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Readers Respond: Smoking Withdrawal Tips - Readers Respond

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Updated February 18, 2014

Withdrawal from smoking can and does include just about every physical and psychological discomfort that you can think of. Follow the links below to educate yourself on what to expect when you quit smoking:For those of you who have quit smoking, please share with fellow readers the tricks and tips that helped you manage the discomforts of this short-lived, but intense phase of smoking cessation.

what helped me most

This web site is my friend - so instead of sneaking out for a cigarette early morning and late nite... I just log in and get excited again about being clean

1 month 25 days free...

Oh my gosh, it's getting better. I still want a cigarette EVERY day, but it's the most strong before my period. The desire to not smoke is so much stronger now. It's wonderful. My smokers cough is gone, my skin is so much more dewy, I am happier, I have more stable moods...I can't begin to list all of the pluses of not smoking. I did gain a little weight, but I am working on getting it off. It was worth it to give up cigarettes. So many pluses. I have a cleaner house even! So hang in there, don't give up. You're on week three and still majorly depressed and angry, and you're positive it's not withdrawal? Guess what, it is. You'll know the day your with draw all is over. It will be the day when, after all the sadness, you wake up in the happiest mood you've had in years, and you don't know why. It took me three days to realize that's how I feel with out nicotine. For three days I couldn't explain my happiness. Then it hit me...no more withdrawal, yay!!!!!
—Guest Amberth2003

48 years old

I have smoked since I was 16, and have attempted to quit many times, for a very short time. The last quit was 4 months, and then I thought I will just have one. Well it did not stop there. On a ventilator last year, and I still smoked afterwards. I am staying close this forum. I know now not even one and that I am a drug addict. 4 days clean so far. NOPE

Possitive thinking

Today is my 38th day week one was the worst but after that a lot better. When I feel a craving I close my eyes take a deep breath and think of how greatfull I am for coming this far and how much better my life is without smoking by the time I'm finished counting my blessings the craving is gone Thank you for this wonderful site

5th Day

Tomorrow is gonna be the day 5 after 13 years of smoking attempted about 20 times longest total nicotine free was 3 weeks, been on e cigarettes for 6 months b4 also , just don't want any nicotine in my system anymore, it alters my personality confidence look and energy level in a bad way so I'm giving it up this time 4 ever craving was ok in the past 4 days but tonight it hit its pick, but I'm thinking about all the things I've gained these days the only gain I'm scared off is the weight which I'm sure will go away with work out and picking healthy eating habits ,,, keep it up everyone
—Guest Frank

I finally did it!

I smoked for 39years 20 per day I've stopped on the 12th August 2014 (30days) Will never smoke again it helps to drink water when the craving is calling and to nibble on fruit and nuts. I'm 57years old if I can do it anyone else can

strict discipline

i celebrated my 1 month free of smoking, and i loved it so much.... just discipline, we're born not smoking cigar, so why cant we stopped?
—Guest jason rubaiyat alrass

since 18days I have not Smoked

After getting 22 years addicted to nicotine, I have quit smoking, really it's great feeling, but very hard to control cravings. but I can do. yes I must not take any form of nicotine.
—Guest Himansu

What helped me in this

Every single thing here helped me, i quit smoking only two days ago, and man i cant sleep... I was worried but now i feel better after reading this info
—Guest Iyad

13 days....and counting

I don't want to smoke. I have quit several times, but I have always cheated every couple of days, and eventually, I have caved completely. This time does feel completely different though. I don't know how to explain it. I haven't cheated one time. I want a cigarette sooooooo bad, and I am so cranky and depressed and restless, etc., but when I imagine smoking a cigarette, it doesn't SOUND good. Hopefully the withdrawal goes soon. Does anyone know how long it takes to start feeling good mentally again?
—Guest Amber

Day 22

Hard to believe that it's been 22 days since I quit smoking. Cravings are still there but the intensity is subsiding. I've found that how I think and talk to myself really makes a difference. Instead of looking at it as 'giving something up', I look at it as 'getting rid of' something that I don't want or need anymore. Some days are better than others, but I'm determined NOT to allow it back in my life. It doesn't belong there anymore. (I know, some people would say that it never did but this is MY quit, not theirs.)

I quit

After getting my heart rate down to 53bpm and still smoked all be it not a lot I thought I must be nuts to carry on smoking!So I went cold turkey and had no problems and I feel great!Everyone out there who has quit keep up the good work!
—Guest Guy


I didn't know where to put this, but after 12 weeks no smoking, I found that I can whistle so well!!!! Never had the breathe for it before! It's so much fun, even though my family thinks I'm kind of nutty...

1 month today

I have been doing great up until the past 2 days. I have been quit for 1 month now and honestly feeling free! SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! I just turned 42 and have smoked since I was. I have never tried quitting before. The past 2 days have been more difficult. Trying anything to keep my mind off of smoking, even posting on here! :) I WILL NOT let this beat me. I have come this far already, (which has not been easy either.) Only thing left to do is to keep moving forward... I am stronger than my addiction, just you watch and see. :)

Just quit

I decided to stop yesterday, I gave up for 5 months 18 months ago.The problem is my husband continues to smoke which is going to make it a lot harder....hence joining this forum for like minded people.Good luck!
—Guest tanya.argyle@hotmail.com

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