a long time.
—Guest Trish

Remember How Fed Up You Were

I am 39 now and been smoking since I was 15 . To be honest I haven't found it to difficult giving up which has been 3 weeks now .1st 2 days did hurt but then it was ok . I was just fed up with slowly killing myself and scrubbing nicotine off my fingers every night with a brillo pad and dreading doctor giving you that bad news you really don't want to here.. good luck to yo all and good luck to me
—Guest Ross Trangmar

What Helped You Most?

Smoking Withdrawal Tips - Readers Respond

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